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Hi Kriesi,

ich gebe auch diesem Theme mal 24 Stunden, dann steht bei Verkäufen wohl wieder die 100 :)

Schönes Wordpress Theme, obwohl ich ja überhaupt kein Fan von diesem Cuber Kram bin.

Viel Glück bei deinen Verkäufen.


Danke schön, hoffentlich ists wirklich so :)

Übrigens falls der cuber das einzige ist was dich vom Kauf abhält, es gibt nen “normalen jQuery Slider” auch :)

Stunning, your best yet!

Thanks Guys ;)

No flash files included ?

of course the slider swf is included, unfortuntaley one cannot select that file type when uploading a theme on themeforest :)

You get everything you see in the live preview :)

Great work. Good luck on your sales!

Nice work mate. Good job :)

When I saw the price of the theme I thought “Wow?!” Then when I saw it was by Kriesi I thought “ohhh”. – Awesome work, will definitely be buying this theme.

Hi, I have bought pandora some time ago which looks similar to yours and have been very pleased with it but there is one thing I can’t get working with it. I only use videos and my main sourse is which is no problem, only I am not able to play flashfiles that are on my server.

There has been suggested to use .swf files instead but that doesn’t work either while I prefer using .flv files but that also doesn’t work.

My question is if your theme supports playing flashfiles with a .flv extention that are located on my server through that lightbox technique?

Hey, I am not sure if playing flv directly is possible. I am using the prettyPhoto lightbox, you couls ask the creator if this is possible :)

Using swf files works just fine as shown on the front page (click center column image)

Oh… WTF man… This is insane!

Really hope this sells its butt off, I’m gonna use this to replace both my portfolio and my blog, it’s just that good.

Keep up the good work mate.

this is so fantastic!

absolutely amazing dude. really loving all the options in this one.

ach kriesi..

gerade noch dein feature auf nettuts gelesen… ;)

also viel glück wiedermal damit… ;)

Nice work auf der riesigen Admin Optionen. Goodluck mit 150 + Verkäufe wieder.


how do you do it

your without doubt the best designer on this site

i am going to save this one for my new site

I see a masterclass via tuts soon

well done

Are the options serialized? Or have you entered every option on its own row in the WP Options Table.

Many thanks

most of them are serialized, some of them (for example the menu manager) use a custom table…

Hey everyone, ive just noticed i ve uploaded the wrong documentation file :P

I ve already updated the theme files, once they get approved I ll drop a notice. until then you can download the real documentation file here: documentation.pdf

k apload was approved , documentation file fixed:)

Another Kriesi masterwork. One comment though – i loved the cufon support in levitation. Can we get that here?

Adding cufon aint that hard, basically you just need to include 2 javascript files. if you need assistance with this just drop me a note

Is there an option to upgrade and pay the difference of $25 for those that previously bought the $17 non-WordPress template?

Sorry Themeforest doesnt support update plans like this, so currently it is not possible…

great work love this theme, bookmarked ;)