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jdeyla Purchased

Hello, I can’t find any demo or data.kml file in the package: where can it be found to be uploaded and installed?

WP also says I have to install a couple of plugin, but Layerslide WP fails (header invalid or similar) and WP Bakery visual composer to be updated says it needs a Visual Composer License Key that has not been given.



Please send your issue at support@webinane.com and your problem will be resolved by the Support Staff. Also we are providing a new version of Dictate, please wait for some time as it is launched i hope you will get new features and latest plugins in this version. Thanks

jdeyla Purchased

I’ve already written, and I’ve been assisted by the most astonishing support ever. Thank you


Thanks a lot for your cooperation, i though you have not got the answer.

kerempuh Purchased
Blog Home Page 1 is not included in demo After demo installation that page is empty and when clicked through menu – it goes to http://themes.webinane.com/wp/dictate1/business-home-page-1/

Please fix this as we would like to use Blog Home Page 1 template for our website. What do you use to show posts from categories on homepage? Not grid posts – something else, we cannot figure out what…

Please fix demo page so we can see for ourseves TY


We have provided a new version of Dictate which has a lots of new features and bug fixes. Please download the latest version after approval which may take some hours only. We also give you a facility to update your theme and update your Demo file directly on your website. Please provide us your website details of ftp and wp-admin username and password at support@webinane.com and our experts will contact you after completing your task. Thanks

kerempuh Purchased

thanks… website details sent to support

Dear clients and potential buyers, we have given the following updates and improvements in our latest Version 4.0, download this version and update your theme now,

New - Creative News Shortcode
New - Simple Services Shortcode
New - Welcome Box Shortcode
New - Banner Shortcode
New - Testimonial Carousal Shortcode
New - Fancy News Shortcode
New - News (Tipsy List) Shortcode
New - Creative Our Affiliation Shortcode
New - Simple Image Shortcode
New - Simple Text Shortcode
New - Services With Parallax Shortcode
New - Creative Portfolio Shortcode
New - Packages Shortcode
New - Creative Packages Shortcode
New - About Box Shortcode
New - Fancy Accordian Shortcode
New - Modern Services Shortcode
New - Our Staff Shortcode
New - Testimonial Parallax Carousal Shortcode
New - Simple Carousel Shortcode
New - Appointment Parallax Style Shortcode
New - Registered New Post Type Namely Packages
New - Packages Shortcode 1, 2, 3
New - Option to Add Title of A Shortcode in Visual Composer
Fixed - Blog Grid and List View bug
Fixed - Blog 2 column and 3 Column bug
Fixed - Text Logo Bug
Updated - Woocommerce Plugin
Updated - Visual Composer Plugin
Updated - Layer Slider Plugin

Thanks a lot – in case you face any problem do contact our support at support@webinane.com to get help.

kendo888 Purchased


I am having an issue adding padding and borders to images. I am able to add images but there is no option for padding so the text is stuck to the images.

Please advise, Thanks


We need to know the particular page and section where you are bringing the change so that we can direct you exactly where to make the change. It is better to send a request to our experts at support@webinane.com together with your ftp and wp-admin information. Thanks

Question, under the individual team member page, we add a picture thru the Featured Image section, but when we view the page their is a slide show with additional blank images. How to fix this or where the other images coming from? can you send me by email the instructions to resolve this problem? namejefferson@gmail.com

We require your ftp and wp-admin information to check this error in your website. Please send the required information at support@webinane.com and we will give you the fix. Thanks


Please follow the given steps first then let us know about the proceedings,

Ø Go to Teams (left hand side menu) Ø Go to All Members (on Teams submenu) Ø Click on a particular doctor to edit it Ø Click on Add Media (on Edit Member dashboard) Ø Go to Media Library (Insert Media page) Ø Click on Dropdown box Ø Choose the option “Upload to This Post” Ø Click on “Upload Files” to upload images from your PC Ø Set desired Images Ø Click on “Insert into post” Ø Click on “Publish/Update” on the WP Dashboard sidebar.


Hello, I needed to set the font for latin-extended, because I can not display fonts with accents (hooks). Is it somehow possible?

Thank you


Dear client we donot have this feature in our theme, you can add the Google Font by selecting it from the backend. This requires Php work so it is customization. Thanks a lot for asking us for help. Let us know if you need further help.


Okay, How am I going solve it? It is not possible to somehow completely disable Google font? Or you can add a classic font (Tahoma, Arial, Times News Roman ….) The template is otherwise unusable for me !!!


We have seen the solution of your problem, please email your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com and send us the font name which you want to use and we will solve your issue immediately. Thanks :)

How can I edit the length of the team landing page excerpts so they are a little shorter and also add the ellipsis (...) to the Read More text?


Please follow the given steps,

goto root directory find tpl-team.php goto line number 84 or search <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

and replace with <?php echo substr( strip_tags(get_the_content()), 0 100 ) ?>

now change the value of 100 with your desire value.


Hello! I realize you added the font awesome functionality for people who don’t have Photoshop knowledge, but is there any way to still use an image instead of font awesome for the “Services with Icon on Top 2” element? Please and thank you. :)


The theme has already been purchased by my employer in her account. I do have her purchase code if you need it?


Please send the purchase code together with your requirements at support@webinane.com also give the reference of the current communication. Thanks a lot :)


Thanks, will do! :)

geeks Purchased

hi, I have downloaded the latest version and am stuck at these two points.

I am using Services 7 shortcode

1) Its not allowing me to choose more than 6 services. I want to show 9 but the dropdown has the limitation till 6

2) The images are all of different sizes, i want a standard size images for all services.

Please reply soon.

Regards Geeks

How can I make a required field optional in the form box?


Thanks for asking us for help, actually this change requires small customization and for customization you can order at support@webinane.com. Thanks a lot :)

almeka Purchased

When we tried to set the demo data, it is not working properly. The whole thing was in a disorder. The colour scheme was also not working, like there’s no colour in the menu background. Need support on this urgently..


Please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com and we will look into it and solve the problem. Thanks

hi , I have a serious problem. In the blog page appear all my articles but to open any article page is all white . With another template the problem does not happen. How can I solve this. I have already sent my data access but you do not answer me .


From which email address you have sent the email, please confirm because we can not see any email regarding such issues. Thanks

I enabled debug on my site and appeared the following message .

(Use of undefined constant WPLANG – assumed ‘WPLANG’ in /home/institut/public_html/wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/classes/class.km.autoupdate.v3.php on line 74 ) How to solve this?


Send your information again at support@webinane.com together with the list of errors you are facing, i suspect you are using an older version. Thanks


Thanks a lot for asking us for help and sorry for a little late reply, please open the config.php file and put the given code at the end of the file,

define ('WPLANG', 'en_GB');

Thanks – let us know if you want further help


I sent an email to your support email, however, I have yet to get a response… I emailed you as recent as a few hours ago…

I need your assistance, however, my client wants a detailed listing of what you’re doing because it is her contention that when she paid for the theme, she was paying for a working theme. if she wants to install a version on a sub domain to her site, she should be able to do it without having to send an email to you and waiting for you to help her with getting the sub domain up and running.

So please respond to the email I sent so we can rectify her situation …

Digital Chica


Someone contacted me from your company this morning at 3:38AM Central Standard Time USA… I sent him/her the credentials and I have yet to hear back from anyone.

I need this issue rectified ASAP please… I’ve been trying to get ahold of you all since Tuesday…


We are sorry for the delay, actually we are having problems with our latest support system therefore it is causing delays, please share your email title which you have sent so that we can speed up your process. Thanks


Just check the record and found that the expert is in connection with you so please get your problems resolved from the experts and keep in touch with the experts. Thanks :)

geeks Purchased

Got no reply, sent email with all credentials on Tuesday… Really disappointed :(


We are sorry for the delay, actually we are having problems with our latest support system therefore it is causing delays, please share your email title which you have sent so that we can speed up your process. Thanks

geeks Purchased

Webinane Support Manager Thu, 10:32 am [Fwd: Re: Need urgent help regarding dictate theme]

Anyways just one thing which could be helpful to all users of this theme… When in visual editor, I click on insert shortcode, i get a blank white space and no options are visible… any idea how to fix it?

i really hope you take time and do a total change in the coding part otherwise a beautiful theme is getting wasted… :( :(


Do not worry dear we will solve it surely but one help we need from your side. We need to know which page is doing this and which shortode is creating this problem. Let me explain, actually this happens because of jQuery conflict and we need to check which jQuery is creating problem, so if you explain this and provide us the access to your website, we will provide you the solution. Thanks for your help

Sellerjax Purchased

hi i have bought this theme and imported the demo data and stripped away pages i dont need, im stuck using the parralx slider its added on my page i have set example slides but its not showing up when view from my browser,


No worries, it seems some backend settings are missing, please submit your problem together with your ftp and wp-admin username and password and we will look into it. By the way we have given a new version 4.1 of Dictate which will be available for download after some time. So first update your theme with the latest version and then contact us at our support panel with required information and we will guide you further about it. Thanks

Good morning guys . I need to change the image size that appears in (events) and (blog) which to me is very large . Can you help me?


Can you please send me the section in which you want the change together the URL so that we can answer you exactly about the issue you are facing. Thanks

Good Morning, I have a problem also on the button insert shortcodes that clicking opens a pop up writing. Warning: include(/home/institut/public_html/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/institut/public_html/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home/institut/public_html/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/institut/public_html/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89.

How to solve this?


Hello , good evening . I followed the steps that gave me did not work.

When deleted the code that informed me the pop -up that opens is a miniature of the site. It did not work !

What do we do now?

Sent by e- mail the access data to the site !


So leave the rest of the task to us, we will resolve this issue and make it perfect. After solving your issue we will inform you through email. Thanks :)


OK, I’ll be waiting.