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Hey there, amazing theme. I have a few questions.

Can i use this template to any plataform? And do you have another link to preview?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can use it on others platforms and no, there is not any others links to preview.

Exactly what I was looking for. Can I use Paypal with this? And is there any documentation for Paypal? Thanks in advance

Hello, atomiccafe.
Sorry, but we didn’t implement and test Paypal in Diamond template. That is why we can’t provide you such information and can’t guarantee you correct work with it.

Hello, which eCommerce do you support?

Hello, pattyroth.
This is HTML template. Here you can find Diamond Magento and Diamond WordPress themes.

Hi. I like your template. I Want to know if paypal can be implement for payment to my clients. Thanks

Hello, Alex.
Sorry, but we didn’t try to implement Paypal for payment.

Hi (InfoStyle). Did you have RTL (html) version of this template ? Thanks.

Hello, MrMistory.
No, we don’t have RTL (html) version of this template.