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I just purchased the template “NICE!” great job. I was hoping it came with the HMTL source like the preview. I didn’t intend to use this with WordPress I wanted to use it with my own blog. Could you share the HTML source codes with me? Thanks in advance..

Hello, I am sorry but this is the wordpress version, the html version is another product. If you need both than you have to purchase both i guess. you can contact themeforest support and ask them if they can do anything about, but unfortunatley I cant…


Have have 2 questions.

1st I figured out how to use widgets on the home page and still include an image :)

Here are my 2 questions:

On the blog option in the admin panel, I choose not to show portfolio category, but it still shows up on the blog page, how can this be solved?

Also on the portfolio page, how would I get the read more not to show up, since I will just be displaying and Image and a title?


does it show up as blog content or only in the sidebar? if the 2nd is the problem please re download the theme and update the files that are mentioned in updates.pdf, I have recently released an additional option for your blog settings page :)

you are awesome christian,

Works perfect

I figured out how to get rid of the read more on the portfolio so scratch that one.


I bought this theme but this is only to use for wordpress? I need to use this as well for my actual website, so I need to buy the non wordpress theme as well?


Hello, I am sorry but this is the wordpress version, the html version is another product. If you need both than you have to purchase both i guess. you can contact themeforest support and ask them if they can do anything about, but unfortunatley I cant…

I still have some bugs in what I am doing but I did get the pretty photo feature to work on individual images. It just won’t let me insert from the display preview buttons I have to copy and paste the links. How can I use the light box feature on a gallery?

the lightbox activates if you add a rel=’lightbox’ attribute to the “a” tag.

The database tables that are necessary to make “Menu Manager” work could not be installed.

i´ve deactivated all plugins reinstalled theme but not show menu options on admin. ;(

Version 2.8.6

please re download the latest version of the theme, the problem should be fixed. if it doesnt work for you after upgrading drop me a mail :)

Would you consider this theme well optimized for SEO ? It looks like the use of the H1 tag is not very good. The tag appears to be for the logo or something when looking at the source code.

And the H1 tag is a very important part of on-page SEO .

Curious to see if there is a better way to do it.

if you exchange the logo via css you got the blogs title within the h1 tags as well, hidden with simple image replacement. since most people want to build a brand when using a blog i consider it equaly necessary to add a high priority heading tag to your websites title as well. you can of course change it if you want but ive never encountered any problems with this and also seen tons of top blogs doing the same :)

I love this theme – is there any easy way to join 2 columns in the portfolio page or on the home page so that it is actually 2/3rd 1 entry and 1/3rd the other in the row?

sorry, no easy way to do that :( this would need major modification of a lot of files…

Hello all, > > Hope this email find everyone well there. > > Just purchased Display3-1 theme, but when activated, it renders an error!! > > Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /themes/display/framework/theme_plugins/kriesi_menu_manager/kriesi_menu_manager.php on line 35 > > > please advice, > thank you so much, > hope you all have a blessed day there,, >

hey i have updated the theme files yesterday, please re download and re install it and checkk if the error still occurs. if thats the case please drop me a mail with access to your admin area…

Hi Kriesi,

Hope all going well for everyone there.

Thank you so much.

It worked!.... just tested it here .. LOVe your work. Time well spent!..

Hope you all have a blessed day there.



have bought the template as well. Seems there is a problem with the menu manager and the front page slider. It works sometimes but most of the times not. Have to refresh the page menu times and just wait for the luck.

Otherwise, a brilliant template and extremely good work!

hey i have updated the theme files yesterday, please re download and re install it and check if the error still occurs. if thats the case please drop me a mail with access to your admin area…

can’t get the 3d flash player CU3ER to work. the little red CU3ER box appears but it does nothing. The JQuery one works..

Ruffesebb can you post what you did to get it to work?

also, Christian is there any way to target the text block line under the 3d player drop shadow? it would be great to set that to a twitter update or news update.



are you able to edit slid manager? if not: i have updated the theme files yesterday, please re download and re install it and check if the error still occurs. otherwise please drop me a mail with access to your backend so I cna take a look myself


Problems with the Display Option Settings for video: can you explain more how to setup the portfolio pages more? I’m having problems setting the Video link for the lightbox.. (i’m using Vimeo)

going to the post page I try and input a vimeo or even a youtube link using the “Insert Image/Video button at the “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” field within the Display IMage Options.

it pops up a window with more choices. I choose the “From URL ” choice. It won’t accept any video links in this field.

I need to use Vimeo video links in myblog posts – what am I doing wrong?


you need to enter vimeo and youtube links directly into the form field without using the upload button. open the vimeo video on, click the embed button when hovering over the video and then copy the string that holds the url, as well as the height and width. just paste that part into the input field and press save

Hi Kriesi,

Great theme. :o) Just purchased it and am trying to set up. Your documentation is great.

But…unfortunately, I can’t get the slider to work in either setting. Nothing loads. No error message. And the little red cube never loads either. We do have php5 and wp 2.8.5.

Can you give me any pointer on what to do?


could you drop me a link to your installation so i can take a look?

Hi Kriesi,

I’ve sent you the info requested to your support email a few minutes ago. Thanks! I look forward to your help. :o)

Hi Kriese !

Wie üblich, ein starkes Theme. Sind in der nächsten Zeit Updates geplant ? Ich würde das theme nämlich gerne für mich lokalisieren.

Ein kleines Problem habe ich auch noch gefunden. Wird für ein Menü keine Beschreibung eingetragen, dann funktionieren die Untermenüs nicht. Zumindest im Firefox.

Grüße Ralf

hallo ralf, letztes update war gestern. das hauptmenü erwartet einfach den subtext, falls du keinen angeben möchstest musst du das css adaptieren und nach #top #nav ul suchen, hier den top:47px wert verringern

Hello. Bravo on another spectacular theme. Sorry if I don’t use the correct terminology but here goes… the footer a sidebar that I can drop and drag whatever widget I want?

Also, where I see the text “This is «display», a unique ’ Themeforest template for showcasing your work and perfect for any business in need of a stunning website…” is that a text box where I can display content?

Thanks in advance.


yes the footer area contains widgets of your choice, if you dont add any the default lists you see in the live preview are applied

the “This is display” headline is populated with an extra input field in your themes backend, you can but whatever you want into the field but it is designed for use with basic text only..

Hello… Beauty of a theme!!

Unfortunately I receive and error when I try and install it. ?

Here’s the error that Wordpress gives me.

Warning: file(.../html/wp-content/themes/display/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …/html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in …/html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

I’m still able to active the theme but I’m unable to display the slider, welcome message or the rest of the columns.

Any suggestions?



maybe the file got currupted during download or unzipping. please do the following: re download it, unzipt the file, then you can see a folder called display (maybe it is zipped as well, then unzip this one to) after that is done you got a folder called display that should contain all template files. upload the display folder into your wp-content/themes/ folder va an ftp programm.

that should work :)

Thanks for your help Kriesi!

Looks as though that was the problem..


Pull down menus not working.

I’ve only been able to test this on a Mac. Safari, FireFox, and Chrome all have the same problem.

The menus drop down you just can’t roll over them to select them. Once you move the cursor to the drop down menus it disappears.

I’m using the jQuery Fading Slider (because I still can not get the 3D Flash slider to work)

using WordPress MU 2 .8.6 no plugsin at first test of your theme.



hey thomaz, did you add the subtitles for the main menu items? the menu expects those subtitles, without them the dropdown wont work properly. if you dont want to use them you need to edit the style.css file and search for #top #nav ul and decrease the top:47px

worked! thanks…

Great example of why simple designs work best.

The CU3ER revolution is upon us.


Hi guys,

Congratulations for this theme. It’s awesome I love it :) I actually make a blog with it. It works pretty good but now I want to add a new page as a blog.

I explain :

The theme gives us the possibility to change 2 pages as a blog and a portfolio. Actually, I changed 2 pages both in blog to have two different cats on 2 different pages. How ? I just modified the portfolio template to make it as a blog format.

But now, I want to make a third category presented in a blog page. How can I add this new blog page please ? Cause if I just create a third page, it’s just for content such as “About Me..”

If you can’t understand, here’s my website, check it. I want the “Boite à idée” page to become like “E-Marketing” and “Divers”.

Can you help me ? :)

Thanks a lot.

easiest way would be this:

copy template_blog.php and rename it. open the new file, change the name ‘Blog’ in line 3 to any name of your choice.

search for: $query_string = “cat=”.$negative_cats.”&paged=$paged”; in line 11, edit it to read:

$query_string = "cat=3&paged=$paged";

where cat=3 should query the category of your choice. thats about it :)

re Slide: I can access and edit the slide manager. It saves my list but when accessed it only shows a small orange/red cube and that’s it. I’ll download it again and try.

re Vimeo: I do copy the full embed text from the video clip, paste it into the field. it pops up a small square popup window (which would be nice to adjust to wide screen) and the video is inside but it says it’s not available. And this is only after I have tweaked the link.. If I just copy the complete embed text it fails.


ok will do.. also can you post an example of an exact vimeo link you are having success with?


Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! soo much for helping me out… everything is working!!!!

thanks again!!!