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Hello, first of all compliments to this theme. It works great and is very clear! I just encountered 2 problems. The first is; How can I remove the contact form, I would like to keep the Google maps, that’s why I like to keep the contact template. The second is; The lowest page has a problem with the parallax, it doesn’t slide tot the top there’s a white filed above. The problem is not in the page or the image, because when I switch the page with another one, the problem still occurs in the bottom page.

Hope you can help me.

Kind regard, Billy

Anybody here?

Sorry for the delay, I had a health problem that has me away a little bit the work, I hope now able to answer with less delay.

To remove the contact form, use this custom css:

.contact-form-wrapper {
  display: none;

Send me your site url so I can debug the 2th problem.

Please use our online forum is easier to talk.

Hello, the Contact form removal worked fine!. I posted the parallax problem also on: http://support.pixelthrone.com/discussion/comment/9590#Comment_9590 but did not receive an answer. The url of my problem is: http://www.arbobemiddelingrosmalen.nl/ I hop you can still help me.

Kind regards, Billy

Youtube video module is not working in standard pages. Any information on this?

Hi, Sorry for the delay, I have a health problem that has left me more absent from work.

The theme only supports native video.


I noticed the theme was last updated on February 20th. Please, can you at least update the demo file as well? Is this too much to ask for?

Hi, Sorry for the delay, I have a health problem that has left me more absent from work.

Sorry but what demo files are missing?

I did not ay it was missing. All I humbly ask for is an updated file.

I am not able to edit the contact form information. I found the words I wanted to edit in two different pages when in the EDITOR area of the template, but it doesn’t update the website.

Hi, Can you tell me which words you want to edit?


mertxe Purchased

Is it safe to update to WP 4.2.2?

Hi, So far I have not had any complaints. And by the tests I did everything works fine.

Hi, I just noticed that your support page has been completely wiped and my user account and topic have been removed. Is there a reason why? I’ve been waiting for an answer for weeks now! Thanks

Sorry for the delay.
Our support system has changed.
You can access the new system using the same url.

When the transition was made unfortunately we can not copy the old information. But all tickets were answered and closed.

Thank you. I have created a new account and also a new topic. thanks