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I need support, what can I do? – The basic rules of support

2 Scenarios:

  1. The Theme seems to have a bug: an option doesnt get displayed, an error message gets thrown, some javascript is not working etc.
  2. The Theme works fine, but you cant pull off to make it work: images not displaying on your frontpage, cant find a CSS property, etc.

Case 1:

  • Before asking make sure that your setup works properly:
    • Install the latest Version of Wordpress
    • Install the latest Version of the theme: my themes recieve bugfix updates on a regular basis and chances are high your problem got already fixed
    • Check your problem with all plugins disabled – often plugins are causing errors that disrupt the theme

Case 2:

  • Be sure to read the documentation file that comes with the theme

None of this worked? ok shoot me a question :)
Be sure to always include a URL to your site, most of the time I need to check the site myself to see what exactly could be causing your problem