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I have just sent an additional email to : support@webinane.com an email covering the 4 most recent issues I am experiencing with my client’s website.

Please be on notice that these issues with your theme need to be fixed ASAP: The user/pass is the same from the 1st issues that your team has fixed.

1) Demo content did not install the various blog page options 2) MP4 player on the Business Page 1 (about us video) is not playing the video that has been assigned to it.

3) Footer is not separating the footer widget into 4 different columns. Instead it’s placing all of the footer options into 1 single row.

4) Visual Composer keeps asking to be updated, however, I do not have the updated file to update it.

Thank You for your assistance in advance, Digital Chica

We have noticed that you are not following the basic rules of applying the data in the theme, we just dragged and dropped the things and every thing started looking fine. Please go through the Documentation and follow the basic rules of how to make and edit changes through Visual Composer and you will be able to apply the things easily. Thanks – our support head has also responded you through email.

You have noticed things on the wrong Home page option… I am working from “Business Home Page 1” ... Hence, your people have updated information on the wrong homepage layout which basically means that the issues that I mentioned above are still outstanding minus issue #4 because you gave me the download link and #3 and there’s only 1 way to put information in the footer which is via the widget.

In regards to not making the changes to the site via your documentation… you are partly correct. The visual composer that initial came with your theme wasn’t working properly AND I kept getting the update issue with it… However, now that I have the updates Visual Composer… the following issues are STILL an issue!!!

1) I am still having issues with the various blog page options not being an option for me to select and choose from…

2) The blog sidebar is not displaying on the make shift basic blog page that I have created.

3) The video under About Us Video on my homepage is not pulling in the video after requesting assistance with it. I am NOT referring to the video header option. I am referring to the video player within the BODY of the home page.

Our expert has further emailed you. Thanks

Hi, I want to get this theme but have a question: in all the templates I don’t see any with a vertical menu, is it something that could be done?

I loved fashion 1 template but due to my logo dimensions I need a vertical menu on the left side and then box the content to the right, including slider with those diamond shaped thumbnails.


sorry, this is the wrong picture and theme.

please disregard

Thanks for informing us, good luck for the perfect one. :)

Hi I tried to use Simple Image Carousel in spa page just like your demo but it didnt work for me I like your theme very much and I am thinking to buy this theme for all my clients but I nned to make sure your support is very active I need more videos for this theme and the best way to get help as soon as fast and your plugins with this theme is only just two or did I miss one ?

Thanks a lot for asking us for help, please send your problem at support@webinane.com and our support manager will contact you and solve your issues. Please donot forget to send ftp and wp-admin information. Thanks :)

I try to Import Demo Data via the Theme Options but it keeps failing with:

Import WordPress Failed to import product_type external Failed to import product_type grouped Failed to import product_type simple Failed to import product_type variable Media “dictate-slider1” already exists. Media “dictate-slider2” already exists. Media “dictate-slider3” already exists.

Please advise me on how to get around this

It seems you have not properly installed the plugins which is why the import is failing. If you the case is not this than contact us at support@webinane.com and our team will do the installations for you. Thanks

Hi, we are having problems trying to setup our site.

By clicking on the “Edit with visual composer” we arrive to this URL: http://www.clinicaelmar.com/clinicaelmar/wp-admin/edit.php?vc_action=vc_inline&post_id=152&post_type=page

Here we see all the editor’s structure broken and we can’t work on it. This happens on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Explorer.

We already requested to use the backend editor as it is working fine. The problem is complex a bit that is why it is a bit difficult to solve and we worked on it. We will give it another try and our senior expert will try to solve it. Thanks for your patience.

More than 18 days so that they can solve a serious problem with the theme for us, we have been waiting more than 14 days for a solution since the last reply. In the end they haven’t solved anything for us. A disappointing service, I hope that our comments are useful in telling other users to be warned with you.

I feel sorry that your problem is not resolved but it does not mean we did not tried to resolve it. We gave proper time to it, let us work on it again. Please tell me that email address from which you sent the problem to us. Thanks

Hi, we would like to add content to webpage (after updating to WP 4.1), but it seems, that Visual Composer Editor is not working properly (not visible). Tried to update, but there is an error message: Error! Envato API error. Maybe I can’t install Visual Composer update because I can’t activate license key? (It says: Your license key is already activated on another website (wpd*.eu). Actually the main question is: what should I do to use Visual Composer after updating to WP4.1? Thanks!

You are mistakenly trying to put the Purchase Key of Dictate theme in Visual Composer, we can provide you the link for the latest version of Visual Composer which you can upload through ftp. Please send your request at support@webinane.com You can also update the theme with the latest version which is available for download from Themeforest. Thanks


If the layout is Responsive, the main content is Flush with the side of the screen. It is supposed to have a fixed width like on the div of the main title.

ex. width: 1170px for screenwidth at 1200px; instead of width: 100%;

Demo at: http://preprod.malyaesthetique.com/fr/

Any clue?


Thanks for asking us for help, we have already given guidelines about this issue in our documentation. Now please check the given picture and you will be able to solve this issue easily.


Thanks a lot

Can you display a 3 column footer? If so how?

Yes it can be done and we can help you in it, please send your ftp and wp-admin information and our support staff will do it for you. Thanks a lot


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I need your help please, my website is blocked by browsers and google and the reason mentioned is a virus or malware. I logged in with webmaster tools and the reasons was the pages have this Suspicious Snippet: <script language=”JavaScript” src=”” type=”text/javascript”>

Is it from the theme or a real threat..

Thank you,

We have not provided any file in our theme, this may be because of any plugin. If you are not using any extra plugin than we will have to diagnose it by checking the backend. Thanks a lot


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I have a problem on while trying to insert shortcodes that clicking opens a pop up writing

Warning: include(/home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/opt/php54/lib/php’) in /home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

After seeking solution on comments, I found where you gave a solution by remove 3 line of codes if( sh_set( $_GET, 'sh_shortcode_editor_action' ) ) { include(SH_FRW_DIR.'resource/shortcode_output.php');exit; } After removing above code, I am getting a popup with theme’s 404 page.

How to solve this?

This should not give 404 error, we need your ftp and wp-admin information and we will solve it for you thanks a lot


jshoeb Purchased

I just sent an email via your profile page. Thank you.


Is it possible to remove the sidebars from the News posts and the service posts? I do not have any widgets in the sidebar, but the pages are still seperated in two parts: left side is the news / services content and right side is the space for sidebar widgets (In my case empty). I want the news / services content on full width.

Is it also possible to change the size of the picture above the content on the news / services pages?

Okay thanks! But is it also possible to change the size of the featured image in the service page? Because it will now display the full image size, but i want to keep it for every service page the same and not that big.

For this requirement please send your request at support@webinane.com and tell us the size which you want to apply and our support manager will provide you the solution through email. Thanks

I have send you an email. Thanks for the answer. Hopefully i will get a response soon. Great service!

Recently I did purchase the dictate theme but I am having some problems to install. 1. I could not upload the theme using the add button in wp, then I installed using FTP 2. now the theme is installed but I can not find the demo file to install 3. I can not find the data.xml file to import. 4. I am trying “How to Make the Theme Look Exactly like The Themeforest Demo” but without that steps I can not do that. more than 24 hours ago I sent you e-mail asking for your help but no reply til now.

Actually last day it was a local holiday so we could not respond your email. Sometimes the server restrictions donot allow the theme to be installed through add button. You should now install the Demo from Theme Options >> Utility >> Import Demo Data. and then select the desired page as a home page from Settings >> Reading >>A static page (select below) and from the drop down selecting your desired home page. Thanks a lot – let us know if you need further help.

Ps. I’m trying to install the demo medical home page 4 New. thanks in advance

We have answered your earlier comment with the reply. Thanks

Hi again, thanks for your answer but I had tried that step previously and I just got this error message”Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wordpress_importer_init() (previously declared in /nfs/c11/h03/mnt/202988/domains/cedicarguate.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php:1123) in /nfs/c11/h03/mnt/202988/domains/cedicarguate.com/html/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 1131. as I read in the instructions, first I have to import the data.xml file but I do not have it I wait for your reply

Please contact our support staff at support@webinane.com and our support manager will require some information from you. After that he will give you the solution of these issues which you are facing. In actuall we donot have these issues on our end that is why we need your ftp and wp-admin information to diagnose the problem. Thanks a lot

I sent a mail on support@webinane.com 24 hour before but still no reply. I am having following issues regarding dictate. Please help. My site is a woocommerce site http://genialsouls.com/ and I have plugins installed only 2checkout, jetpack and wordpress SEO. Nothing seems to be conflicted with your site.

1.) How a new user will get registered? In my account, register button does nothing.

2.) widget, Social Networks doing problem. When I add it in siderbar, rest of the page/css stop working. Here is a sample http://genialsouls.com/mypage/ No footer showing, no map showing. And if I use it on product page, only css stop working.

3) On my checkout page, checkbox of terms and conditions rendering on left side with bad look and also not showing page link in it for terms and conditions. If I use tab then it shows the link.

4) On my checkout page, I have installed 2checkout plugin (official plugin from 2checkout). When I CLICK on it to try to enter credit card number or any other information, it close it. I have to use tab to navigate. Not mouse.

5) In footer, contact us widget, message box alignment is out.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Qamar Sheeraz Genial Souls

We are sorry that our themes were unavailable since Feb 15 on Themeforest therefore we could answer your comment here. We have also checked the record of our Support Emails and found that we requested for the ftp and wp-admin details on 21 feb. Please provide us this information if you are still facing this problem and we will surely solve this problem. Our support email address is support@webinane.com Thanks a lot :)

Hi there.. I need to change the text of some of the elements. Example. Weekly Schedule title text. Could you please inform me how?


Thanks a lot for contacting us for support, please explain on which places you want this change the title, or at lease explain the elements and we will explain it how to do it?

Hi! The visual composer shortcodes, for example “Services 7”, has option for sorting. But random sorting is just not working at all. Could you help?

Thanks for asking us for help, first of all connect to your website through ftp, then goto framework-> vc_map.php,

search in file the words (sh_services_7), you will see a php code here like this
 param_name => 'sort',
in this array just change their value parameter’s option from
('random' =>'Random')
.... It will work fine…. Please donot bother to ask for help again.

jshoeb Purchased

Is this theme compatible to latest wordpress version?

We are sorry we did not respond you for the last two days, actually we are testing it again as we want to make sure that there should be no error in the latest version. Will let you know about it after completely checking it. Thanks


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The One Click Demo didnt work for me. Import Results didnt show anything

Please send your server information (ftp and wp-admin) to us at support@webinane.com and we will fix this issue on your website, we are sorry for a late reply. Thanks a lot :)


thanit Purchased

now, ok , thank you

You are very warm welcome.