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excellent work!!


I am looking to purchase your theme, but have a quick question….

On the Homepage, you have the options to change the content with a page, post or widget. Is it possible to have a few title entries from the blog appear?

That way I can have 2 columns as a widget and the 3rd as Latest News.


you can choose how to arrange these items (3 posts, 3 widgets , 2 widgets, 1 post, one of each etc, you get the point :)

In your case you could just set all of them to widget and the last widget area diesplays the latest news widget…

You could always use the recent posts plugin: and use that as the widget in one of the homepage boxes. It has tons of options to filter what you want to be posted.

Please note that the plugin also needs the latest version of post-plugin-library (

Hope that helps

Awesome, Thanks a lot Christian, I figured that but just wanted to make sure

I will be sure to purchase it

Hello Kriesi,

I was wondering if you can change the background of the theme. I mean the black background that is below the menu, logo and 3D product display.

Thanks Max.-

of course, this is a tiled background image which just needs to be replaced by either one big background image, a solid color of your choice or another tiled image…

Hello Kriesi,

I’m enjoying the quality of your work on this theme. I’ve only run into one issue so far.

When I put words with an apostrophe in the description field of a first level menu item of the menu manager, there is a backslash added automatically when I save the changes.

I enter: what I’ve done I click: Save Changes Appears as: what I\’ve done

Each time I click Save Changes, it adds another backslash before the apostrophe, which also shows up in the site navigation menu.

Do you have suggestions on how I can solve this issue?

Thanks for an outstanding theme.


I could reproduce this and will fix it in the upcoming release. meanwhile I recommend to enter the html entity of apostrophe:


thanks for pointing this out :)

pre-purchase question:

I’m running Word Press MU along with plugin. will your theme work with buddypress? or can you suggest how to get it working with buddypress?



hi thomas, I am sorry I simply dont know if it works. Unfortunatley I barely have the time to response to the support request here, let alone install buddypress and do a full test if everything works, sorry :(

Can I ask whether it’s possible to embed a video in the portfolio posts?

If you choose to embed it via lightbox this works out of the box. otherwise just use one of the multiple video embedding plugins :)

I just purchased this theme for my company. I am getting this message on the Menu Manager and Frontpage Slider pages:

The database tables that are necessary to make “Mainpage Slider” work could not be installed

The database tables that are necessary to make “Frontpage Slider” work could not be installed

The URL structure is like this:

I have a programmer trying to fix. He says it’s asking for some missing tables. He needs a script file?

Can you help?

Hey there, are there any error messages thrown in php? Basically the script will try to create the database tables on its own, no need to setup anything. if you could give me access to your wordpress installation I will gladly take a look, just drop me the information via my profile page contact form.

regards Kriesi


First off I love this theme, but have a quick question.

On the home page where the 3 columns are, how would I have a small picture above each column(non-click able) like you have, if I am using a text widget?

Would I simply just add the html tag to include an image or is there something already setup to do that?

5 stars by the way


If you are using widgets this is unfortunatley not possible since the widget will always output the heading before and image you could add when using a text widget.

sorry that I couldnt help, and thanks for the rating, appreciate that! :)

Wow!!! Kudos to you! Awesome work and I am VERY impressed! I am a founder of a marketing agency. I know just enough to be dangerous ;)

I purchased this template late lastnight, installed it and went to bed. I then woke up this morning and in less than a half of a day I have it working!!!

The interface is very intuitive and I love all the back end options!

I am going to use this theme with some of my clients. I can’t wait for more of your work! What other templates of yours do you recommend? I have the Twicet but haven’t played with it yet.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time you put into this template! I am in the middle of switching domains and you just saved me a weekend of work!!!

Although the site is still coming along you can check it out at I haven’t added the portfolio or fixed all the page layouts yet.

I do need to work on the logo. I am sure there is docs on how to best do it. Can you tell me if I change the logo size am I going to run into issues w/truncating the menu items or will they adjust? Any pointers!?

Anyway, thank you! You deserve to sell TONS of these!

Thanks Pam

if you increase the logo size you might want to reduce the padding or width of the #nav a items in styles.css so you got a little more room.


I want to purchase this theme for my company on wordpress. However, later on we will be adding a ecommerce section where people can buy stuff.

Will it be compatible with this feature?

I cannot guarantee that every plugin will work with this theme, however I do my best to make it possible when creating, so I would say 95% of the plugins will work :)

Beautiful theme. Nice work. I go to upload the file through the WP Admin “Add Theme” section. I get this message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package.

Installing the theme.

Theme Installed successfully.

Warning: file(/home/mydomain/public_html/wp-content/themes/display/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

What’s up with that? Anything broken there?

you might want to try to unzip eveything on your computer and upload the unziped display folder into your servers wp-content/themes/ folder with your ftp programm.

I am also getting the same issue as rossbren above. I cannot get the slider/menu manager pages to work.

What level of access do you need to the environment?

If you are not working on a local installation please drop me a mail via my profiles contact form with admin access to your wordpress backend, I will have a look at the issue then =)

Hi! I just bought the theme and love it! I’m having trouble getting the 3D flash player to work though. The JQuery one works perfectly but not the 3D one :/

Have my images stored in a public dropbox folder and they are in the correct size.

Okay, so there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the player itself, it is the slideshow manager that doesn’t want to work properly. It seems to not configure the xml file despite me editing and saving my configuration in the manager, I’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong.

could you drop me the adress of your installation so I can take a look myself?

Nevermind my problems! problem solved! ^^ Thanks for a great theme :)

Hey Kriesi,

Quick question. We want to integrate video in the homepage cuber (don’t care to use the cuber, just the jquery slider.) Quick fix/plugin suggestions?


you would need to embed the video in the #featured div in index.php and remove everything else between the opening and end tag, then disable the 3d slider in your backend so the content doesnt get replaced. easy as that :)

I just purchased this template and it looks awesome- I want to use it for a personal blog for my wife and I. I am trying to to upload photos via the display preview images option but it is not working. I just get a white screen. I have no idea what I am doing wrong- can you help?

you can just try to use the basic wordpress upload tool and enter the uri to your image by hand.

if this doesnt work drop me a mail to your installation so I can take a look :)

Oh and by the way I did set permissions to 777 on the cache folder