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Hello. Thanks for the answer. Another presale question: I’m not going to use for companies, i’m going to create a geolocated link directory about a subject (external links), so i’d need some changes on detailed page and on search results. When i click a item on map i would like it to show the rating stars (with option for user to vote) and more a external link (besides the existing detailed link). Also when the search is done, where it appears “Search Results for”, should show the same informations: rating stars and a external link (that will open in new tab). Is it possbile ? Something that i need, but i’m sure that is possible is to remove the street view navigation when in detailed page.

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Theme by default includes the functionality that is presented on our demo website. Lot of nice and handy features are already included. You can take our theme as a good base and build on top of that to create your own unique portal.

Hi ait.

In previous comments, I have stated this theme could be so much better. If you snooze you lose and ait has been nodding off and not swinging for the fence.

A new competitor has eaten your lunch and they will outpace this theme immediately.

Come on guys, you have something good, now make it better or take a back seat and allow someone to eat your lunch.



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Hey Doc,

Thanks for your message. Could you please send me a private message with things that you’re missing in the theme? We’ve recently created 2 new plugins based on customers requirements and some icons packs. We’ll be also working on few other plugins in the upcoming weeks.

Hello. I understand i can build a portal on my needs using the theme as a base, but as i’m not a good coder, the most functions i need that the theme has by default is better. Would like to know if these are suported/appliable by default:

1) Can the list be updated by the way that the user navigate ?

2) I need the location, to be searched like in google maps, example if the user searchs for “eiffel tower” or “times square” it goes to this location even if there’s no listing there.

3) I’d like to create a master link, to some services about locations the user is searching. Example: if user is searching for location Paris, i need some place to show Booking.com and Tripadvisor.com links for Paris. Can it be easy dynamically configured ?

Thanks !

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Thanks for your message. Please see my comments below:

1. This is currently not possible, but we plan to create a plugin that will allow you to do it.

2. Sorry this is not possible.

3. Yes this is possible with our Directory Extension plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/directory-business-finder-extension-plugin/8193600?ref=ait

Lot of nice and handy features are already included. You can take our theme as a good base and build on top of that to create your own unique portal.

Pre-purchase query

Is it possible to change payment method from paypal to domestic online banking?

Just downloaded this theme and unfortunately not very happy with it! The fonts are so light they are barely readable and you cannot choose their size, this makes the overall feeling of your website look ‘blah’ and drab… Also, there were no skins in the template I downloaded (message missing skins) when you click on ‘skin’, therefore you only have 1 skin to work with. Cannot recommend this theme and must look somewhere else for a nice, easy listing/directory theme…


There is a bug with location based search https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0IbWCcbEFqBZVpTVHNGNE1XZHc/edit?usp=sharing As you can see everything works as it should be. I was searching by categories, in this case furniture stores and it worked. As soon as I turn on “share location”, it displays all sorts of businesses https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0IbWCcbEFqBeWZUZDF5elRGLXc/edit?usp=sharing

You can see the domain in the files so please feel free to play with it. I have been spending hours trying to figure out so I can’t be bother to register support forums, sorry.

The turn off on this theme is the home page. If i were to buy this theme. can i eliminate the side bar on the home page. Add grid view for featured listings?

Hi there I asked a month ago :)... Can you tell me when you will finish the direction plugin you mentioned here: http://themeforest.net/item/directory-portal-wordpress-theme/3840053/comments?page=133#comment_7525752 ?

Thank you in advance! Best!