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Wow did the pricing go up here? I’ve previewed a lot of wordpress themes here and this is the first ive seen above $40 so far. Anyway, good work bookmarked for future use.

Good work man!


Great looking theme. Purchased it yesterday, but for some reason I only get a blank white page when I activate it. Any ideas what could be causing this. Using a fresh install of WP2 .8.6.

Hey, this was a bug that already got fiexed, you might want to download it again from your accounts downloads tab and do a re install, it should work just fine. If it doesnt shoot me a mail via the themeforest contact form ;)

Regards Kriesi

Thanks for making this in Wordpress! Love your design work. It is fresh, clean, and professional looking. I look forward to future designs.

Cmon people, dont be so lazy when it comes to rating the file ;D 65 Downloads and not even 3 Votes! :P

Does this come with a wide page template?

yes it does :)

Is there any reason why this would not work on PHP4 ? When I go to the menu manger for instance I get this error message:

Warning: array_search() [function.array-search]: Wrong datatype for second argument in C:\Inetpub\PlatinumWebsites\\wp- admin\includes\upgrade.php on line 1338

The database tables that are necessary to make “Menu Manager” work could not be installed

The database has full permissions.

hey, which Version of php 4 are you running? could you drop me a mail via my profiles contact form with a link to your site and access to the wordpress backend so I can take a look?

I just looked at this earlier today and it said 60 sales. Now it’s up to 80!

Instead of a tiled background image on the header of the site…. I’d really like to have one image that is on center and still keep the background tile behind that.. Can you tell me what the easiest method of achieving this would be?


Ok.. I see the Read more button in documentation..

haha pretty cool you solved everything on your own? gratulations! :)

Yeah.. I guess I did except for one thing…. The tag line on the main page. I still can’t modify that anymore. It seems to be stuck on the first modification I made to it.

First of all congratulations, great work love this theme Before I purchase, I have one question: - Is it possible to have the website in 2 languages (Portuguese, English) configurable in admin panel?

Many thanks

Sorry, thats not the case, if you need a multilingual site you would need to modify the theme on your own…

Kriesi, Have to say you have done it again, Absolutely amazing theme! Had to Buy even If ill never use it.. BRILLIANT Seriously well done

thanks, high ratings are always welcome ;D

Edited , my bad.

What’s the name of the animated header you’re using? Does it hurt SEO ?

the name is cu3er and no it doesnt hurt seo in any way. its just some flash content that replaces some images :)

Kriesi, you’re a genius.

Beautiful work. Does the alternate slider allow one to click on it and take you to a designated page?

yep that feature is included, the alternate slider is managed via the same form as the 3d slider and adding links is a feature tats included :)

I’ve bought your last 4 themes and what I like about them is that you seem to take what is most often requested in your previous themes (how to make multiple portfolios in Twicet for example) and then make them an option in the latest. I must say the theme options in this one are absolutely outstanding!

You said it was easy to add cufon by adding two js files. I’ve looked at the cufon documentation and if I read it right the two files I add are the latest cufon-yui.js file and my fontname.font.js file created at

However, I don’t understand how or where I link the js files or put the cufon replace. Any chance you could you point me in the right direction?


you have to add the script links that should look similar to this:

<script type='text/javascript' src='<a href="'></script>">'></script></a>
<script type='text/javascript' src='<a href="'></script>">'></script></a>

into the header.php file, preferably at the beginning of the <- script -> comment.

Then open custom.js within the /js/ folder and withtin the jQuery document ready function at the beginning of the file add:

Cufon.replace(‘h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,.heading’,{ fontFamily: ‘Quicksand’ });

where font family should be set to the name of the font/the name you entered when converting the basic font file to javascript font file.

Thank you

Much appreciated and five stars from me :)

hehe, thanks! appreciate that :)

First, I really like this theme. It has some real cool bells and whistles!!! I downloaded it today and it has been very easy to work with while building a site.

I have a quick question on the homepage slider. Is there a way to have text show up over a portion of the picture? Right now all I see is pictures that rotate. I’d like to further explain the pictures so the users will know they can click it to go to a page on the site.

There is one other small issue. The Contact Form goes to the homepage. This is even after I linked it to a contact page.

Other than that, it has been a great (and I mean GREAT !) theme to work with!

you can only add text to the slides if you eit the config.xml file directly, however then the menu manager wont work.

If you drop me the url to your instalaltion i might take a look at your contact button :)

Regards Kriesi

Hello Kriesi. I have bought :

but really I wanted to buy:

for wordpress …

Please tell me if you can help me offering me the posibility to pay 25 $ more. That is the difference between both. Im sdsgroup and my mail is

Best Regards and thank you very much

Hey there, unfortunatley I cannot decide this, I would recommend to contact themeforest support and ask them for help :)

okkkk … thank you … you have the most beatiful web that I have seen … regards.

I’ll shoot you an email with login information.


dropped you a mail as well :)