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saruman Purchased

Hi. About the jQuery ValidationEngine, you must update to the latest release (2.6.1) because with your version (2.5) the ajax call don’t work properly, but that is fixed.

When I updated the jquery.validationEngine.js, all works perfect, but not for the prompt of the message… there is an annoying double space when the error message is show…

Please check and let us know the final update for the JS and CSS of that validator.

I added this to fix that on developr.validationEngine.css. .formError .formErrorContent { ... line-height: 18px; }

Many thanks.



Thanks! I just updated the plugin, and it seems to works fine – the only required edit is the line-height property in the CSS you mention.

Thanks again for sharing this, this will be in the next update – hopefully in the incoming days! ;)


What exactly we get in this theme pack?




The template package contains:

  • The template files, ready to use, with 24 examples html files
  • 3 different login pages
  • 7 error pages
  • Complete template PSD set: layout, elements, login, color themes, iOS icon kit, iOS splash screens kit, and more…
  • Comprehensive documentation: every feature is detailed with ready-to-use examples
  • Bonus! The template landing page is also included (PSD and html files)

You will find more details on the item’s description.

Tell me if you need more details! ;)

Hi, I have a couple of questions, too. Does this layout use less or sass? Is it possible to change the colors or are there different colorsets included? Are there different graphs within the theme? Thanks for your answer. Uli



Here are my answers:

  • The template does not use any CSS pre-processor, but the code is well organized and commented, and colors are defined in a separate stylesheet to make customization easier.
  • The template provides a set of 9 colors, each available as solid color, gradient and glossy gradient. You can use them on almost any element in the template.
  • The template uses the Google Charts API , which provides a large range of charts types – you can browse them here.

Tell me if you need more details! :)

QUESTION : how to programatically check and disable a html check box in framework, (we want a checkbox control to be check and then disabled so that no one can uncheck it) I have tried below to achieve the same j$(”#chkBWeeklySun”).attr(‘checked’, true); j$(”#chkBWeeklySun”).addClass(“checked”); j$(”#chkBWeeklySun”).disableInput(); $(’#chkBWeeklySun’).closest(‘span’).addClass(“checked”); but of no use.

The HTML on the page for the check box is something like below:

<input id=”chkBWeeklySun” name=”chkBWeeklySun” type=”checkbox” class=”checkbox”> Sunday </input> <input id=”chkBWeeklyThu” name=”chkBWeeklyThu” type=”checkbox” class=”checkbox disabled” checked=”{!IF(propPr.Thursday__c, ‘checked’,’false’)}”> Thursday </input>


You can use the following code to achieve this:

$('#chkBWeeklySun').prop('checked', true).change().disableInput();

Two things to note: you must use the jQuery prop() method instead of attr(), because only the first one affects the internal state of the input (read more on this here), and you need to trigger a change event to tell the styling plugin to update.

With this, everything should work as expected ;)

Hope this helps!


may I ask you to check the following entry in your official support forum I made two days ago regarding the question of another customer?


Many thanks in advance!


Just replied to it! Sorry it took me so long, I needed a little time because your question was complex.

Hope this helps! ;)


Thank you for your help. I just thought, you did not find my question within the already solved thread. ;-)

Hey man! I’ve got a question about how you set this up…

I’m currently working on a setup that doesn’t need to be responsive and will only need to work on large monitors.

So that being said, I’d like to be able to scroll horizontally and not have my tables go underneath the sidebar. Think you could point me in the right direction?


I’ll send the username & password to you via PM.



Removing the responsiveness is quite easy: just remove the media attributes of the stylesheets links. You may also get rid of everything related to media queries and Respond.js in setup.js, but you can leave it there if performance is not a concern.

About horizontal scroll, well this is a bit more tricky… You can add overflow:auto to #main, but remember that user will have to scroll down to the bottom of the document to get the scrollbar.

There are probably many other solutions (either using javascript or CSS ), a quick search on Google should help ;)

Tell me if you need help while implementing the solution you choose!


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

For those of you who are interested in doing this, too:

Change “postion: relative;” to “absolute” on the ”#menu” div.


Thanks for sharing! :)

HTML :— Alert Notifications: <select id=”selLstANot” class=”select easy-multiple-selection check-list white-gradient” multiple=”multiple” style=”width: 150px;”> <option value=”Email”>Email</option> <option value=”SMS”>SMS</option> </select> SCRIPT :— var alertTyp = valToSet; if(alertTyp==”Email”){ var option = j$(”#selLstANot”).find(‘option[value=”Email”]’).prop(‘selected’, true); j$(”#selLstANot”).change(); }else if(alertTyp==”SMS”){ var option = j$(”#selLstANot”).find(‘option[value=”SMS”]’).prop(‘selected’, true); j$(”#selLstANot”).change(); }else if(alertTyp==”Both Email & SMS ”){ var option0 = j$(”#selLstANot”).find(‘option[value=”SMS”]’).prop(‘selected’, true); var option1 = j$(”#selLstANot”).find(‘option[value=”Email”]’).prop(‘selected’, true); j$(”#selLstANot”).change(); }

How to disable the SELECT , when I add class =”disabled” to the select it disappears from the page. Also, if I try to do it pragmatically using j$(”#selLstANot”).change().disableInput(); then also it disappears.



Indeed, there is an issue with disabled state for multiple selects. This is easy to fix: add this anywhere in css/forms.css (after line 1090 for instance):

.disabled .selectMultiple > .drop-down,
.selectMultiple.disabled > .drop-down {
    display: block !important;
    -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50)";
    filter: alpha(opacity=50);
    -khtml-opacity: 0.5;
    -moz-opacity: 0.5;
    opacity: 0.5;

Everything should work fine then ;)

Issue: We wish to hide (on mobile and tablet only) the text associated with the Wizard navigation (breadcrumbs, screen attached). I have tried using <fieldset class=”wizard-fieldset fields-list” id=”step1”> <legend class=”legend”> Employee </legend>

Enter Employee Info:

But it is not responding when page is viewed on mobile and tablet.



By default, the steps’ text will be hidden on mobiles screens, to ensure everything fits – this is the default behavior, you have nothing to do.

I am not sure to understand what you want to achieve or what’s not working, can you give me more details?


Really, it isn’t doing that. I am using the latest version of the wizard.js. maybe there is a newer css file for it?


Weird… It works fine in the online demo, which uses the stock files (not the updated one).

Do you have errors showing in the console? Or do you have an online demo I may check?

Can i disable responsive feature of tabs? I want it be always in standard mode



Sure: all you need to do is copy the whole tabs tabs section in css/768.css and paste it into css/style.css (after the original tabs section).

Of course, this will lead to a few duplicate styles, but this the easiest solution. If you care about optimization you may try to merge both sections into one, style by style.

Tell me if you need more details! ;)

ryang123 Purchased

This is an exceptional template and I just wanted to thank the author for making it available. It elegantly uses the latest interactive (ie. jquery) features and combines them with visually appealing style elements that facilitate the development of an impressive site.

I struggle when fiddling with templates in general- I find myself cutting and pasting code from the Internet. While it tends to work for some browsers, there are inevitable catches for some other browser or version. Your template already works nicely with a wide range of browsers and the adaptive layout is cutting edge for this functionality. It is implemented in a way that even fairly novice html coders can use with ease.

It is typically not too hard to make some web app work, but they usually aren’t pretty (in large part because the graphic design folks and the app coders are usually not the same people). This template adds an elegant interface to anything someone might want to do.

I had a question and emailed the template author, and he was friendly and helpful while responding to me. This is a great template with great support.

Hopefully this comment helps someone who is trying to find such a template- in my humle opinion, you need look no further than this one. The author’s other template is pretty cool too.


Wow, thanks a lot! ;)

epipheus Purchased

what font it used for the Developr login logo font?



The font is Helvetica Neue Pro. Tell me if you need more details! ;)

epipheus Purchased

The inbox ui does not look as it does on the online demo. In fact the message window is completely empty for me. (Grey linen only instead of grey linen plus the actual message box and reply buttons)

epipheus Purchased

Hmmm. pops up no reload? Weird.



Weird that you get all these bugs, everything works fine with the default files… Do you open the files locally or on a webserver? If you open them locally, this may cause several issues because of some browsers’ security sandboxes.

If not, do you have an online demo I may check?

Togra Purchased

I really like the theme, I’ve been able to integrate it pretty nicely into my MVC Web API site, thanks :)

I’m having trouble with the styled selects in the theme. I am dynamically adding options to the hidden <select> after page load, but I can’t figure out how to get the styled select to update and show the new values. I have tried triggering a change event on the hidden <select> after adding the options without luck.

Also, a separate issue, when I have textboxes in modals the validation bubbles show up fine, but if I use a theme select in a modal then its validation bubble will get cut off by the modal border. I believe it’s because the hidden select that the validation bubble is attached to has a position of absolute (as opposed to the textboxes which are relative). Is there a way to get the validation bubbles to work in this situation?


Hi! :)

About the selects, there is a special event you need to trigger if you modify the options list: update-select-list. So you may do the following:


About form validation bubbles, they are probably truncated by the modal content block. You may use the plugin’s option promptPosition to set their position when initializing form validation:

    promptPosition: 'topLeft'

You can learn more here.

Hope this helps! ;)

Hi, I have question according next release. Are you going to include similar features like in Constellation theme? I’m especially interested in features like Planning with time line and tree list (Arbo list).



Sorry, but I don’t plan to include these features, because it is way too complex to make them responsive and working fine on touch screens.

Note that if you don’t need responsiveness or touch screen support, you may simply import these features from Constellation to Developr, they should integrate fine with just a few tweaks ;)

Hi, Real great template! I purchased it after using your Constellation-template for a year. But I have a question: Is it possible to show images in their real size but with a maximum width which adapts to the screensize so they will never get outside their div?



Hi, and thanks! :)

About fluid images, there is this simple technique using a single CSS property – also explained here.

If you are looking for more advanced solutions, for instance to provide responsive images for various screen resolutions, you can check this great article by Chris Coyer, on the various available solutions and their requirements.

Hope this helps! ;)

youngguy Purchased

I got a problem, not sure why the styled “select check-list” is not selectable in my iPad (iOS 6)? It’s working fine on windows and I’m using all your latest .js files.

Also the $.modal.prompt box messed up iOS (safari) browser when you’re trying to type / focus to the box. . .



About the select, I just checked on my iPad, and everything seems to work fine. Can you tell me more? Or do you have an online demo I may check?

About the second issue, this something new (worked fine previously), but it is most probably caused by an internal issue with the rendering engine of Safari, as the modal background layer only uses CSS – the browser seems to fail to update its position when scrolling to reveal the screen keyboard. Let’s just hope they fix that soon! ;)

Tell me if you have other questions!

Hi, is it possible that there’s a very small bug in the ‘Select files’ form field? When I add class=”full-width” it only remains ‘sensitive’ over the original length. This means clicking on the button at the right (or more right than the normal length of the field would be without the full-width class) doesn’t make your finder/explorer appear.

Also I’d like to ask if the button-text ‘Select files’ can be changed?

Thanx in advance.



I just checked, and it seems to work fine, either when using custom list or when using default drop-down list. Maybe is it related to a specific case: can you tell me more? Markup used, browser… This will help me find the issue ;)

About the text of the file inputs, you can change it in two ways:

- Either by changing the default text in the plugin’s defaults:

$.fn.styleFile.defaults.textSingle = 'Your text'; // For single file
$.fn.styleFile.defaults.textMultiple= 'Your text'; // For multiple files

- Or by setting an option on the input itself:

<input type="file" data-file-options='{"textSingle":"Your text"}' ...

Hope this helps! ;)


Thanx for the very quick answer. I have this problem on all browsers on OS X 10 .8

Thanx for the text changing solution already.



Actually, selects are particular elements, because they are built by the browser upon the OS built-in styles, thus they will behave differently from one OS to another. Maybe OS X has an issue with percentage-based widths (as used by the template).

To sort that out, can you tell me if you set the option styledList to false? If so, you may try this: edit css/styles/form.css, find this selector:

.select > select,
.selectMultiple > select {

And replace this in its properties:

width: 100%;
height: 30px;

By this:

right: 0;
bottom: 0;

But I don’t know if this will solve your issue.

If you didn’t set styledList to false, well… Hard to tell what’s broken, because in this case the template only use regular styled elements. If you have an online demo I may check, please send me the link, I will check it to see if I can find what’s wrong ;)

Hope this helps!


Are you planning to integrate plupload to your template?

greets Simon



Not actually, but it should be easy to implement. Tell me if you ever have any question while using it, I will be happy to help! ;)