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Please my contact form mails didnt drop in my mail box , what could be the problem?

Hello Naija_sniper26,

Refer to the contact form shortcode ->

Please check you shortcode of the contact form below;

Shortcode -> [contactform] – Send to your general email (Setting -> General -> E-mail Address)

Shortcode -> [contactform to=’‘] – Send to “”, your can change to your prefer email.

Contact form shortcode ->


Hello, May I know hoe to install new update on my previous version of your web site mate. my client ask me to install it.thanks

Hi 0716aravinda,

You can update Dine & Drink version without losing all your Dine & Drink option settings(in Appearance > Dine & Drink), Widgets, Posts, Food Menu and Page. They are save in database.

Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.

Please follow this step to update the theme version.

1. Go to Appearance > Themes

2. Activate one another theme ex. Twenty Eleven

3. Delete Dine & Drink theme (Don’t forget to make backup of your theme files before update, if you modified theme files.)

4. Click on “Install Themes” tab. Click “Upload”.

5. Choose zip file download file from ThemeForest.(

6. Click “Install Now” ,wait until finish then Activate theme

Now you’ll get new version but your website will be blank style with white background.

7. Go to Appearance > Dine & Drink Click “Save changes” to get all you settings in database to create CSS file.


Hi, I’m thinking about buying your Wordpress theme “Dining Restaurant” – to use for our restaurant website – and have a couple of questions: 1) Proteus mention “no support” for the theme – but are you able to offer support if I go for it? – particularly during early “getting head round” phase – I’m not a developer – more of a cook actually!! 2) A function we are desperate to have is to be able to hard copy print our Menus (which change frequently) for insertion into our Menu binders for the tables. – Is that doable? Thank you.


For the regular support, we can do in this scope;

Item support includes:

- Availability of the author to answer questions

- Answering technical questions about item’s features

- Assistance with reported bugs and issues

- Help with included 3rd party assets

- Item support does not include:

Customization services

- Installation services

But we can not make the advance customization or out of scope of the theme can do.

This is demo site that on the scope of the theme can do and in our support policy.

Thank you, Andthemes

Hi, thanks for reply but my questions were regarding the theme named “Dining Restaurant” not “dine-and-drink”. They look quite different to me. Also I cannot tell from any of the demos whether the ability to hard copy print good looking (for showing to customers sitting at restaurant tables ) menu and wine cards is included. Hence my question. Thank you