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Nice work! Good like with sales!

Thank you very much iDangerous!

I can’t locate the: #d_counter

background-color: #59ff00;

Where do i change the color. Its not in the CSS folder either. Thanks!


Hi havokdesigns

Thanks for buying my template.

It is in d_style.css, at line 65 but is repeated at line 177. Please delete background-color: #0EE60E; from line 177.

If you need more help please send an email to templates@inbasics.com


tsukasa Purchased

Great template!

I noticed you don’t use jQuery Countdown’s serverSync function by default.

It might make sense to incorporate this simple change to ensure the shown “remaining time” is correct – no matter the timezone the visitor comes from.


Hello tsukasa,

Thanks for buying my template, It’s a good idea and i will probably include it in the next revision.

UJay Purchased

Best Theme ever




K Crack Gus, te felicito sta mu weno !! Buenas ventas !!


Gracias Master

Visionzh Purchased

It wont show in my themes it says style sheet is missing.


Hi Visionzh

Please explain the problem in more detail… Because i don’t understan what you need.


kmgee Purchased

Hi gustavok…

can u please tell how and where i can change the Backround pat01 to 02.

Regards Gee

waybrite Purchased

Hi Gustavok,

Great job and thanks for the alteration, 4 digits for days. Fantastic service highly recommended!

Chris Wilkinson

it is possible to have rising time, not falling (“countup”)? eg if I want to count the time from January 15, 2005? 1547 days 15 hours 20 min 59 sec … and up…

ironwil Purchased

Very cool look! I was wondering 2 things. First, how to change the font… I changed the font in the d_style.css file, but this didn’t have any effect. I believe the font may be getting changed in the JavaScript, possibly in the same area it’s converting the d_labels area to all caps, but I’m not able to find it. Minified code is hard to alter for me. Next, it looks like the countdown is being generated by the jquery.countdown plugin, which handles weeks and months. How difficult would it be to create a version of this that will display week and month values?

sarego Purchased


Is there any way to “isolate” some pages (like login and admin) of the countdown?

It’s perfect for my shop, but I need to access some areas on the backend and leave the area of customer accessible (to downloads) while the store is off.

Can you help me?

mrhylite Purchased

Hi Am wondering why I cannot get the numbers to display properly when uploading this to my server www.interpretes.net


Hi, please send me a screenshot.

mbastaki Purchased

Hi Everything about this theme is great. I managed to edit pretty much everything there. I’m just having a small issue with the email configuration. I added my email in the email_form.inc.php, but I’m not getting the email addresses. Did I forget to do anything?

Thanat0z Purchased

Ahh forget about it. I just figuered it out. I found the problem. The folder was not set correctly in the css. The pattern folders have to be: “images/d_pat_poly.png” and not “images/images/d_pat_poly.png”.

Now everything works just fine for me! Sorry for my last rough letter, dude. But I was a little bit pi**ed off! It’s a good & working script! Just a little bit messed up, in my version, which I downloaded… Don’t know why!. It was my fault, that I had not seen this path-problem!

Thanks anyway!

amerinde Purchased
Hello: We bought Display – The Final Countdown theme to use as placeholder for Under Construction. Our web developer experienced this: “Email is not working where it say “Enter your email address for updates”. What can we do to get this fixed?” Please Help! We checked everything, did not find the problem. The file that we bought is attached. This is the link: http://themeforest.net/item/display-the-final-countdown/239141 Installed here: http://www.nuaxon.com

Our Account name on Envato is amerinde and email amerinde@gmail.com


Please contact with you server. They have something that’s blocking the sending of email.

amerinde Purchased

Yes, that could be the problem. I am sending the info, files and links so we can learn why. We love and want to use your great templates and nothing will stop us :-)


Thanks a lot!!!

Hi! i looooove the theme!

Where do i input the email address where data should be sent to? and, how do i change the font?


Hi oldskooldi. Please read the documentation or send me an email from my profile. Thanks.

Spacerfs Purchased

Love the app but it would be nice to be able to have multiple instances of different countdowns on one page or isn’t that possible or am I missing something?


Hi Spacerfs

It is intended for a single instance per page.

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description display_v1.6 Stylesheet is missing.


Hi Kelevra84

All files are in the zip you downloaded. Remember: It’s not a WP template. It’s pure HTML . You must unzip, upload via ftp and configure.