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Hello, Web…. I really like your landing page. I want to buy it…but there one big issue missing for my time of business and purpose and I would like to know if is possible to add a contact form some where if so…did you charge for that???

Will support youtube video?? insted vimeo and if support youtube video in the peacemaker??

Thanks john

Hello John! Thanks for showing the interest. You’re right, the contact form is really needed. I will be adding it next week, so be sure to check when version 1.1 is out.

You can replace Vimeo video with YouTube one without any problems.

i purchased the template, but i wanted to know what fonts you used

You’re probably referring to the top slider section – i used Gotham font to create it. It is a commercial font, so you will need to purchase a license in order to use it.

Hello Web Design, If is posible to have a head banner like this in another option like this sample with a video. http://www.owltemplates.com/demo/website/virtoo/orange/index-4.html

Let me know if is posible to have it in order to purchase as well when you have the contact form up dated. will you charge extra to add the video sample as a header?? I can wait to buy it. Thanks john

It’s possible to replace the top slider with a video, yes.

I’ve updated the template, so now it includes a fully functional Contact Form.

Hello, thanks for the changes, finally I bought your template….thanks but take in consideration adding the video sample like I show you in the like above, will be awsome….if you can take some of all the landing pages they have and make one…for sure will you have more sales.

Thanks john

Thank you for purchasing the template. If you need some help with adding the video please send me a private message via my profile page.


What type of font was used for text in the image of the slide 2 with the phone?

thank you very much

It is a free font called PT Sans.

Hi! This landing don’t work with IE 9 . index.php (black version) works fine, but if I open index_static.php and other page versions whit Internet Explorer I see drammatic problems. How can I fix this? Thx

Hi StefanoP. Thank you for purchasing the template. Could you please navigate to http://showcase.webdesignpla.net/diversity/index_static.html and let me know if it works? I just checked the page in IE9 and everything seems to be all right.

Problem solved by a friend of mine. He say me that the problem is a missed doctype declaration (or somethink like this… :) )

Hi WebDesignPlanet and thanks for this awesome template – purchased it yesterday ;)

I’m wondering how to change speed of the main slider? Want my pics to change on a slower pace.

Do I have to play with some .js files? Could you please assist me in this question.

Thanks in advance, Alex

Thank you for your quick reply! Now I got it ;)

However I can’t find rating bar or something. Everything I see is text

Minimum of 3 votes required for Rating

Any thoughts?

You should be able to rate the item by going to your “Downloads” tab. I agree that it may be a bit confusing, but thank you for taking your time to do that. I appreciate it!

Aha, not very easy to find, but I rated your Template :)

Thanks again and have a nice evening!


Hi once again,

How can I change transition effects in the main section? I mean, for example I want all images to have only one transition effect. Where should I browse?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Take a look at line 26 of index.html.You can change effect:”random” to one of 16 listed at the bottom of http://nivo.dev7studios.com/support/jquery-plugin-usage/ page.

And one more thing. I don’t know maybe that’s only me who has this bug, but when you scroll the page to the very end and wait for a few seconds, then page shifts vertically (app. 25px down) for no reason. Makes a not very nice impression.

Is there any fix for that?

Tested it with default installation – no images or code were modified. Used Firefox 11 and Explorer 8.

By the way the “skew_lines” mode is totally messy in Explorer.

Just tested http://showcase.webdesignpla.net/diversity/index_skew_lines.html in IE8 . Looks good on my screen, but i’ll double check it on another machine just to be sure. I’ll look into this tilt bug too.

Just purchased and downloaded – its a beautiful template!

Do you have a link to the icon set that you use in your first slider? Love the clean look you have displayed there.

Many thanks! You can download the icons from http://thenounproject.com

Does not work properly in IE8 . The author does not respond to questions. Money is wasted.

Hello seosapiens. Thank you for purchasing the template. It was tested in IE8 and it did render correctly in this browser. Can you send a screenshot to support@webdesignpla.net please? I will gladly issue a refund if that’s what you are after.

Hi there, just bought this and built it on leedsmediagroup.co.uk. I am not getting notifications to my email address when someone signs up for the newsletter, and also neither is the person who signs up. why? The emails are storing in the xml file though.

Hello, thank you for purchasing Diversity! The issue may be caused by your server configuration (depending on who do you host with, there may be some limitations in regards to sending emails programmatically), but i can take a look at your config files too. Please send your FTP access details to support@webdesignpla.net and i will check if everything’s fine.

Hello, WebDesignPlanet…. I really like your landing page. I want to buy it…but is it easy for me to make edit or change pics or edit text?

One more, is there a possibility that my website viewer can download for free any my white paper that I want offer later?

Sorry, I am quite naive on this?

Hi Shariz. This template, like others on ThemeForest, requires some basic HTML programming language to modify the content. You can add anything you like and make some downloadable content available too. If you are interested, i can customize the template for you and set it up on your server for a small fee. Please send me an email to support@webdesignpla.net to discuss this further.

Just downloaded this but it doesn’t work. I got the message ” The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Then I looked at this tutorial: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

So I uploaded the theme folder directly in FTP , same problem. I even try the other method: create a specific zip file and upload again via WP, same problem.

Can anyone help please? Thanks

Hello. This is not a WordPress Theme, please look at the item / category description. You can simply use it without having WordPress installed on your website.


swbisko Purchased

Hi! thanks for the template! how to change the icons facebook, youtube? found only where the register address. And how to add sliders to another, the two photos? In further want that this topic as something better to be displayed on mobile devices. Otherwise, everything is great, well done!