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Hello, awesome theme. I’m not able to make it work the Cubber. Anyway, I’d love to know how to change the READ MORE and some other little things, like the itens on the Footer (Blogroll, “Wordpress Themes”), etc?

Many thanks.

The frontpage slider page does not work in admin panel. pls mail me solution. mail adress:

Hello, As always great theme. Here is the issue that i’m facing through. For the front page slider i’m using Use jQuery Fading Slider, when someone goes to the website for the first time the slide does not load, but if i reload the page then it does!!! Would you please let me know what to do to fix this issue: Thank you very much

I am attempting to minimize the space between the sidebar and the content. I tried editing the class for “entry” but to no avail. Can you lend me some insight? Here is a sample page I am working on with the Theme (which by the way is awesome!)



can you help me to change text and mouse over color (violet) when using Display – minimal?

Hello :) Tried your forum first but it’s down. How do I change the size of the text under the main banner (think it’s “welcome”) on the home page?

Can I use this Theme to the Latest WordPress version 3.4.1?? If I don’t then when you’ll update this theme so that I can use it to WordPress 3.4.1?? I’m waiting for a quick response from you.

Hi, Is it possible to turn off the blog comments in blogs page? Thx

Hello. Is it possible to change the “read more” text on the frontpage? I really need to translate it to portuguese. Thanks.

How can i add a rolling slideshow to posts or pages. Id like the process to be automatic eg like the front page.

How do I change the color of the more tag in the CSS of this theme?

Hi there, The slider on our Display-website ( is not correctly working in Google Chrome. All of the images shown in the slider are bigger. In Apple’s Safari the slider show them correctly. Is this a common problem?


Hi there,

In portfolio options in the post settings it gives us options for thumbails. Can you please give some guidance on how to make the thumbail from youtube appear when using youtube link

Great theme -thanks!

One tiny question -how can I add a title attribute to a menu item? I can do it with the default menu manager in WP, but not with your custom one.

Any tips? Thanks!

Hi Kriesi,

When i insert a ‘Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox’ in a post it will open in the same window on a blank page. Is it possible to show this image in a pop-up screen? I already checked the box ‘Big Image opens in Lightbox” but then it doesn’t go to the post but directly from the portfolio to the big image.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Laurens

My theme suddenly has non-appearing titles on any of my blog posts / widgets –

I looking for some videos that can help me to setting up de portfolio in the Display theme. Help

Please update to wordpress 3.5

Considero que falta un poco de responsive pero de resto, gran plantilla. Te felicito!

I am interested in this theme. However, it has to support IE10 and IE10 support is NOT listed in the compatible browsers section. Can you confirm that the theme is compatible with IE10 ? Abd I do not mean IE10 in compatibility mode, but IE10 standard.

Regards, Ron