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Does this theme include install/setup documentation? I don’t see it anywhere.


Nevermind, I did not see them in the download folder before.

I noticed the GitHub and Instagram icons are mixed up. When I put the URL in the Instagram box I see the GitHub logo on the homepage.

enuwodu Purchased

Hello QBKL,

Thanks for such an interesting template.

I am using the wordpress version but would like to run it as a 404 page because i want to collect feedback.

Please how do i change this in wordpress?

The ‘coming soon’ and ‘domain sales’ use widgets… What about as a 404 page?

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I used this theme when building a website. A few days ago I uninstalled the theme and deleted everything that has to do with it to make place for my new website.

I wanted to launch the website on facebook but it has very weird meta data(??) when googling it I noticed it belongs to you guys. The sentence in the description is the one I wrote for the under construction page.

please have a look and tell me what I forgot to delete. I am using Yoast BTW with different settings.



http://cafenassaubreda.nl/ http://i.imgur.com/jy8xPFP.png

Hi, Your demo is dead..

QBKL Author

It doesn’t appear to be so on our side. Might have been a little server down time.