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Perfect Theme! ;) Good Work MR. ,.. ^^

Can I submit a .swf as a portfolio item? Can I have multiple items per project?

Does the possibility of Russian localization through .po file. Or are there other ways to localize. Thank you!

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Hey Fellas, anyone know how to control the amount of posts displaying in the standard archive page? currently showing 10 in my archive pages, but i would like to shave that down, I’m not using the BLOG page, just the standard archive pages. Anyone have any ideas?

hello – anyone know how to make the portfolio show different pages? If you put settings to show only 6 items at a time but you have 12 – it just shows the first 6 and that’s it. Shouldn’t there be a page button for the second page? How do you see the rest of the items?

Hey Kriesi,

I know you’re having support problems on your own site, so I hope you’re taking support through this page. Or, if anyone else can help, I’d appreciate it.

I have quick question for the Display template – how do I keep my Blog posts from showing up in my portfolio section?

I have the portfolio set up with only 2 categories – Books & Interactive. I have the blog set up with different categories (clients, design, etc). I excluded books & interactive categories from my blog & that works great. But what about the opposite problem – blog posts showing up in the portfolio?


I cannot for the life of me get my post images to show. It seems to be a problem with generating the re-sized images when they are added to the media library?

I have had this theme working fine on Wordpress 2.9.2 for quite a while, but when I upgraded to 3.0 I started having problems.

I did revert back to my original 2.9.2 installation and installed WP3 .0 in a sub-directory and seemed to be able to get it working, but when I relocated to the root I lost all images again.

I have even tried deleting everything (site and database) but the Display image resizing script still won’t work?

I have automated image scaling turned on in the theme settings (it’s on by default), but when i log into my ftp server and check the uploads directory I seem to have the original file, the 150×150 and the 300×134 re-sized images but not the 610px * 273px or the 280px * 124px that the theme says it will create if a full size image is added under ‘Display Preview Image Options’?

The built in WP resizing works fine and I can insert images into posts, just not the Display ones????? Help please?

Nevermind.. I think I solved my own problem after reading the documentation.. It requires PHP5 .

I had to add AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php to my htaccess file.

Can’t believe I forgot this!.. Could have saved myself hours of troubleshooting!


i’m having a really hard time getting questions answered for this theme. Can’t reach the author here, via his site, or via email. Anyone have any luck getting in touch with him? Does anyone know how to show paging in the portfolio? For instance, if you have 6 items on each page, but have 30 items total, how do you get to the remaining 24 items after viewing the first six?

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Hi Kriesi,

I’m having a problem, when loading a page it gives me this error propierty not supported by object at

prototype.jp line 4821 custom.js line 7

Any idea?


crgomo Purchased

Hi everybody,

Is kriesy not answering more comments or are the comments working wrong? because I’m nos seeing the comment I just posted and also the last comment I’m seeing is 2 month old.


I’m having a problem with the slideshow showing a redbox in some browsers, i managed to grab a screenshot of it I’ll email it when you respond back, however i can’t replicate it much less find out where or what is producing the redbox. have you had anyone else encounter this? any idea of a fix or work around?

I know you’ve got alot going on, this is the last item holding up the launch of this site.


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Yes, I sometimes see a red box. I looks like it happens for me only with smallish images.

Maybe that will help a bit.

Regards, Art

Mistake :-S

Why am I getting this error when i try to activate the theme Fatal error: Class ‘Walker_Nav_Menu’ not found in /home/ytsvdhye/public_html/clickmailsolutions.co.uk/wp-content/themes/display/display/framework/classes/description_walker.php on line 3 :-(

There’s about 1400+ comments that I should check before I want to ask here. I hope you don’t mind if this question had been asked.

I’m wondering how this theme would be looked if i access from mobile. Does the 3d thingy will work?


$117,768 minus commissions on just this theme alone!

Maybe thats why he isn’t answering :-( I cant get an answer from him at all!

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I’m trying to instal the theme and I’ve got back this error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Walker_Nav_Menu’ not found in /home/raravirtual/www/wp-content/themes/display/framework/classes/description_walker.php on line 3

What can I do?

i’m thinking to use on wordpress 3.0 japanese version. This will be a problem?


ouh goodness. maybe i should stay away from his theme. thanks.