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this is going to be a big seller wow! buying this bad boy next week good luck you dont need it but still good luck lol

Thanks! Hope it takes off!

very useful package – but what about slideshow for index page ?

The template is already equipped with a responsive slider, it was just something I didn’t incorporate into this design itself. Possibly I should of mentioned it as a ‘add-on’ feature. I will put up another page with slider capabilities for demo purposes.

Finally a proper sales website!! Love it!!

Nice to hear positive feedback, thanks!

Hello, I’ve recently purchased this theme. It looks great. I’d like to see some examples of the slider. Thanks

I will add some examples.

It would be of a great value if you add to the template a comparison table… side to side different plans or products showing which features are included in each plan

I will add that within the next update, thank you for the input. Next update within a few days.

Any chance to have this on WordPress?

Working on it now

Great! Could you post the news here when it will be ready,please!?

Yes, I will add a note in the Preview section and here when it is available.

Thanks for the heads up, what version of Chrome was this?

Hi there, latest version: 24.0.1312.57 m

Hi, yes if you can correct the little bug with chrome and IE i’ll buy it ! like paypal image missing on the button, and look these images:

1- 2-

and i’ve not yet check with IPAD and mobile.

I want to replace some of the menu icons. Can you tell me where I can find the entire icon set?


Awesome template ! But is it possible to have the psd of the gift card please ?


Great theme, however, how easy would it be to integrate with an online store type feature?


Hi there. I have recently used your theme and I find it is very easy to edit. However, I am having a bit of trouble on just one thing and I am afraid it is not in my code because your Live Preview works the same way. On an Ipad and Iphone, in Portrait mode the dropdowns in the menu are unclickable as well as the parent link associated with the dropdown. In Landscape mode, it works fine. Any suggestions?

This template has an error, I have messaged you about it but you have not responded.

what is the error?

How can I change the bkground image (hero_bg) on individual pages of the web site? How can I add another slider? I like your theme . Thank you

simply rename the class name on the hero tto reflect the new image eg: .hero1 {background: url(’..images/yournewimage1.jpg’} | .hero2 {background: url(’..images/yournewimage2.jpg’}

Hey, your domain expired. Can’t see the demo.

Very nice! Like it!;

any chance the expired domain for the “live demo” will be renewed?

any chance the expired domain for the “live demo” will be renewed?

Your Preview does not work