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Plaza, Help me please!

1. How can I change languge of “Lastest/Onsale/Bestseller/Mostviewed/Featured/New” product?

2. And, how can I add other mode for product?



I find in Mage_Directory.csv file, but not found! :(


app/locale/en_US[your language]/Mage_Directory.csv


I find in all .csv file (filter *.csv), but not found!

mngoe Purchased

Hi Plaza ,

Is this theme will be compatible with the 1.9.X Magento version ?


Hi, This theme is compatible with magento 1.9.x. You can use for your website.

morlin Purchased

Can any body help me – I have installed the Theme, but it do not like i should, there are missing the header, the top footer…

look here: www.morlintoys.dk


Hi, You can open a ticket plazathemes.com/tickets/. We will check and help you fix it.

Hey, i Buy this theme a few months ago and i had a problem :

i want to add blocks to “right” at homepage sidebar

i try to do it in page.xml but i cant find any solution for it.

i know its need to be easy but i really cant find the solution

now i can see only contact us + newsletter and subscribe_right.phtml is loaded i want to put newsletter/subscribe_right.phtml customblock/contact_block.phtml

Where i can out it at the code – please provide me a solution

Thanks, Guy


Hi, You can open a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets . We will help you change it for you.


Purchased this theme, but it is Magento,

Need it for WooCommerce, Is it compatible? Thank you.


Hi, This is Magento theme it isn’t compatible with WooCommerce

Hi Plaza,

We’re considering to buy the doll store theme. Before we do, we would like to know the image size of the logo in pixels that can be placed in the header. Is there an option for placing a logo over the entire width of the page? Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards, Lisette


Hi Lisette,
We used demo logo with size 142×21 px. You can change it if you want. It doesn’t fix size.