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Hi Billy,

Great theme again again very flexible always,

At blog posts i want put an external link at article.bk-post-summary div.bk-blog-content-wrap p {

Inside the blog it works but whike at article area links are not working is it possible?

And i also it would be great to control feature image as a external link at blog page or openin the content link in a new window



Ok i solved by adding informations or links to excrept area in every post. But sttil need help with opening in the posts a new window

thank you



Unfortunately now blog post featured image only supports such options:

Standard & Image Format Settings Post Image Behavior -> list

If You would like to add custom external link or change target then customization would be needed:



I’ve purchased this theme, it’s great, easy, functional and there is a very nice author’s support. Thanks!



Hi there,

We bought recently this template, and we are really happy with it. Last week our hosting company warn us that the code contain “hostile elements” and the web site access will be suspended. The problematic file was /www/root/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen . We erased the mentioned folder, but few days later, we received another warning message from the hosting company – this time for a different file- www/root/wp-content/themes/division/jackbox/swf/source/cj/video.

We exchange some emails with the technical support, and their suggestion was to contact the designer / developer of this theme.

Any suggestion or advices on this issue?

Many thanks!

Kind Regards!



Please contact me via my profile page or support forum and send me mails from Your hosting provider.

/www/root/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen is deafutl wordpress theme and is not part of my theme

www/root/wp-content/themes/division/jackbox/swf/source/cj/video – is third party plugin used by my theme.


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Billy hi! What is the compatibility of the theme with WordPress v.4.1?



It is compatible with latest version of wordpress 4.1


Hi Billy,

I am using Yoast SEO plugin and next to handful of great things about it there is also one extra useful feature – it basically it allows us to add bredcrumbs to our websites which, of course, is great for search engines.

Now, question is how and where exactly do we insert the providing code!?

I know your answer will probably be ‘consider the customization’ but since this is really important thing it would be great if you could provide this little community with short instructions how we can do this ourselves.

Adding it to your FAQ page or even updating entire theme to allow use of bredcrumbs would be even better!

In regards to placing – as in where I would like to see them – answer is right aligned from the post / page title. So if we have post / page title left aligned breadcrumbs should go opposite side of the screen.

Hope you can help with this!

Have a great holidays and all the best

Your theme looks great, but i have a presales question, is it possible to have a button on galleries images that will direct someone to the equivalent shop item, so that someone who looks an image in the gallery can easyly buy it?

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first of all great theme! But I have a few problems with it.

My collapsible header will not work. (I’ve set it up in theme options)

Also, my Google maps will not appear. I’ve put the right longitude and latitude in the page options, but no map will appear…

Last question, is it possible to make the content background transparant? Would be great!

Thanks and happy holidays!!!

How do i edit the home page? the page i am referring to is http://www.sneakerheaduk.com/.