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Hi. I need to use the font “Roboto”, could you help me. Please

Hello, slayer20

We have updated font “Roboto” for you.

Please go to Appearance -> Dine & Drink -> Font

Then click “Update Google Fonts” and Save Changes

Then refresh your browser one time. The “Roboto” font will appear in the list of the font.

Note* if anyone want to use google font but it is not on the list, please tell us we will update our google font xml library.


Purchased the theme only for it not to work. Cannot install it. Wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload the zip, and when I unzip it manually and try to put it in the themes folder manually it shows up as broken due to a missing stylesheet. Demand refund.

I should have known better than to buy something off of Envato.



Thank you for purchase our theme.

Here is documentation how to install theme

2.1 Theme Installation

1. Go to Appearance > Theme

2. On “Install Themes” tab. Click “Upload”.

3. Choose (located in dine-and-drink-v_1_1_x/theme/ that download from ThemeForest.

4. Click “Install Now”

5. Wait until finish

6. Activate theme



tonebank Purchased

Hi, I use your theme and it works very well! But since google updated it´s ranking it says my site is not mobile friendly. Can you make a update so the theme supports larger icons and are more “touch” friendly? regards Martin

Hello tonebank,

We not sure that when Google update new search algorithm where it effect the indexed website. That’s may have many conditions to the ranking.

We have tested with Google developer tools about the mobile version compatible. It’s look ok and mobile friendly.

To make website have a good ranking you can install the SEO plugin or do SEO white-hat follow by Google rules.

Testing result ->


Just purchased the theme and I get this error when i try to import the cup cake settings “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number” also note that you guys did not provide the xml file under the dine-and-drink/defaults/ the files that are there are just .txt files and not xml. I need to import this as soon as possible.

Hello daviruchu213,

The xml file is located in dine-and-drink/defaults/xml folder.

If you can not import the xml file, you can send us for your wp-login.

We will check this issue for you.

Send to :


I have installed this theme for my client at but the text descriptions on the sliders do not show up on mobile. How can I fix this?


How can i make my to be my homepage?

Thank you in advance