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Is it possible to have CALL TO ACTION on blog page with full width?

(also, in posts maybe)

will this theme now have your support for users who downloaded it for free this month?

Hi there,

No, unfortunately support is not provided for the free download of the theme.


Hello. I need a Featured Image in a single-portfolio. How can I do that?


Just how you do with normal posts, select an image under featured image metabox in right sidebar while editing the post and you’re good.

Hi, a few questions as I have the free unsupported download, I’m seriously thinking of purchasing this as it’s great by the way. 1.Are there any future plans for the blog posts page to be outputted in a different style (modern tiled like google+ posts) for instance? Can this be tweaked for me with your support? 2.Are you planning to support this theme with future updates and improvements? Thanks in advance :)


As long as the theme is up for sale, we’ll maintain it to ensure 100% compatibility with latest version of WordPress.

We can only help you through theme related issues via support, not any tweaks am afraid.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Page templates include widgitized page – but there is no container for that page or any way to add sections in widgets through your theme set-up. Am I missing something?


Check the documentation on setting up the pages here –

Is it possible to change the number of Footer widgets? At the moment the default seems to be 3. Also when using the contact us widget on the home page the email address doesn’t appear as a link.

Thanks Dan

Hi there

Support is provided only to verified buyers, and via our support desk at

Please kindly open a ticket there


Hi, thanks for your theme! Really sophisticated and to the point.

Can you tell me what behavior can be changed to control the logo on regular desktop browser size? Logo end up being way to small and it align all the way to the left when the browser is not completely maximized.

Again, this is a awesome theme!

Thank you!

Hi there

If you need any help with the theme, please send a support ticket t and we will gladly help.

Support is offered only to verified buyers though, not for users who have downloaded the theme as free file of the month.

Thanks for understanding!

I got this theme when it was the monthly free theme on ThemeForest, apparently doing this means I do not have any purchase history of it and as such, no purchase key. This is why I am posting this as a comment on ThemeForest instead of on CodeStag Support:

Today someone on the Wordpress forums suggested I turn off and turn back on all my plugins to fix an error, when I did this, all my Portfolio pages returned with page not found, they appear and are editable in the dashboard, but not on the frontend, at the moment my portfolio is effectively useless which is a huge inconvenience for me as I post stuff on it nearly everyday.

My portfolio is at

Most of the links there are to portfolio items, but heres one just in case:

I have tested this on a laptop, desktop an iPad and a phone just to check it wasn’t cached or something.

I really need this fixed urgently, any help you can give to fix this would really help.

try resetting your site permalinks under Settings > Permalinks, hit the save button and it should be fixed.

Did this fix the issue?

Hey, I just installed the theme and set-up the homepage using the demo data provided but the styling options for the theme are not showing . Please review here: Am using wordpress 4.0 I really need this fixed urgently any help accorded will be highly appreciated Thanks


I don’t see anything on the link. Theme options are located under Doctype > Theme Options > Styling Options. Also, please note that support is provided for verified buyers only.

HI! I really like the simplicity! I just wanted to know how to make the SAMPLE PAGE work! I can’t seem to find how to create that!

Thanks so much! :)

It’s called: SAMPLE PAGE On the menu

I’m still trying to make this happen! Please help me!!! :(

Yes, I understand what page you mean, but I cannot understand what are you trying to achieve. As said above, it is just a static page with some shortcodes.

You may want to have a look at the documentation of the theme here:

If you need support on the theme, support is provided only to verified buyers via our support system at



strachi Purchased


Is it possible to hide the page title of a page?

Also if i choose “Home” as template for a page it doesnt show any content. How can i set the content?

Best Regards

Hi there, I’d suggest you go through the online documentation here: that provides detailed information on how to set it up. And if you need any help, support is provided through our support service at



strachi Purchased

Alright got it, i have to set the content for home under “appearance” > “Widgets” > Homepage Section


I’m having a bit of an issue here. I’m making changes in my style.css (within themes/doctype, not the child theme) but the changes don’t show up on my website. Since there is no editor function within the wp dashboard itself, i don’t know how else I should customize the theme.

Please help :)


You can always edit the theme’s css under Appearance > Editor. Also, you could just use any custom CSS plugin to manually override the CSS. Hope it helps. Thanks.

That’s kind of the problem, I don’t have the Editor option in the Appearance menu :(

In that case, you can just edit the file locally and then replace it on server. Even better to make use of a custom css plugin and have it override what you need to.


I know that you don’t support non buyers, but… :) Anyway to hide this arrows from theme? I use Easy Social Share Buttons with your theme.

This is a styling issue caused by the plugin you are using. I guess you should add some custom css to target and hide the list style bullets. i think it should work.


I have a question before to buy: I was checking a problem whith main menu. your demo have dropdown menu horizontal. One friend have a free demo of this theme and main menu have dropdown menu vertical. There are a big problem with responsive on mobiles phones.

Attached two pics about this problem.

Thanks you.

I don;t really understand what you mean here to be honest. From what I can tell, the first screenshot is from our demo. This is the way that submenus work at doctype.


Hi: yes, I agree, maybe not explain it well.

Yes, first picture is your demo, all right !
  • On first picture: small arrow on dropdown menu are on top of the menu.
  • On second picture: small arrow is on both sides. (doesn´t look responsive on mobile phones.
On my installation appear:
  • main menu doesn´t work as dropdown.
  • Logo appear after end menu.

(you can see on next mobiles screenshots)

Do you have a pre sales question forum available ?

Thanks you

The mobile menu is supposed to slide above the logo, as you show at the screenshot. However, it’s impossible to know what the issue might be without at least a link to your site.

There is not support forum for pre-sales questions, support is provided only to verified buyers at

Hi, loving your template so far! Could you let me know how to change the size of the main logo to be larger? Thanks!

Hi there

Support is provided to verified buyers via our support desk at

Please open a ticket there and we will take a look.


Hello – I wanted to leave some feedback on this theme – I did receive it free (don’t remember where/when) but I liked the look & installed – after that all the links to my portfolio items were broken, they only brought me to a 404 page. I did what was suggested and went to settings -> permalinks and saved, but it did not fix. I also created a new portfolio item to see if that helped, but even the preview option went to a 404 page, same when published. I tried for quite a while to fix, but never saw what an actual portfolio time looked like. When I changed back to my old theme, same problem, though going to settings -> permalinks -> save worked in this case. Not sure if this is due to it being a promotional item or not, but thought you should know.

Hi there

usually the 404 issue gets resolved by the permalinks refresh. Seems you downloaded the theme when it was the free item of the month, and as you can understand it is not possible to provide support for these free downloads.

We would be happy to look deeper into your issue, but I’m afraid you will need to purchase a license in order to be eligible for support.


Hi guys, thanks again for another nice theme ! I have only one question, I have a really big portfolio and like to show all of them to my guest and customer. But it make the “portfolio page” very long and the customer have to scroll down for while to see the end of page. Have I miss something or is that not a way to have a s example 20 single portfolios in one page before you go to site “2” and so… kindly

Hi, not such option for now, but we will include it in one of the next updates.


How many items can be displayed on portfolio page… is it possible to store a few hundred projects inside?

Thanks for your answer :)

Yes, there is no limit on how many projects you can upload. Thanks!

Sounds great man, thanks for your quick answer :) One more little question. Will the portfolio be displayed as “infinite” scroller or with pagination?

They will just appear infinite without any pagination.

Hello, I am unsure how to make the Google fonts actually work. I thought I entered it correctly but it isn’t showing the font as I am hoping. Google fonts doesn’t appear to have a clear copy and paste option for a situation like the backend of this theme present.

Any help would be great. Thank you!

Hi there

Please open a ticket at and we will guide you through!

Hello, does this theme work with WPML? And can I use WP 4.2.2.?

thank you

Hi there. Yes, it compatible with both :)