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i’ve installed the template but i see ALL white, and in the package there’s only the pdf documentation for the HTML version.

Can you help me? thank you


all white usually means a heavy php error. which php version are you using on your server? The theme should work fine with 4.3 or higher…

Ok here is the solution:

Open the file /wp-content/themes/display/framework/classes/kclass_display_box.php

and scroll down to the bottom of the page. you will see ”/*”

delete this and you are ready to go ;)

(yes i know you already know this, just in case someone is encountering the same problem before my update gets approved ;D )

p.s. the documentation file you uploaded above here doesn’t work :(

the new documentation file can be achieved by just downloading the file again from your accounts download tab, which is of course for free. sorry for the inconvenience :)

Hi Kriesi.

About images loading in front page, they must be 940×420 ? No auto image resizer like in levitation?

How you suggest to fix this problem, since images are mostly 900×600 and than won’t fit into this

Thanks for reply.

just a quick question more. Don’t kill me :)

ok, auto resizing is ok. What happens if the viewer does not support flash? Than it is alternative slider in use, righT? Does image resizing also works for that “show”?

Thanks a lot and although I am stil not buyer (but probbably will be) of this one, just to say AMAZING work !!!

yep the fallback jQuery slider also uses the same auto reszing procedure =)


Great work and design. Bummer about the upgrade option, but thanks for the quick reply. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, hope you consider a purchase nevertheless :) Cheers!


my website is running on PHP 5 .

i’ve downloaded again the files but i see again the PDF with the HTML documentation.


this is weird. the new files got approved, yet the old ones are served when downloading. just wrote a ticket to the support.

thanks for pointing this out, meanwhile you can get the real documentation file here, i re activated the link:

You might want to drop me a mail with access data to your backend so I can take a look on my own, I am sure we will figure this out :)

Kriesi i have a problem with this theme. I just bought it few hours ago and when I click activate in my themes menu everything crashes. Please tell me if you know about this bug. I just installed WP 8 -10 times until i figured out that this team was crashing it.

Please respond ASAP

sorry, dont know about this bug yet, but i am sure we can find a way to make it work :) If you dont have any plugins installed which is the most common cause for such errors you might want to drop me a mail with access to your backend so I can take a look on my own. mail adress is

Ok here is the solution:

Open the file /wp-content/themes/display/framework/classes/kclass_display_box.php

and scroll down to the bottom of the page. you will see ”/*”

delete this and you are ready to go ;)

I did purchase it! Went with the non-WP version. I’m thinking I’ll have more customization options to suit my needs. Still a little new to WP, although it looks like there are a lot of options there too.

Thanks dude :)

Hey Kriesi,

muss ich irgend einem bestimmten Verzeichniss andere Rechte geben?! Der Cu3er funktioniert nur wenn ich auf die externe XML stelle, das ein wenig mühsam..

nein sollte eigentlich auch so funktionieren. Hier ein paar dinge zum probieren:

Wenn du den Sliding Manager verwendest gib absolute URLs ein (mit http:// etc)

Eventuell macht das resizing script probleme auf deinem server. deaktivier das mal und schau obs dann funktioniert. wenn beides ned hinhaut schick mir bitte ne mail mit zugangsdaten zu deiner isntallation :)

Nice one! Good luck with the sales!

Absolute URLS wurden verwendet, die stimmen natürlich auch.

Resizing script? was muss denn wo resized werden? die Bilder werden doch schon in der richtigen grösse geliefert..

Und ruf mal deine Office-Emails ab ;-) Du hast da ne Anfrage glaube ich…

Hey, wenn du mir deinen Namen sgast wirds leichter, in meiner office adresse sind nämlich um die 50 Anfragen die ich noch nicht beantworten konnte drinnen ;D

Nischenmarkt ;)


yet another great theme… i have purchased and used 4 of our other wp themes.

I noticed that there seems to be a red bar around the right and bottom of the front image when viewed in IE8 (in both IE7 compatability and IE8 native mode)...

I have send you an email with a screenshot …

thanks, Anoop

actually that may not be your problem as I see that the cu3er website also has the same problem in IE8 .


This happens if your internet explorers page zoom is more than 100% if you set the page zoom to 100% you wont encounter any errors ;)

ahh thanks … i didn’t even realize that i was zoomed in more than 100%...:-D

Nice job once again! I know you’ll have no problem with sales.

Kriesi, again me, with one problem.

front page is ok, but I have problem with Blog page.

In portfolio, I have chosen to include only images under category portfolio. But I do not want “portfolio” category to be shown among other categories in my blog. Is there any way to exclude categories from blog? I think levitation has this option.

And maybe also that can be excluded from “archive”. For example, If I have only one image in my portfolio in november, and no blog posts, I don’t want “november” to appear in my “archive” widget.


you mean excludign it from the sidebar widgets? hm interesting suggestion, didnt implement something like this yet but ill put it on my todo list for one of the upcoming releases. until then i would recommend to use a plugin to pull this off

can you suggest some plugin for this? That will work with your template?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Kriesi. Another great theme!

I’ve a question before purchase though please. Would it be very easy to have the sidebar appear on the right rather than the left?

Thanks Richard

yes, ver easy in style.css just set #content to float:left; and #sidebar to float:right; maybe also remove the margin property from the sidebar….

thats it =)

Is it easy to make the blog page, full width?

yep, this is easy. you can change line 6 of the template_blog.php file to exclude the sidebar and make the template file fullwidth. a few css tweaks will be necessary but thats about it :)

Nice work Kriesi. Bookmarked and will keep in mind for possible future clients. JS

Ok, let me just clarify this: I just created my account in ThemeForest. The reason? To buy this template. When I saw the HTML version I was completely stunned and so I waited for this version. It will fit in perfectly with my site (, since I will be able to merge my portfolio, blog and tutorials. I´m sure when I buy it, I will be a pain for you, because my poor coding skills will lead to a dozen of questions…but I´m excited anyways, you can expect this buy very soon sir! :D