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Google Analytics Not Working:

When I try to activate Google Analytics from your Domena theme I get th error below… HELP?

OAuth 1.0 for Google Accounts has gone away

If you’ve been redirected to this page, it means that you’re using a website that uses OAuth 1.0 to ask your permission to access data in your Google Account. OAuth 1.0 has been replaced by OAuth 2.0, and we no longer provide this service for Google accounts. For more information about how this affects your usage of the website, we suggest contacting their customer support.

If you’re a developer of an application that uses OAuth 1.0, you should migrate to OAuth 2.0. Learn how to migrate to OAuth 2.0.

Update coming soon. We will be supporting OAuth 2.0 in the future, stay tuned.

Google Analytics AuthSub / OAuth 2.0
No support from author. What a shame.
Google Analytics feature is useless now.

Update coming soon.


I see that you write that you will update the theme to support Google OAuth 2.0. When will the update be released?

Hi again, do you have any news about when the update will come?

Is the update still coming any time soon?

We are waiting for update


kammy123 Purchased

Great design, but…

1. Analytics not integrating 2. Unable to get the Buy Now button working. Keep selecting and saving it, but it never shows. Not working properly.

Please update both, otherwise it’s simply not what it’s advertised to be.

We are waiting for update

Can it work for multi users? That is, can other domain sellers register and sell their domains on my site if I am using Domena 2.0 ?


thodiz Purchased

It doesnot work at all. I use the sugarhosts as the host, I followed the instructions, however, it can never be successful. 1. Install the domena theme with a primary domain, and finish setting, I can see the primary domain works. 2. Then I tried to park domains folllowing the instructions and someone mentioned above. a) Change the nameserver to point to the host. b) Add some other domains as the addon domains, and point them to the installed WP address as in step 1. c) Go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Parked Domains”, then click “Add New” and add the domains.

However, the url address just jump to the primary domain, the page title also only shows the primary domain.

So can anybody help me a little bit? It is really a painfull process. This theme needs to be improved a lot.


Tigl Purchased

Still no updates. Theme is still useless. Asked for a refund at Envato.