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I am trying to figure out how to change the theme layout because I want to change the big blue bar at the top which I believe is the “Header”.


The grey box along the top, with the Header text “Widgets’

Thanks, Lori

Hi Lori,

Check out the set up guide – section Layout:

Please next time if you need help, kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much! Nikolay Totev


Wants to purchase this wordpress theme but i never worked on wordpress and do not know how to customize a word press theme….if you are willing to help. than i m glad to buy this a use it for our need.

Regards Nitin

Hi Nitin,

We’ve got many clients that a newbies but I think all of them first learn the basic of WordPress and then go for buying a theme.

Creating, deleting pages, posts, installing plugins, working with TinyMCE editor and many other basic operations are part of WordPress not the theme .

The good news is that you’ve got plenty of free and paid resources on the internet.

Here are some basic guides :

Best Regards: NIkolay


i’ve purchased your theme and i’m LOVING it. quick q – how does it work on ie8? i see it’s not listed as a compatible browser, but i need this to work on ie8. any suggestions on elements i should avoid or turn of? thx.

Hi mate,

Thank you for choosing DO.BIZ! It will easily work if you remove the fancy functionality like – CSS animations, parallax backgrounds :). Unfortunately they are all over the site and there is no easy way out. The share of IE8 is tiny already so you shouldn’t be worried that much.

Regards: Nikolay

HI – I’m interested in this theme however what I would be selling is actually an electronic record that needs to be kept in the theme. Is there any way to keep in on the theme – tagged to an account if say the customer buys it via wootheme? I already found the plugin that provides this capability for the record. Thanks.

Thank you for your interest in DO.BIZ! I am not sure what are you asking about? Can you elaborate? Regards: Nikolay

Hi, Is it possible to embed a YT/Vimeo video in the featured slider on the home page – for a video production company – so essential ..

Thank you for your interest in DO.BIZ! Yes it is possible to embed Youtube/Vimeo in the slider and the featured slider.

Regards: Nikolay

Hello Support,

We are trying to change the background color of this site: to red, we have used the red skin, but it won’t work, i even modified the theme_dobiz red, as body-background-color”, but it won’t reflect. Please could you advice on what the possible way out could be? We also when through the option: Changing Backgrounds

You can change the background of the different section of the website: header, body, footer. You have also general page background located in VamTam Theme Options => Styles=> Global Color/Background Settings
Locate the section that you want to change.
You can choose a color or an image as a background.
If you choose an image you can make it full screen  switching on the "cover" option.
Select image repeat method in the drop-down.
Click the "Save Changes" button after you finish editing.

but this also did not work.


Thank you for purchasing DO.BIZ!

I will need admin credentials to check on your settings.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

I do not work the menu when in responsive…..

Hi mate,

We are aware of this issue and we’ll release an update this week. Alternatively you can override vamtam-push menu plug in with this version:

Regards: Nikolay

Thank You!!!!

How I can change the size of the images on the portfolio shortcode to another size of 360×360…....

Hi mate,

I am not sure, I understand your question. You can have layout with 1 to 4 columns .

Regards: Nikolay

We’d like to apologise for the delay in the upcoming update. Please bear with us for a while.

Here is what’s coming:


New Features
One Page Layout
Video Background Support
Layered Slider 5
21 Video HD narrated guides for beginners, worth 79$

Mobile Menu Fix
various minor fixes and improvements

HI, I have set the theme up and loaded the Content. When we activated the Store we have got the following error-message: “Fata error: allowed Memory size of 67108864 Bytes exhausted (treid to allocate 122880 Bytes) in /var/www/html/web163/html/dev.tbc/wp-content/themes/do-biz/vamtam-editor/assets/fonts/icomoon/list.php on line 266. My webmaster said that obviously the size is too big but this can’t be as I dont have any big Images nor any products in the shop yet. do you have an idea what the problem is?

thank you!

Thank you for choosing DO.BIZ!

Here is a guide what you have to do:

Please next time kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

Hello, I installed the WPML plugin in the theme, but does not work. I have the latest version of wordpress and the latest version of the plugin. What I have to do to resolve this error.

Thank you.

Thank you for choosing DO.BIZ! You’ve done the right thing – open a ticket :). You’ll get a reply shortly.

Regards Nikolay

A really great Template!

Thanks so much mate!

Thanks so much mate!

The best template ever! Thanks!

Thanks so much!


Release date 02.02. 2013

How to update to DO.BIZ 2

New Features
Advanced “One page” layout
Video backgrounds
Improved header layout when a WC cart is visible
Improved documentation and theme options
Improved compatibility with third-party lightbox plugins
Update bundled plugins
Layered Slider 5 – the latest version

Various small fixes


Changelog DO.BIZ 2

Hello, I need your help in advanced!

Im trying to embed vimeo videos in the portfolio section and i dont know why it isnt working! :S I put the link in the link field, I try with the shortcode, but nothind seems to work.

The link is

Please help me!

Thank you for choosing DO.BIZ.

I see a video on this page, so I suppose you know how to do it :)

Yes!!!! I used a plugin to use vimeo shortcodes and voilà!

I have a problem. I installed and configured the template but not shown. What should I do to make the template work?

I have opened a ticket. I hope to answer. thanks



I’m an employee of a company that recently bought this template. We just imported the dummy data and we found a strange and unexpected behaviour when testing the basic template elements.

At home page, take a look at the zone named “Our portfolio”. If you move your mouse over the image boxes over and over, hover animation keeps running until the event queue is empty. I guess you just need to add the “stop()” function to your jQuery code.

If there’s something we missed (any setting that might help with this issue by changing the behaviour), we’d really appreciate if you can give us a hand.

Sorry for my poor english and thanks in advance.

Regards, Miguel.


Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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We will need admin credentials. Please note that you should also verified your purchase so ask your employer to provide the purchase code.

Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

Thanks for the info and the fast answer. I’ll submit my question as a ticket.

  • HELP * I’m getting the following error; LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue

It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and loads an extra copy of this library which can cause issues. Please navigate on your WordPress admin area to edit this slider and enable the “Put JS includes to body” option in your Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section.

I followed the directions and still no slider.

client upset!!!


Thank you for choosing our theme!

We would be happy to help you determine the cause for this issue.

We will need admin credentials, ftp credentials may be helpful as well. It is the first issue of this kind reported so I don’t have a ready solution in hand. Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

Thank you… ticket has been created. I appreciate your help. This happened after an automatic theme update last night. Everything was working fine prior. AWESOME THEME!

I really like the design of your parallax page! I have just a few pre-sale questions. Is it possible to change the direction of the Parallax background and elements? Also, how hard would it be to utilize the mobile menu as the main menu, but have it be fixed to the top of the site? I can always change out some CSS if you have it available. Thanks in advance for your time.

Thank you for your interest in DO.BIZ!

1.I think this guide will answer the questions you have about “Parallax effect” :

2.The mobile menu won’t work out of the box on a desktop version but we can guide you what code and how should be changed in order to implement.

Regards: Nikolay

Hi vamtam,

I am interested in your theme

I would like to know if I can create theme style contact forms from my auto responder. Any native widget to do this?

Thank you very much

Thank you for your interest in DO.BIZ!

The theme utilizes CF7 plugin and I found out this add on:

Regards: Nikolay

Thank you vamtam, but this plugin is for mailchimp autoResponder only (I don´t use mailchimp) and it istn´t theme styled.

I was talking about a native contact form widget to do this, or if its posible design one for me and what it cost?

Thank you

Hi ,

No native form with that functionality, sorry. We don’t take any customization jobs at the moment but you will find thousands of quality developers on odesk dot com.

Best Regards: Nikolay