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I am trying to create gallery same as your demo but it doesn’t work… Can you please help me with it? Thanks.

Hi, I needed to update to the current version according to the instructions inside my client’s wp admin panel..however, i did the update and my text editor is still not working…what else can be done??

Hello keyannam10,

Could you please send us for wp-login username and password? We will login and check this issue for you.

What to send :

1. Your website URL

2. wp-admin Username

3. wp-admin Passwrod

send to :

Thank you, Andthemes


jdiazro Purchased

I have a problem with the Header Reservation. When I tried to put the phone icon, it appears but also create some mess in the header. What I am doing is writing before the word reservation, in Overall Elements section. Anyway, when I doesn’t put the icon, the background ribbon also looks break apart. Thank you very much for your help and congratulations for your theme, it was perfect for my needs.


jdiazro Purchased

I solved it, you already response to this and i found it. Thank you.

Cheers _


I’ve tried to contact you last week, but something went probably wrong with my post (can’t find it anywhere…) So: I’m faced to a translation problem. Everything seems to be OK in the theme but I can’t find a way to translate into french texts such as “Recent Posts”, “Comments are closed”... My settings in WP are set to “french”.

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your answer !

Sorry, I posted too quickly…

The point I don’t understand is that I can’t modify these texts in my WP, maybe directly in the database ?

Thnks a lot !


We plan with our team to update the theme version in mid Dec. we will talk about this problem. then we will let you know when the new version is available.

Thank you,


OK fine, I’ll keep my eyes open ! The project is in “standby status” today (have to wait for customer infos, everybody knows what I mean…), so mid december should be great for my part.

Thanks a lot !

Hello, I purchased this theme a few months back and haven’t had any issues.

But today when trying to edit a page on the site, I can’t click in the WSIWG editor when creating / editing a page. I’ve tried both PC and Mac and disabled all my plugins as well, still the same issue.

This is a published page, with content that I’m trying to edit and the WSIWG shows nothing (empty) and I can’t click in the WSIWG area to type.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello r3dsoxmatt,

This is the problem with old version of theme with new version of wordpress. Try to update theme to latest version(1.1.5)

Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.

Please follow this step to update the theme version.

1. Go to Appearance > Themes

2. Activate one another theme ex. Twenty Twelve

3. Delete Dine & Drink theme (Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.)

4. Click on “Install Themes” tab. Click “Upload”.

5. Choose zip file download file from ThemeForest.(

6. Click “Install Now” ,wait until finish then Activate theme

Now you’ll get new version but your website will blank style with white background.

7. Go to Appearance > Dine & Drink Click “Save changes” to get all you settings in database to create CSS file.



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There is a way that in the Gallery Home Page widget can have a button that say view all or something like that?



Hi Mikeel,

The Home Gallery widget can not have a button like that.

There is a way to have it. You have to modified some code in “at_functions/widgets/at_home_gallery_widget.php” the file is located in dine & drink theme folder

in this issue, programming skill need (PHP, HTML, CSS)


Before I buy….what if i want the food menu picture to act as a light box (pop up) not go to the actual page.

Hello chrissin2,

Unfortunately, the food menu picture in food menu category(food menu lists) can not act as a light box (pop up). The Food menu picture and food menu name can just enable/disable link to the sing food menu item.

Thanks for your interest in our theme