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Great template. Clean layout, not cluttered and flows nicely.

Any plans on updating it to use BootStrap 3 ?

Hello! Too many changes in the v3, have to completely change the template. I’m not sure about its update.

Hi Mad_dog, I have purchased the template. Very good. But when I want to change the logo, the logo is 400px x 40px, it does not showed! I don’t know why? It is also PNG file. Please help me! Thanks

Hi Mad_dog, the logo is showed on Firefox, but not on IE, why? Please help. Thanks

Hello! Please put the link to your site.

How do I add Fields to contact form?

Hello! It is a basic HTML contact form.

Hi, I have a question.

I did nothing, but between menu area and slide area has a big blank.

Here is the link.

How can I delete this blank area?


Hello! You did not set up the twitter API details. Or you can disable the twitter line above the footer.

hi how to change icon?example: p ,i just cannot find where to change,please help!!!

Hello! Please post all your tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.

In Internet explorer 10.0 version, the portfolio pages are not wokr properly.(mouse over image event)

Can I fix it?


Hello! Do you have the same issue on my demo page? Do you test in IE10 or compatibility mode?

Thanks. It’s solved. ^^*

Got it :) Have a good day!

Hi, is there a way to change the color of the header?

I tried looking at the css but couldn’t find any value to change the color


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post this question to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Hi. I have a some problem. Some explorer, the menu css are not working properly. Like below.

I didn’t touch anything. Even in some explorer 9 or 10 versions shows like link.

How can I fix it?

Plz help me. Thanks.

You do not have to use the compatibility mode, because it won’t work properly.

Sure. I don’t use the compatibility mode, but some peole says they looks like that. So I just want to find solution. They almost use IE8 or 9. And they don’t use compatibility mode. Just they connect website, and they look broken web page.

As I mentioned above the site is loading properly tested on 3 different PCs.

Hello, we have purchased your great template dixit.

But we have one question. If i view this template on my iPhone i can´t see the telephone and the fax number in the pre footer.

May you can help us to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.

Best regards Marika

Hello Marika! They are hidden by default, you can check our demo. If you want to display them, please post your request to my support forum at

I’ve recently taken over from another developer the management of a client website that uses an installation of Dixit. The Featured Posts module is malfunctioning (posts are displaying stacked on top of one another). I’d like to register for the technical support forum but can’t ask the prior developer for login details. Does the Wordpress installation show the Dixit licence number anywhere so I can register?

No, you can get the license code only from the TF account.

Hello. How do I get all pages working with “background color”, e.g. “boxed” way? As in your home examples is, one homepage that has this. But all other pages dont have this boxed style.


Ype, done that been there now!

Sorry but you did not provide any kind of support. I havent done nothing to theme CSS but still check boxes nor radio buttons doesnt show up. Very disappointed because this item is very good in all other areas.

Can you please put the link to your forum thread? Please note that we do not provide the free customization services.

My client has bought this theme. After the crash with this theme, he asked me to move to the other server but I am not able to migrate whole database. When I export/import mysql to new web hosting server, Page builder has dissipated and all content in it, all galleries etc. How to import the content (not wp native such as pages but from page builds) from old wp installation?

Hello! We provide the support only to the customers.

hi, downloaded document. But its not working in shurtcode page scrolling OUR TEAM, BLOG POSTS, FEATURED WORKS, TESTIMONIALS, OUR PARTNERS and other sections.

Hello! Please make sure that you setup the twitter API details, it may cause the work of the template.

Can i delete twitter api? its must be all pages?

Yes, it is located on all the pages, I mean the twitter line.

Hi, i would like to buy the WordPress-Version of the Dixit-GT3-Theme, but there is unfortunately only the HTML-Variant?

Hello! Please contact us directly via help at gt3themes dot com

hi, I am interested in your plugin no Contact Us – Advanced (Radio button, Section etc) is it a database to install? Is it a book with admin panel. for management? not find the shortcodes modal Lightbox Content Boxes tooltips etc ….. compared to other maintenance mode thank you

What administration panel do you mean, its not WordPress or Joomla template, it is a static HTML template.

hi, Would it be feasible to add Shortcodes modal happy tooltips Lightbox Boxes etc …

you have integrated a shop? how to use you add the demo product in the basket that does not work

Thank you

Its a static HTML template.