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I purchased this theme and had the same issue everyone else is having. Demo content does not work and breaks the site. I have reached out to their support and continue to get responses that are less than helpful. Caution should be taken when purchasing from this seller. I will post an update next week on whether or not I wasted my money on this problematic theme.

Please contact our support and we will help you. Thanks


We just updated to the latest version and VC is not displaying the content correctly on the front pages.

We have had to restore an older backup.

How do you suggest we update the theme and plugins from the theme?


I suggest to submit a ticket at support@webinane.com and our experts will provide the latest versions of premium plugins after verifying your purchase. This way you will easily get the updated versions of plugins without any problem. Thanks :)

Hello, I can not make the issue of translation. There is a different path to the translation file?

The translation file is at the same place. If you want to translate the strings than .PO / .MO file is given in the root, if you want to make a multi language website than you can use WPML plugin but it is premium plugin. Thanks

Hello, I am not able to skip the line down this page http://www.montsou.com.br/drjoaonicolodi/equipe/

What I do?

Answer for the comment on DICTATE WP “Edumontsou”: Can you please send us some screen shot which line you want to skip from the page? Thanks

Hello, I want to be able to list on the team page text field. I’ve looked at Style.css and did not find anything related to this. Would you help me?

Can you please give us further details of this issue because we are unable to understand from the given description. Thanks a lot


allcore Purchased

Hi I have the time table on my home page and have 5 staff members assigned Monday – Friday, however only 4 will show up. How can I show all staff members for each day. Thank you for your help.

We have received your ticket as well, we have checked your domain and we need your ftp and wp-admin information to solve your problem because you are working on Child Theme. Please send the required information at support@webinane.com. Thanks


equipto Purchased

Hello. I have two problems.

1. First is the VC templates don’t have the homepage layout for “HAIR LOSS HOME PAGE”. Please send me the shortcode for that layout.

2. All the elements I add through VC don’t have padding on the left and right so the content is stretched from end to end. It seems to keep giving the div the “row-fluid” class instead of “container”. I tried editing the row to add the container, even the extra class name but it didn’t work.

I have sent an email to support explaining the same.

We have received your ticket as well, we will respond you through email after completing the task. Thanks a lot :)

hello is there anyway to test the theme before I buy it?

Please send your request at support@webinane.com and our support team will send you the password of it. Thanks a lot

Hi is the animation features availabe. all the modern theme now has animation for the element as we scroll down. do this theme have this

We are sorry this feature is not available in our theme, you will have to send a customization request at our support@webinane.com and we will do it for you in small amount. Thanks :)

hi i have sent the request and hoping for a prompt reply

Did you get proper response from our team if not please contact our admin at Sugotech@gmail.com Thanks a lot :)


ctfuqua Purchased

Site here lists last update as Oct 9 2015 (no version number). Downloaded ZIP file is dated Oct 8 2015. Changelog though shows V4.3 as of Sep 24 2015. Seems to be a versioning issue / lack of clarify.

We are submitting a new file in a day with some changes and this issue will be solved in that version. Thanks a lot


ctfuqua Purchased

This is my second attempt to get this template to work. I hope I have better luck than last time. Nothing but roadblocks, errors, and issues with the configuration. I worked with Support at the time, and got less than satisfactory results. When I said I wanted a refund, they told me they couldn’t refund it to me since it’s sold through Envato. Argh.

Hope try #2 works…


ctfuqua Purchased

Similar issues as others with the Demo Content not working, etc.

Please send your ticket at our support email address because this is a technical question which can be answered in detail with the help of technicians. Thanks a lot for your patience. :)

I need the theme for my website http://topbestlisted.com/ , But I need the complete dummy content along with the slider code and images

The complete demo content is available in the theme except the images but we will provide you the images after the purchase.. For further assistance you can contact us at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot for your assistance. :)

The demo data install/setup instructions are wrong:

4. Now for setting the theme Menu Go to Appearace >> Menus >> Click on Manage Locations Tab >> against Main Menu select Top Menu from the drop down. 5. Now Goto Settings >> Reading >> and against “Front Page” select Home as the home page of the website.

The menu that matches the Live Demo from Envato is Primary Menu, not Top Menu.

There is no “Front Page” page in the demo data.

FRUSTRATING – the data, support site, and instructions do not match. I would NOT recommend this template at all.

Hello, sad to see that you are facing this issue. Actually this is because you are unable to import the Demo data correctly either because of Limited Memory of the server or any other unknown issue. Please send your problems now at our support email address at support@webinane.com and our team will help you come out of these problems within few hours. Thanks a lot :)

Serious issues with woocommerce and this theme. The theme files are not updated properly and while support says that will be addressed in a theme update, meanwhile, we are stuck and can’t roll this site out because of the bugs.

We have sent you the solution through email. Please check your inbox and get back to us when you feel easy. Thanks a lot for your patience :)

Hello. I purchased your theme to use Medical Home Page 5 (new) theme . I activated visual composer plugin. Now firstly I want to create home page but I cant find Medical Home Page 5 (new) template in my templates section. Where is it? Please help! Thank you!

You are welcome my brother :)


ozmerty Purchased

You fixed my footer problem. Thank you very much bro :)

You are very warm welcome. :) Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you face any other problem. Thanks again.

I can’t find demo data .xml, please help me to find this file or next step instalation.


This is very easy bro, the Demo data is not given with the file rather we have given one-click install in the theme. You can install the Demo data in such a way,

Step 1:Go to Appearance => Theme Options of WP Dashboard. Step 2:Locate the option, Import Demo Data on the top bar of the Theme Options. Step 3:Click on . Step 4:After confirmation message, click on Save Changes.

Thanks a lot – let us know if you still need our help to install the data.


Tagri Purchased

Hi there. Can you please help me to translate the contact form confirmation: “SUCCESS! Thank you frank for using our contact form! Your email was successfully sent and we will be in touch with you soon.” I cant find the file where i can change it to german.


Tagri Purchased

I found it now. its in the /helpers/ajax.php in two lines too.

Thanks a lot for informing us. We are here to help you in case of any problem. :)


Tagri Purchased

webinane support is very nice! Thank you!

The image uploader in Theme Options seems to be broken. It won’t let me upload a logo image. I see this is a problem in an older version, but I just downloaded the template last night.

I also am unable to download the demo—I click Import Demo Data in Theme Options and it has been “downloading” for about 3 hours now. Is it supposed to take over 3 hours? I closed out because I figure that is broken, as well. I have sent an email to support about the broken uploader in Theme Options but haven’t heard back.

At which email address you send the email for support. Out support email address is Support@webinane.com. Also please share your email address from which you sent the email so that we can track your history. Thanks a lot

Hi. I submitted a request on the form online. I got a confirmation email yesterday morning from support@webinane.com. I just sent my login info and FTP info. Email address is drhays.web@gmail.com. Thanks!

I couldn’t find data.xml on file system. That’s why i cannot install theme. Can anyone help me regarding this issue ?

Why not? we are here to help you. Please go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Demo Installation here you will find the option to install the Demo. Please follow the simple steps and the Demo will be ready. Thanks a lot for contacting us, you can contact us again if you need help. Our support email address is support@webinane.com


gauravgdi Purchased

Hey I’m not able to upload logo and not even able to change the footer image. Will you please help me out. ????

Why not? We are here to help you, i suggest to please send us an email at support@webinane.com and we will fix it within 12 hours hopefully. Thanks a lot – please don’t forget to send your ftp and wp-admin information.