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Hi Guys,

I’m trying to change the currency to GBP on the filter. Here in the view (Product) Commerce Product: Price:amount (exposed) it set to GBP but it’s still showing the dollars sign $ on the filter?



replied on email


Hi Guys, we’ve been waiting for replies that we sent by email almost 3 weeks ago now with no reply can someone help us out please thanks


Send me updated FTP details in last email as the solution is ready to be implemented.

hoqking Purchased

I have interest to purchase this theme. The theme seems simple and nice. There are 2 questions I want to clarify before purchase. (1)The theme is similar to the demo one after I download the theme modules. What can I set for this theme under drupal CMS?

(2)Since the demo is English version, can I set all the whole online shop in Chinese word? (including login,cart,product name,etc.)


1) Yes we provide the sample data so that you can set theme as per the demo 2) All the default Drupal content like login, cart and product name will be converted to chinese, provided you install chinese language pack from Drupal.

Hi there, Will this template work with Drupal 7.3? Thanks


Yes we have tested it and the theme will work on Drupal 7.3

hoqking Purchased

I want to edit the price badge on the slider that says: specials $428 -25% I know to change specials badge to go Admin > Structure > Views > Flexslider then find and click ‘Global: Custom text’ in fields content Then after find following code and change in Text area content. Special $428

But as you know, different product should have different price and discount rate. how can I change each of them.. not fixed one. Please advices.

Moreover, on the product page,it shows


Title:Luggage tag



Amount: 1

how can I remove the “data”, “Title:” and “Product” to make my page more clean.


If you want to have different price and discount rate for different products then first add new field discount as structure > content type > flexslider > manage field

select field type as float and select widget as textbox and save.

Then Go structure > views > flexslider(content) click on Add field > content:discount check out the check box :Exclude from display

then click on Global :Custom text change code <span style="color:#6B5444"> <span class="tag">Special</span> <span class="price">$480</span> <span class="discount">-25%</span> </span>

as <span style="color:#6B5444"> <span class="tag">Special</span> <span class="price">[commerce_price]</span> <span class="discount">-[field_discount]%</span> </span>

Then save the view.(don’t forget flush all caches)

I don’t know what you mean by “data:”, “title:” Product” label ? Please send me product page link. .

hoqking Purchased

data ??: ??? – Keep calm and Travel on HK$100.00 Products: ?? Rating:

I want to remove “data”,”??:”,”Products:” to make the web-page more clean. How to do it?



Issue are resolved.
1) I want to remove “data”,”??:”,”Products:” to make the web-page more clean. How to do it?

Add bellow css in site/all/themes/dmart/css/mj-template .css

#comments, .node.node-new-products .field.field-name-body.field-type-text-with-summary.field-label-hidden, .node.node-new-products .commerce-product-title .commerce-product-title-label, .node.nod-newe-products .field.field-name-field-products.field-type-commerce-product-reference.field-label-above .field-label, #node_new_product_full_group_data .fieldset-legend, #node_specials_product_full_group_data .fieldset-legend, #node_featured_product_full_group_data .fieldset-legend, #node_new_product_full_group_data .commerce-product-title-label, #node_specials_product_full_group_data .commerce-product-title-label, #node_featured_product_full_group_data .commerce-product-title-label, #node_new_product_full_group_data .field-type-commerce-product-reference .field-label, #node_specials_product_full_group_data .field-type-commerce-product-reference .field-label, #node_featured_product_full_group_data .field-type-commerce-product-reference .field-label, #node_flexslider_full_group_data .field-type-commerce-product-reference .field-label, #node_flexslider_full_group_data .fieldset-legend, #node_flexslider_full_group_data .commerce-product-title-label, #node_latest_product_full_group_data .field-type-commerce-product-reference .field-label, #node_latest_product_full_group_data .fieldset-legend, #node_latest_product_full_group_data .commerce-product-title-label { display: none; }

2) Manage Product description as perticuler view type -> Content:body.

For example:

Manage product description new products as home page follow bellow step.

1) Structure > Views > new products

2) Click on Content:Body(Fields)

3) Open the Configure field : Content:Body

4) Click on Formatter Drop down and select Trimmed and Enter Trime lenth(50).

6) Click On Apply and save view.

3) the Price Slider move down. how can I solve? overide bellow css line no 3475 as site/all/themes/dmart/css/mj-template .region.region-sidebar-second .block.block-dmart-mod { float: left; padding-bottom: 0; padding-left: 14%; padding-right: 14%; padding-top: 0; position: absolute; top: 13.5%; width: 73%; } and add bellow css site/all/themes/dmart/css/mj-template #block-dmart-mod-dmart-mod-price-slider > h2 { display: none; }


Hi there, How do we change the “Welcome to” message on the home page? Thanks!


Well we did purchased the theme on the 4th of August from The Netherlands. Will that suffice or can we solve this in another way?


Besides, we have another question. Since the site is becoming awfully slow we installed the Boost module. But that seems to only cache the home page and none of the underlying ones. Do you have any experience using Boost with the dmart theme? Thanks!


Not tested for boost module on Dmart.

hoqking Purchased

The Product Desc. you show on demo is “Best chairs in stain less still…”. In real situation, the Product Desc. would be more words. However, it will make the out-look very strange….How can I add such as “more….” on the body.

Also, the Price Slider move down. how can I solve?


Please visit profile page and email us with issue details. Will send you the code file in email.

Hello, the flexislider navigation arrows won’t work in any browser. Could you check that please? Thank you.


I have already checked live demo and it’s working(FF 32.0,FF 33.0 ,Chrome 37). Please say Which browser you use ?


Chrome 37, but I have touch enabled display.


Please tell us which device you use. Please send screen short where you are facing this problem.

kefisa Purchased

hi i had some problem to instal this theme on my WP after clicking instal now it show me: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.



I think u instal this theme in WORDPRESS. This theme is not a wordpress theme,  This is  a DRUPAL theme.
This package attache all module,dmart theme and database with sample data.
Please read the documentation and follow dmart installation guide.
kefisa Purchased

aww man… will i be able to get my money back or at least store credit?? ill really appreciate it.


Sorry but you need to contact envato on that.

Hi there I bought and installed a theme, and now I want to change the view of card goods.

In particular, I do not understand why small pictures of goods under the main large. I want to remove it.

Just I do not understand why if I use the module “Inline entity form” and upload images to Products variations that first picture is slightly different in size from the next picture at the settings for the output images are shown for the same field..

I want to try to fix it but I can not find a template for product node in the server.


We use cloud zoo nodule and small pictures of goods under the main large image is a cloud zoom gallery.if you want to remove it just add bellow css in

sites > all > themes > dmart > css > mj-template.css

.cloud-zoom-gallery-thumbs {display:none;}

Hi, does this theme support RTL (ARABIC) ?


No RTL support as of now, but we can do it if you need.