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Hello, first of all compliments to this theme. It works great and is very clear! I just encountered 2 problems. The first is; How can I remove the contact form, I would like to keep the Google maps, that’s why I like to keep the contact template. The second is; The lowest page has a problem with the parallax, it doesn’t slide tot the top there’s a white filed above. The problem is not in the page or the image, because when I switch the page with another one, the problem still occurs in the bottom page.

Hope you can help me.

Kind regard, Billy


Anybody here?


Sorry for the delay, I had a health problem that has me away a little bit the work, I hope now able to answer with less delay.

To remove the contact form, use this custom css:

.contact-form-wrapper {
  display: none;

Send me your site url so I can debug the 2th problem.

Please use our online forum is easier to talk.

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Youtube video module is not working in standard pages. Any information on this?