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I’m still unable to edit pages in the admin. I’ve followed the direction to update to the latest theme but the problem with editing pages still exists. Cannot type into the content area.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello MillCityWeb,

Could you please send us for your website wp-admin?

We will check this issue for you.

What to send:

1. Your website url

2. wp-admin username

3. wp-admin password

Send to


hi, i just bought the dine & drink product, but after installing it when I try to access dine & drink from the admin panel , I get an error message : Could not load options- page.php . What I can do?

Hello portalciudad,

Could you please send us for your website wp-admin?

We will check this issue for you.

What to send:

1. Your website url

2. wp-admin username

3. wp-admin password

Send to


In the area of the header where social icons are placed, I want to use a different social site and different icon. I realize I can simply put any URL into any of the spaces (i.e. it doesn’t have to match the displayed name), but where within the theme can I go to substitute the graphic symbol.

For instance, here in Canada, the Yellow Pages ( is a trusted review site. I want to feature a Yellow Pages logo in the social button area, taking up a spot that would normally be used by a different social site.

Hello JEfromCanada,

Thank you for purchase our theme.

Unfortunately, Dine & Drink theme doesn’t have Yellow Pages ( icon. you can modified the theme by edit header.php, There is social icon list you can edit one for your social icon and add some css style. in this issue, you need HTML and CSS skill


Hi, is this Version : 1.1.6 is ok with WP 4.5 ? Thank you in advance for your reply.


Yes, we have check the compatible with WP 4.5, It’s ok. You can update to the WP 4.5.

I currently have version 1.1.1 installed. trying to Update to version 1.1.6. is there document for to update theme easily?

Hi apradhan,

You can update version without losing all your Dine & Drink option settings(in Appearance > Dine & Drink), Widgets, Posts, Food Menu and Page. They are save in database.

Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.

Please follow this step to update the theme version.

1. Go to Appearance > Themes

2. Activate one another theme ex. Twenty Eleven

3. Delete Dine & Drink theme (Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.)

4. Click on “Install Themes” tab. Click “Upload”.

5. Choose zip file download file from ThemeForest.(

6. Click “Install Now” ,wait until finish then Activate theme

Now you’ll get new version but your website will be blank style with white background.

7. Go to Appearance > Dine & Drink Click “Save changes” to get all you settings in database to create CSS file.


I want feature like making orders and payment gateway too. Can we do that ?


Dear amaryder,

We are sorry that the theme in not compatible with the e-commerce plugin or Woo-commerce.

If you want to make the table booking. We recommend you to use the third-party restaurant table booking. like Opentale



I am trying to make the menu links pretty. At the moment the link to a subcategory says “menu-category/menu/#chapter-X”. Can I make it use the subcategory slug instead of ”#chapter-X”?

thank you, pixelpub

Hello pixelpub,

Thank you for purchase our theme.

We are sorry that in Food menu Category Thumbnail + Text list Style, the link URL sub category can not change.

Dine & Drink theme can change the url just Single Food Menu URL, Food Categories URL, Single Gallery URL and Gallery Categories URL in Appearance > Dine & Drink > Setting & Support > Friendly URL


The image of my dish is not displayed on food menu even I set the feature image for it.


Dear Jean,

We are sorry for reply you late,

For the Featured image, if you want it to appear you must upload the image to each post you have create. It cannot use from the global media library.

Could you please sen us for your website url? or you can send us for wp-login and give some details about your issue.

We will check this issue for you.

Support email :

I am having the same problem as several other users when trying to update to 1.1.6. I am still unable to make any edits in Visual or Text mode. I have sent you my WP-Admin login info via email to

Dear Thor74,

we are sorry that we reply you late.

We have test the post with Visual or Text mode editor.

We can edit all content, please check your email to view our post example.

Best Regard, Andthemes


your theme dine and drink is cool. I am very happy with purchase.

1) I would like to add more color schemes. So anytime i create nice color scheme, i can save it and i can check it or use it later on. How can i do it ? I would like to achieve that in dashboard -> appearence -> dine and drink -> setting and support will appear my new scheme.

2) my second question is, if its possible to use your theme for product which i want to sell. It would be part of that product. So lets say i want to create website for restaurant, with booking, takeaway orderings, seo etc. then i want to sell it as one thing. For every sell i would purchase new license.

Kind Regards, Miroslav

Hello dipsor,

Question 1 : We are sorry that you cannot add your customize schemes to appearance -> dine and drink -> setting and support, because the theme not support to save the customize color, we can only update version to add more color to customer.

Question 2 : For the license of use is the policy of Themeforest, you can review the license here >>>

Normally, you need to purchase the theme for each URL you have use. Such as


You need to buy 3 licenses. (3 times)



pmix0605 Purchased

Hi dear,

Could you please tell me, that how can I change pictures from Gallery page? please check the screenshot,

Please Follow this step:

1. In the back-end, Go to Gallery > Edit it.

2. Click on “Add Media” under the title input box

3. Go to “Media Library”

4. You will see the drop down menu, please choose “Uploaded to this post”

The select the image and delete that image you don’t want.

Click on each grey example image then click on Delete Permanently on the right column to delete this image on the gallery post

5. Click “X” on top-rignt to close popup windows.

6. Click “Update”

Best Regards, Andthemes

You can upload images for your gallery post here.(“Uploaded to this post”)



pmix0605 Purchased

My personal thanks for all of you in AndThemes – well done.

hi, i am intrested to purchase but the quest is when the theme will updated again ? already last update dec 2015?

Hello cityguide24 ,

The theme is not update since Dec 2015.

Because this version is the stable version of our plan about this theme.

The update will come when the error comes with Wordpress new version, so you can download and use this version. It will appear like our demo and have features as the theme presentation.

Hopefully someone can help me with a simple question. When editing food items in my food menu, the text boxes for the ‘food description’ appear to be uneditable (I’ve already established food items/descriptions months ago) and look blank, yet the site I’ve created has the descriptions there and the word count of the description is there.

How can I fix this so I can edit food descriptions? Thanks for help in advance!

Hello prisonstreet,

There is some problem with text editor with new wordpress version. What is your dine & drink theme do you your? if the theme is not latest, try to update theme version

if you need any help on this, Please send us an wp-admin login details (wp admin URL, wp-admin username and password) via our profile page. So we can take a look at it.