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Hello, I purchased and built my site using this theme completely offline…however, after uploading it to my server, and testing every page online, I’ve found that my blog pages (the most lengthy of pages) cut off rather abruptly really early into the entry, sometimes even in the middle of a picture. I’ve tested and tried fiddling with the styles.css with the .aside, .blogpost, and anything involved that I thought might fix things…but I haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing the page to cut off.

In addition, the page DOESN’T cut off on the mobile and smaller screen versions of the site. For a point of reference, please look at this page: http://www.fpartistry.com/blog/bp01.html

Oh, I see. This is probably due to the script calculating the height of content before the images are loaded. You can remove the eq class from <aside> and <article> to fix this. The sidebar border will not stretch to the bottom, though.

Btw, I really like your site.

Worked perfectly! I’m alright with the side-bar not extending fully if it gets rid of the stupid scroll bar. Thank you for your help, and I’m glad you like it! Your template really spiced it up from the one I had built before.

For now, I’ve corrected the above problem by editing the CSS for .blogpost for the overflow to scroll, but what I want is so that rather than there be overflow, the container extends with the body of text rather than cutting it off/forcing an internal scroll. Thanks in advance for your help!

HI i canĀ“t upload the theme, aparently style.css is missing

i want to add subject of mail on contact page. and i want to see it under the name and email section but it has to be message width. i guess its 460px.can you help me?

Hi, I just sent you an email.