Dimple - Multipurpose Creative Agency Theme

Notice of item removal

Please note we will be removing this item on 10/03/15 (10th of March, 2015). If you have purchased this theme, please remember to make a backup of your theme files as you will no longer be able to download the item once it is removed.

Dimple is the perfect theme for small business, creative agencies & freelancers looking for a flexible portfolio theme. Jam packed with features like the WordPress live customizer, full post format support, 2 custom post types and unlimited portfolios – this is without question, the most powerful theme we have ever created.

Features Overview

  • WordPress LIVE Customizer
  • 500+ Google Fonts Buil In
  • Extensive Typography Options (h1>h6, buttons & menus)
  • Retina Ready
  • Responsive (will look great on any device)
  • Touch Device Ready (slides and lightbox)
  • Background Images for ALL SECTIONS
  • Background Parallax for ALL SECTIONS
  • Background Overlay Color for ALL SECTIONS
  • Fullwidth Media & Standard Media For ALL POSTS
  • Optional Media & Panel Padding
  • Super Customizable Home Page Template
  • Easily Create A 1 Page Style Homepage
  • Unlimited Portfolio Projects
  • Filterable Portfolio Pages
  • Optional Header Icons for any & all pages
  • Custom Descriptions & Icons For Post Categories
  • Custom Descriptions & Icons For Post Tags
  • Custom Author Backgrounds
  • Mobile Sidebar With Sidebar Widgets (tablets > smartphones)
  • Easy To Setup Contact Forms
  • Optional Google-maps On Contact Page & Home Page
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Shortcodes
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Portfolio post
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Panel Post (sortable)
  • PLUGIN – Visualiicks Core (custom css, favion, tracking code)
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Tweets
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Dribbble Shots
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Contact Form
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Social Icons


A really big THANK YOU to all the exceptional artists who have allowed us to use their artwork in the example demos.

Change Log

2.1 – 25/02/15
- send.php file has now be updated to use wp_mail() instead of mail()
- style.css version number has now been updated

2.0 – 12/06/14

To install this update please follow these steps
> Activate 2014 theme
> Delete Dimple
> Delete Visual Plugins (all)
> Install latest Dimple
> Install latest plugins
> Go into the theme customiser and save the new settings
UPDATED - framework upgrade
UPDATED - update theme activation image / message
UPDATED - blog options in regards to excerpts and read mores
UPDATED - form text is now the same as the P tag
UPDATED - post and blog navigation buttons have been switched for easier navigation
UPDATED - theme now includes shortcodes for WordPress 3.9+ (in new plugin)
ADDED - theme customizer tool bar 
ADDED - new typography section in the customizer
ADDED - buttons have a new section with new settings in the customizer
FIXED - lightbox icons are now working the latest version of FontAwesome
FIXED - send.php has new improvements to improve stability sending mail
FILES CHANGED - all files need updating for this patch to go live and be stable with the latest wordpress install

1.7 – 29/10/13

UPDATED - tested & working on WordPress 3.7 (now safe to upgrade wordpress)
UPDATED - theme customizer slider css
UPDATED - theme now uses Font Awesome 4.0 syntax (fa-)
UPDATED - vimeo now added to social icon widget / plugin
UPDATED - demo content xmls
FIXED - folder and contents (/framework/css/images) has now been removed
FIXED - portfolios filters on home page template Files Changed - it's recommended to update all files as the new font awesome syntax effects a large number of files.

1.6 – 22/10/13

ADDED: 150+ new google fonts
ADDED: Premade child theme included in main files
ADDED: Back to top button added to theme customizer (general settings tab)
ADDED: Fade on scroll option available for titles, media & panels
FIXED: Portfolio page pagination set to front page now works
FIXED: Portfolio project selector doesn't disappear anymore
FIXED: Slider control height now fixed
FIXED: Portfolio labels displayed correctly (portfolio post plugin)
FIXED: Portfolio filter by project notices removed (portfolio post plugin)
FIXED: Panels labels displayed correctly (panel post plugin)
UPDATED: Read more button now has smaller button size
UPDATED: style.css version number now 1.6
UPDATED: .po & .mo files updated
UPDATED: Demo content xml updated 
Files Changed (theme-functions.php, vk-create-lists.php, style.css, footer.php, vk-create-postmeta.php, functions.php, theme-customize.php, theme-customize-ui.js, custom.js, theme-postmeta.php, template-title.php, template-media.php, template-home-panels.php, theme-postmeta.js, theme-customize.js)

1.5 – 16/10/13

FIXED: Logo image center problems
FIXED: Logo image max height problems
FIXED: Minor issue with the live customizer in relation to logo images
ADDED: Hide panel title is now an option for panel posts
ADDED: Minor improvements for fonts
ADDED: Significant visual enhancements to the theme customizer for better setting organization
Files Changed (style.css, them-customize.php, theme-customize.js, theme-customize-ui.js, theme-postmeta.php, template-home-panels.php, functions.php, vk-customizer.css, header.php, framework.css, post-likes.js)

1.4 – 8/10/13

ADDED: Slider Speed (sliders)
ADDED: Disable CSS slider transitions (general settings)
ADDED: Disable CSS iOS rendering (general settings)
FIXED: Pagination button arrows
FIXED: Fullwidth sliders now use correct image size
FIXED: Form success message no rounded corners
FIXED: Form success opacity double ups
UPDATE: Visualkicks Contact Widget now version 1.1
Files Changed (style.css, format-gallery.php, theme-customize.php, custom.js, framework.css, footer.php, header.php)

1.3 – 25/09/13

FIXED: Height of window document / sidebar fixed (no more loading flicker)
FIXED: Sliding panels no longer flicker
FIXED: Warnings about line 678 in theme-functions.php fixed
ADDED: CSS3 hover icons animations
ADDED: Support for multiple sliders on a single page / panel
Files Changed (style.css, custom.js, theme-functions.php, framework.css, format-gallery.php)

1.2 – 22/09/13

ADDED: A page refresh button in theme customizer
FIXED: Various live customizer fixes for visual glitches
Files Changed (style.css, vk-customizer.js, theme-cutstomize.php, theme-customize.js)

1.1 – 22/09/13

ADDED: Small handheld devices now have a secondary sidebar close button
FIXED: Panel slider is now functional on smaller devices (tablets & mobiles)
FIXED: Removed over-use of server side load heavy scripts (device checks etc)
FIXED: Images in widgets centering (margins: auto;)
UPDATE: Demo content xmls for both standard and minimal
UPDATE: Screenshot.png update inline with branding
Files Changed (header.php / style.css / custom.js / template-home-panels.php / default.po / default.mo)