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Mowlson Purchased

Hi Kriesi, Just bough it and i’m so fully impressed with this extremely hot template you did ! just WOW ! That’s a site we all whant !!

Just 2 questions:

1) Not sure how to make a skin switch ? Do i have to make changes IN a css file or switch the main one (../style.css) with another one in the css folder ? (css/style1-2-3.css) **I need to have the upper part of the site white and only the footer sitemap in dark gray..

2) How do we post news in blog page? Should it be linked with a blogger or wordpress site ? or is there a password protected area somwherer to create/publish news ?

Thanks for this future “Hall of Fame” template !!

Best, Mowlson


1.) you need to switch style1.css with style2.css or style3.css, the style.css is the base file without color information, this should not be touched :)

2.) yes, since this is a html only template you need to adapt it for wordpress or blogger yourself so you can use it to post news. until then you need to put any content directly into your html file

Hi Kriesi, love your design.

As you can see, the Submenu-3 always appear on right side. I had problem when the last menu (exp: contacts) had submenu-3, it always made the browser need to scroll to right.

Just wondering do you know how to made submenu-3 automatically appear on left side, but the default still go to right side.



here is a solution: http://pastie.org/721978

How can i change the logo? looking at the code, i’m not too sure where to change the reference.


thanks, Jason


it is applied as a background image to the a tag within the logo div, depending on your skin you can change the image in style1, style2 or style3.css in folder css

Mowlson Purchased

Still need a hint on how to use the blog part ? any clue ?


just dropped an answer to your previous request, sorry for the late response :)

You just keep racking em up…Well done man!

wieder mal ne richtige granate ;D

awesome template!! one of the best ive seen here!/// it would be nice some small thumbs preview gallery (flickr style) on the side column!

Awesome template, and excellent support!

I bought it!!!..... couldnt resist! nice work

crweb Purchased

When there is not much content in the page (like short messages, notifications, etc.), the footer moves up and sits right below the header.

Is there a way to make sure the page is a certain minimum length so the footer will always be some distance from the top of the page?

mrwatts Purchased

Good work, like it.

I do not seem to find way to change Menu items globally. Where is it located?

Thanks mw


since this is a html theme you have to change each file when changing the menu, there is no global option. its within the #header div pretty much at the top od the document body..

Hi Kriesi,

one small issue. Safari is reporting an error: font.swf not found. It was not in the archive. Any ideas?



you can remove flashvars.font = “font.swf”; from line 26 of each file if you want, that should fix the error, is a parameter not needed..

Please explain how to create hyperlinks to the rotating banner. Where do i add the description text?

--- you can use pngs but linking the image itself is not possible as far as i know. however you can add a description text to each slide and this text can of course contain a link


you need to edit the config.xml file.

an entry should look like this:

    <link target="_self">your_page_link.htm</link>        
        <link target="_self">another_page_link.htm</link>    
        <heading>This is my heading text</heading>
        <paragraph>Paragraph text goes here!</paragraph>

More information available here: http://www.progressivered.com/cu3er/docs/


Thanks – it worked.

crweb Purchased

I also would like to see how we can add text and links to the rotating banner.

mlah384 Purchased

Kriesi, I sent you a message.

ncordova Purchased


Any chance this theme will be converted to a WordPress theme? It is just awesome, but I’d love it as WP. : )




will be released soon ;)

mrwatts Purchased

Hello everyone:

Need help. I am sure most of you would know how to manipulate Menu/Navigation links centrally. I mean make a change in one place and the change reflects on the entire site.

I need help. I cannot figure out this in this template. Am I missing something? Do I have to change on every page? Please help.

Thank you in advance. mw


since this is only a html template you need to change every page, yes. The wordpress version will be available soon and have a ton of backend features that make something like this unnecessary if you are interested :)

Hi I love your themes and am beginning to get lots of interest from clients for them…. Is your 3in 1 going to be available in wordpress? If so will it be soon? Thanks so much – great work! – I see ncordova has posted this question too…. simultaneous posting of same inquiry!


Thanks, just check the response to ncordova :)

crweb Purchased


Not sure if you read this comment from the other day so I am posting it again:

When there is not much content in the page (like short messages, notifications, etc.), the footer moves up and sits right below the header.

Is there a way to make sure the page is a certain minimum length so the footer will always be some distance from the top of the page?


oh sorry, must have missed that. you can use the min-height property on the div with id main. open style.css search for #main and add min-height:300px;