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how do i edit the width of the home slider banner? Please let me know where the file is located. I want to make it smaller.

Go to – skin/frontend/default/dezire/css/style.css Look for follwoing classes -

.slider_wrapper around line no 9705

’#sequence’ around line no 9719

I bought the issue with you, and I am with three questions:

How do I display the latest products in the home, instead of the best sellers? How do I change the icons on the banner dezire_home_offer_banner_block? Can I use a greater height of the logo?

Thank you very much


Can you please send us the site admin login details via email at -

Hello friend,

Why the banner with the image of woman still appears on my slider? Even though I already deleted it cms block?

my store is

again thanks for the support and help

We can not see the women banner image in slider. Can you please send us the screen shot where you are seeing the women banner image.

Hello i want to purchase magento ecommerece theme but i am little bit confused so please help me in this. or also please show me the admin of the site that how to manage? when i am purchase this theme so your team will install and configure this or not? the banner area is too long so if i want to short the area so i can do or not tell me? when i purchase the theme with this you can provide me any type of user guide manual or not? revert me ASAP. the theme that i am select that link i am sending you here:


Here are answeres to your questions -

1. When you purchase the theme, it will include detail theme user guide with it.

2. Free installation is not provided with theme. If you require installation support you need to purchase it separately from our site. You can mail us at for the same.

3. For changing Banner size you need to modify the css. Once you purchased the theme we can send you how to modify it via email.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

Hello can you explain me the second point? what the meaning of purchase it separately from your site. is there any extra charge for this? can you show me the demo of the admin???so it’s very helpful for me.or can we create sale and combo offers in this site , or we can add deals and offers on this site? is this SEO Friendly site?

Hello can you explain me the second point? what the meaning of purchase it separately from your site. is there any extra charge for this? can you show me the demo of the admin???so it’s very helpful for me.or can we create sale and combo offers in this site , or we can add deals and offers on this site? is this SEO Friendly site? we can add all the attribuites on product listing page? like Color, Fabric, Pattern, Delivery Days and many more like this. can we change listing page image size because its too small and for our business it’s not sutiable for business so we want to also change the listing page image can we do that revert us?


Thanks for your kind support i will check with my partner and update you ASAP. What’s the charges for Theme Installation support????

can you tell me how can i purchase this theme? and what is the payment method?


You can purchase the theme from themeforest itself. You can use credit card or paypal as a payment method.

Hello friend, I could not change the size of my logo, it has 90 px tall. How do I configure this correctly size the height?


Logo height issue is fixed. Please download latest zip.

We’re looking to buy this theme but can’t see a demo of using the ‘Anchor’ or Layered Navigation option. I realise Anchor is a Magento feature – have you styled a version with this?


Great, thanks for the quick reply!

Is it possible to either have a screenshot of the filter, or a demo? My boss doesn’t want to buy without seeing!

Can you please drop us an email at so that we can send you the screen shot.

Hello, I am going purchase the theme. After I paid, does the theme installation package include the sample data that shows same as “life review”? If not, can I get it? Also, how much I need to pay for the installation support?


Theme package does not include the sample data. We do not provide sample data with any our themes. You can use Magento default sample data from following link -

You need to purchase the installation support separately from our website which is of $99

I tried placing a test order. After filling out my payment info and nothing happens when i click on “PLACE ORDER” im using

Can you please send us the site URL to check issue via email at -

Hello , i have a question about the home page blocks? 1. How could i display 1)the featured products and 2) the new products on the home page instead of the best sell products? 2. I set the code” {{block type=”catalog/product_list” num_products=”8” category_id=”5” name=”Featured” as=”Featured” template=”catalog/product/featured.phtml” }}”on home page content . But it only dispay one product on the home page (actually i have create 2 products ) and it couldn’t display the icon on the top of the block. I have send you an email from my working email address to have you received it ? please let me know and help me to solve this problem .thank you very much.

Sent you the details via email. Please check

Is anyone else having a problem with the contact form not working?

I bought this theme and I just want to say the support team is great. Compliments for Tejas! Quick respond and good knowledge and understanding of the problems.

HI, I have the problem with the area of best sellers not appear, I made an order that has complete status as explained here and still not appear bestsellers products… My test website is

Hi, can you please send us site FTP and admin details at so that we can check best sellers issue. Currently we do not have any plan to include instagram logo in social media block.

Hi, I forwarded the data, please can check it?, I have not received a response. e-mail: I sent the data in the first e-mail questions. Thank you.

Hi, We are looking into this and get back to you soon.

Hi, I purchased this theme and our ‘Quick view’ is freezing the site when clicked on. My webmaster can not find the problem. Please help!! ASAP!!

Hi, Can you please send us a site details so that we can look into this.

My product (Quick View) link is freezing.


Can you please email us site details at so that we can look into this.

for the best seller products on the home page (how does it select which product is best seller ? can i select what product i want as best seller on home page.

{{block type=”catalog/product_list” num_products=”20” name=”bestsellerproduct” as=”bestsellerproduct” template=”catalog/product/bestseller.phtml” }}


To display the products under bestseller section you need to place the order. But if you want to display your own products under bestseller section then using the category id you can do this.

{{block type=”catalog/product_list” num_products=”20” category_id=”10” name=”bestsellerproduct” as=”bestsellerproduct” template=”catalog/product/bestseller.phtml” }}

Here category_id=”10” means under bestseller section it will display the products under category id 10.

is there a way to show the static block “dezire_home_shipping_banner_block” on the mobile site? it shows on my computer but it doesn’t show on my phone.

Hello, When I enter the name of my products, the theme cuts off the name of my products in grid mode. It leaves ”...” where the rest of my product name should be. How can I adjust this so that the template does not cut off my product names?