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Hello! We have updated Prestashop to version 1.5.5. and updated the Dilecta theme, but now we have a search box not working in a horizontal menu, and 404 does not work either. Tell me please, is this a problem with the theme or not? Thank you.

Our shop: http://.glamourshop.ru

And Thank you very much for your theme! I like it:)


Sorry for the delay but as you probably saw from 4 to 15 September we were unavailable.

We need ftp account to check this.


Thank you so much for your help again. Your support is working so fast and so good. I love this theme!:)

I have two changes I would like to make to improve usability.

1. The “Drop-down” shopping cart on the top truncates the product name after 4 letters. How can this be increased? There is room for more and it would be helpful for users to have more information.

2. How could small text like “add to basket” be added next to the basket with the plus sign?


1. themes/dilecta/modules/blockcart/blockcart.pl line 62 (truncate value)

2. Here is more work. You need to edit all files where add to cart button is and add own text. Then you need to edit css files to make this text looking good.


That worked. Thank you.

Hi Tiquet,

I just discovered an issue with IE that occurs on my website (tested with IE8 over XP): “Fatal error: You have reached the browser stylesheet limit (31)”. This causes some of my customer can not see this page : http://www.marie-cabanac.com/fr/content/10-look-book-automne-hiver-201314

I don’t understand why this does not occur on other pages as there is more than 31 css on most pages, but this page fails to load. Indeed, it uses 36 CSS : 16 are from /modules/ 10 are from /themes/dilecta_mc/css (dilecta_mc is a copy of dilecta with a few minor changes) 2 from fonts.googleapis.com (called by dilecta) 2 from twitter.com 3 from facebook.com

What can I do for IE users to see the page properly ? Thanks for your help !


99% of all css files comes from default PrestaShop modules, not theme.

Loading time? Our theme: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/d4a5Pr/http://themes.jelliz.com/prestashop/dilecta/index.php 2 seconds

Default theme http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/dlGrJr/http://demo-store.prestashop.com/ also 2 seconds and a little bit slower than our theme.


Hi Tiquet, You are 100% right that the problem is caused by Prestashop architecture and is not specific to your theme. I was not comparing with default theme, as I did not even consider it as an option !

Indeed, the problem of the high number of css, js, etc. is that it adds a lot of network request overhead. If your customer and your server are only a few millisecond away, no problem, but when your server is requested from far away, it gets a lot worse.

I’ll try and find a solution for this. I’ll keep you posted if I get a working solution to merge css and js without too much effort.

Here are 2 diff suggestions for header.tpl : 1) to avoid the IE9- limit in css links: replace link by @import for most of the css calls:
> <style type="text/css" media="all">
< <link href="{$css_uri}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="{$media}" />
> @import "{$css_uri}";
> </style>
2) to manage fr/en automatic switch for Facebook in footer :
> {if $lang_iso eq "fr"}
>   js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/fr_FR/all.js#xfbml=1";
>     {else}
> {/if}

(visible on www.marie-cabanac.com) Hope this can help someone else.

PS: I am using your PS1.5.5 version on PS 1.5.6 and I did not find problems.


Thank you for this. I think we will talk about these solutions in our team.


Hello again!

I have a problem with order in my shop.

I added product to cart. in next step I press order button and go on order page. Next step enter information of buyer. I had ERROR message after pressed save button. Also I didn’t see any button in buttom of order form. I mean “I confirm my order” button. Help me please!! Thank you! I did send you FTP by email


Im having problems installing the theme on the last version of prestashop. ”.zip Broken files” Any help? Should I test it with v 1.5.4? Thanks


I need to check admin panel to see what is wrong. Please send me details via contact form on my profile page.


Any news on 1.5.5 yet tiquet?

Check item description page:

03.09.2013 Dilecta 1.3.1 Added: PrestaShop 1.5.5 Compability

We tested with 1.5.5 and everything works fine.


Thanks tiquet

Hello!!! Any news on 1.5.6 yet tiquet?

Update is ready. Will be upload asap.


Hi tiquet, Thank you for the update :) I have displayed the prices without VAT for all visitors. I wish marked next to the price, the term HT (not included VAT). Best.


Please send me url to store and FTP account via contact form on my profile page.

btw. For future please use only contact form to have faster respone.


Hi, bought the template “Dilecta responsive Presta shop” and have a few questions: The complete template are translated into Spanish and the top menu where the link “My account”, “Contact”, “Sitemap”, “Log out” we could not translate or delete any of these link. How can we do it?

Thank you!


You need to add translations for this word in Localization > Translations > Modify > Front office > Dilecta >Your Flag.


Hello. great theme. good job. excuse my bad english

I have 2 questions:

1/ I want to change size of text in the main horizontal menu. Where can i do that?

2/ I want to change image of basket. I upload a new file in themes/dilecta/img/add-to-cart.png but nothing happens !




1. Please provide admin access via contact form on my profile page.

3. In Localisation/Translations/Frontend…/Dilecta/Your flag.


1. It’s ok. it works good. 3. In Localisation/Translations/Frontend/Dilecta.All the expressions are already translated but it doesn’t work on line.

Thanks, Mathieu


I need admin access to store to check this. Please send me details via contact form on my profile page with your latest message here.


Hi ! Just thanks for this great theme ! Nothing particular to say at this moment.

Best Regards Philippe

Thank you :)

How can desable the popup cart when we add products in cart? also we have problem with menutop don’t work correctly



themes/dilecta/js/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js Remove this

                $('#notification').html('<div class="notification"><div class="close" />'+ success_text +' <b>'+ elementname +'</b> '+ success_text2 +'</div>');


Need help, pleeease.

Haw can I change the back colour in Dilecta’s Theme???


Be Happy, Be Yabi!

All colors you can change in admin panel in Dilecta Theme Settings.


Hi, How can i change the font-size of “large_description” in the slider.

Best Regards


Slider is full html so just use this
<div style="color:red;">TEXT HERE</div>

Hello ! Thanx, you can see the site here : www.wilonabox.com


Nice. You sohuld also change icons i footer to pink.


Hi,thanks for beautiful themes.I use Dilecta theme for Opencart 1.5.6 I have some question need help. When i click “Login” and “Creat Account” but It’s not working Thanks for help!

how to it work?

Please post message with account which you used to buy this theme.

Hi,thanks for beautiful themes.I use Dilecta theme for Opencart 1.5.6 I have some question need help. When i click “Login” and “Creat Account” but It’s not working Thanks for help!

Please post message with account which you used to buy this theme.

Hi Tiquet, can I upgrade to or do I need to wait for a theme change?


Update fot will be ready in next two days.




Update is ready. You can download.



great theme I must say! I was just wondering where in code (file) can I put/replace some other functionality instead of Twitter block?

Thanks :)

Ok got it! :D If anyone will need it, its under modules/blockcustomfooter/blockcustomfooter.tpl

Exactly :)


Hello, do you know in which file I can change the footer: Powered by Presta Shop. Your Store © 2012 ? Regards

ok, I just saw in the admin … it’s good for me!

Thanks for message :)