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Update released

If you are encountering any problems with your slideshow or menu manager please re download the theme and replace the files that are mentioned in the updates.pdf file, it might help you :)

Hi Kriesi,

Regarding your request to send my site coordinates, I have done so. To your support email listed on page one of these posts.

Thanks! I look forward to learning from your wizardry! :o)


hey, i didnt recieve any data yet. dont know which adress you sent the mail to, the correct one is support [at] kriesi [dot] at

Thank you for your answer Kriesi. It works :-)


K.. Things are really coming together now.. I just need help with the tag line.. I can’t understand why I can’t chage it agin..


just sent you a mail :)

Thats fine.. Thanks! I’ve done what you’ve asked.. However one TINY issue with that.

The divider line seems to go through the three columns of text below the tagline now. Is that normal or did I mess up the code..


yes it seems you messed something up but i am not exactly sure what it is. you might want to check the w3c validator to find your errors and remove them, that might help

Hi Kriesi,

Really nice theme. Pre-sales question: Can the main homepage image be smaller and will the shadow move up to fit under it?


you would need to edit the css values for the height of the box, the position of the shadow plus the height parameter in header.php where the slider javascript gets called but thats about it, nothing more needed to change it :)

Hi Kriesi,

First off, thanks for another fantastic theme, your best yet!

I do, however, have a small problem that I hope you can resolve:

On both my site and your own live demo page, there is a loading error, namely font.swf not found.

Can you shed any light on this?


it seems the flash slide ris requesting this file, i already contacted the author how to fix this. that font file would be used for custom fonts within the sldier which are not applied here. Until I fix it I just wouldnt care =)

I thought that might be it. Thanks for looking into the problem, hopefully it will get sorted in the future.

Five star rating given, not just for the theme but for your great support, too!

thanks! appreciate that :)

Simply amazing! One of your best works yet and my first WP theme from here =)

I think I’ve found a bug! With the menu manager, I created a top level meny called Portfolio with a description “See what I’ve done”. It worked fine first time, but then every time I use the menu manager and hit save, it adds another level of backslashes to escape it (and the backslashes as well, as they appear in the menu manager text field as well)

I had a quick look at the code and assuming I’m looking in the right place (framework/theme_plugins/kriesi_menu_manage/kriesi_menu_display.php:226 you call strip slashes on the output, so not sure why it still has the backslashes in place

On firther inspection, the apostrophe is encoded on the way in, so there should be no need for the backslash In the database, I have “See what I\'ve done” for the description

Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks for an otherwise excellent theme!

I have recently uploaded a patch that should fix this, if your download contains no file thats called updates.pdf you are running an older version and might want to re-download the themeforest zip file and replace the files that are mentioned in this updates.pdf

I had the latest updated version but even more bizarely, the problem seems to have gone away now that I’ve moved it off my localhost (running XAMPP1 .7.2, PHP5 .3, MySQL 5.1.37) to my production server (not sure the specs off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the latest PHP or MySQL releases) and the problem doesn’t occur anymore. Oh well

The display preview menu buttons don’t work in the admin panel. I can however cut and paste a url image for preview. Also instead of using the button alternatively I can insert an image with the basic wordpress image tool and add rel=”lightbox” to the code. Cannot however figure out how to add that tag to a gallery of images and have the lighbox applied to all. I have had to do each one by hand. Made each photo its own post then displayed in portfolio. Looked at the demo code on PrettyPhoto I must be missing something? Since I want to use this as on online photo album makes the task really cumbersome- I spent 7 hours on our wedding photos yesterday. Take a look at my photo album- I would like to be able to create sub albums and link them with an image to this page. Any suggestions?

PS This is REALLY GREAT for my home movies

“Johnny711says Purchased I just purchased this template and it looks awesome- I want to use it for a personal blog for my wife and I. I am trying to to upload photos via the display preview images option but it is not working. I just get a white screen. I have no idea what I am doing wrong- can you help?

Posted 3 days ago Report Comment Reply .Author Kriesireplied you can just try to use the basic wordpress upload tool and enter the uri to your image by hand.

if this doesnt work drop me a mail to your installation so I can take a look

Posted 8 hours ago Report Comment “

you might want to drop me a mail if i should inspect this further, i didnt recieve one yet :)

if you do so please add the following data:
  • url to your installation
  • access data to your backend
  • please also add our conversation here for easier reference :)

Sent you an email just now- Thanks

I recently purchased this theme. However, my pages are not “blog, portfolio, etc. How do I customize this to my websites pages?

Please read the documentation file that comes with the download, there is a step by step introduction on how to use this theme.

to create menu items first create new pages and then add them to the menu manager.

Hi Kriesi,

I’ having a problem with the image on the Cu3er. The problem is that the image on the slider not showing in full image when using square monitor but it seems ok when using wide screen monitor. How to fix it?


works on both for me. only advice I can give is: make sure that if you are using a browser that has a zoom option that the zoom is set to 100%

Thanks the problem solved

Quick uestion before I buy. I love this theme it almost suits my need to 90%. Just one question, I need to use this theme for online digital product shop, is it possible to use portfolio section as a product page for product catalog? can it be customized? I will use paypal integration. Thanks.

depends on how the products are posted. the portfolio section displays one preview pic for each post. if that is what you need you shouldnt have any problems. the portfolio can be customized to a certain extend from your backend, if you want to heavily change the html output you might need to edit the template_portfolio.php file

Hi Kriesi. Localized theme for translation into other languages? Yours faithfully Oleg.

nope sorry, you would need to do this on your own :/

Hi. I will be buying this theme. One question – and its not a trick question – why so much more expensive than your other works? Thanks. Dave

Because it has more and better backend options than any other theme Ive created before :)

I LOVE your design and am finding it easy to work with, both the menus and the code. I have a few questions that I have not been able to resolve:

1. Can I limit the amount of text on the main page entries under the welcome message? I would like all three to force people to click “read more.” How can I do this in the code or with the menus?

2. On the blog page, I’d like to use my Twitter account instead of the blog entries and show it full screen instead of just in the sidebar. Do you have any suggestions?

3. Can I remove the footer menu? I don’t need it on my site… the content/pages have all the information.

Thanks for an excellent theme! Well worth the money…


1.) Hey jen. when using post or pages for the main page entries you can simply cut them with the wordpress read more button (located in your wordpress admin panel, when writing a post, beside the add/remove link button)

2.) you just want to show your twitter posts? maybe there is a plugin that can do this, i havent seen one yet but I am pretty sure some exist :)

3.) open footer.php and remove everything between line 4 and 99, that should do the trick :)

Hi, I just downloaded this theme and i can’t seem to get the image rotator to work as flash. It works as the jquery, but with the flash it just sits there and displays the red box. I have the them that has the updates.pdf file in and so it should have the latest versions of those files. Any suggestions.

please make sure that:
  • the images you are linking to are located on your server (flash needs that)
  • the wordpress installation url and the image domain url matches:
    • if you installed wordpress in your image must start exactly like this. if you are not using the www for wordpress neither add it to your images

Hi Kriesi

I took out the www. and that fixed the problem. Thank you.


I can’t find the proper place to change the background color for the footer. Any assistance would be helpful.

folder /css/style1.css line 16: #footerwrap, #subpage #footerwrap

if you are using another skin exchange style1 for style2 or 3

I highly recommend this theme and this developer! The theme has been very easy and the Kriesi has been very helpful.

Thanks! I’m real excited about using this theme!!!

You have the uncanny ability to create consistent designs that are always unique at the same time. Good job!