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Hi Dm3 team, your template look amazing, really great work ! I’ve inspected the code and it seems you’ve built your own .js file for the Header slider, great work !

i was wondering, before buying it, if there is a possibility for autorotating option? could’nt see it in the code.

anyway, great work !

Hello! Thank You for your appreciation. Yes, there is such an option.

Week thanks for your answer. I’ve just bought the Dm3Theme3, trully awesome and esay to customize. Unfortunately, I just can’t find the correct parameters for the automatic rotation in the Header Slider.

Thanks in advance if you can guid eme.


I submitted the update and will post a comment in here when it gets approved and ready to download.

Update is ready to download

Dear Dm3 team, your support and reactivity are higly appreciated. Many thanks !!!!!

Hi, I have purchased your theme and its awesome. One issue is it seems very eratic on the iPad, kindly advise if there is some fix to it.


Zaheers, did you solved the problems related iPad? Can you point out what were these issues that you’ve found, please?

Hi, sorry if it’s obvious, but the template is HTML5 + CSS3? Thanks!

Template is built with latest standards in mind and is compatible with css3 and html5

Hi, I have downloaded the latest version however the automatic rotation of the main slider does not seem to be enabled. I did not see anything in the documentation for it. Can you tell me how to enable it. Thanks

Hello. Thanks for purchase. I have created an FAQ post to answer this question. Please follow this link:

Hi, I am having trouble getting the Contact Us form to work. I cannot find anything in the documentation. The contact-us.php seems to be almost a copy of the contact-us.html. There does not seem to be any place to define where the contact form is to be sent. The top lines of the Contact-us.php shows this: require_once ‘scripts/contact/config.php’; require_once ‘scripts/contact/functions.php’; but the config.php and functions.php were not included in the template download. Thanks -appreciate your help!

Would you be able to email it to me directly as my client is wanting his website up and this is the only piece that is not working? Thanks

Update was approved, you can download it from themeforest.

Well I just did a fresh download and it is still the old November 10 2012 zip file!

where can I change twitter account id?

Please find the following line:
<div class="container clearfix"><div class="grid-12">envato,1</div></div>
envato(twitter account name),1

Hi! Is it possible to configure the slider so that the images are animated from bottom to top? Or better yet, two images where one of the left and the others are animated by the right and then to meet in the middle.

Thank you so much for a positive reply…

Slider transition is horizontal movement, but it is touch enabled.

Hi, have I understood correctly? A picture can be moved from bottom to top, but only manually? Where can I configure this?

It moves from left to right, like in the demo.

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