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xandraweb Purchased

Hy, i dont unserstand how i can remove the second photo in the slider in single food menu. Please see url http://www.cottoroma.it/?menu=food-menu-1

Thank you


Hello xandraweb,

To remove the second image in food menu, please go to edit that food menu.

1. Then go to “Add media” button

The popup windows will appear name “Insert Media”

2. Go to “Media Library”

3. You will see the drop down menu, please choose “Uploaded to this post”

The select the image and delete that image you don’t want.

4. Click “X” on top-rignt to close popup windows.

5. Click “Update”

Best Regards, Andthemes

Need CSS code to totally delete comments from site.

I followed the directions to uncheck allow comments in discussion area, but it only works for some of the pages, not ALL of the pages. Some still show.

Would really appreciate a code to delete this from the site completely.

Thanks :D


Nevermind I figured it out… if anyone needs it just go to comments.php and delete the content



We are sorry for reply late.

Here is CSS to hide totally comments on the site.

.comments_wrap, .no_comments_wrap{


Hi am I right in thinking that there is only one menu allowed at a time? And it cannot go beyond a depth of 3 items? I need to have something like Food Menu Category – Sub Food Menu 1 – Curries – Food Menu 1 is this possible? My purchase is dependent on this. Thank You


Hello RoxProductions,

We are sorry that the food menu can not add 3 depth of categories.

Just only 2 depth.

For Example : what you can create.

Food Menu

- Curry

- – curry dish 1

- – curry dish 2

- – curry dish 3

- Salad

- – Salad dish 1

- – Salad dish 2

- – Salad dish 3

- Pizza

- – Pizza dish 1

- – Pizza dish 2

- – Pizza dish 3

More details please see this documents; http://demo.andthemes.com/dine-and-drink/documentation/#settingUpFoodMenu

Best Regards, Andthemes

lilouk Purchased

Hi, I would like to do the same as this: http://demo.andthemes.com/dine-and-drink-2/menu-category/menu/

how to ?