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I acqusitato prejudice the issue, but it is undocumented, as is the management of multiple domain names? The DNS are trained on the same ip where installed wordpress, or add domain aliases from plesk? The widget recognize the domain hosted by google analytics? thanks


Hello, the rewrite for the second time, I hope you answer me. We purchased domena, but there is no reference in the literature on how to manage the DNS domains that are parked. In your demo infatto the links of parked domains are broken! Therefore this issue is revealed innutile its end. I await some information on parking domains, since it does not work and you in the sales specifications indicated complete documentation!

Hi there, I have a question.

does the template “know” at what domainname it is displayed?

I want to make 1 directadmin account with domainname “x.com” with aliases for the other domainname lets say “y.com” “z.com” so if someone goes to z.com is will display the right domainname that is for sale? So it gets its variables from the URL in the addressbar?

Do you know what I mean? I am looking forward to your e-mail.

Best regards.


I’m having an issue with analytics – it just reports the following:

The site “http://co.uk” has not been registered.


Hi! Let’s say I want to park several domains that I want to sell on my site we’ll call XYZ.com but I don’t want to sell the XYZ domain. I read the documentation for 2.0 and watched the demos, but can’t find how to make XYZ not show up for sale.

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I just upload and configure this theme but when i setup a domain, the images is not showing correctly, for example:

Correctly on main domain: http://i.imgur.com/XNqPVUX.png http://i.imgur.com/CEj7SYF.png but on the rest of domains: http://i.imgur.com/P1Ozxqp.png http://i.imgur.com/QSDDtDA.png

What happens?.


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Really disappointed in this theme.

I emailed the author a few times, he never replied. I wanted to add ADSENSE but the theme responsiveness will look the whole site out of proportion.

I’ve also suggested the author that I am wiling to pay him/her but still no response.

Really bad support.

Given that support does not exist, someone has solved with domain parking? The DNS are aimed ip installation theme? O redirected to the relevant page created in the theme?

Hi Dude, I have a presale-question, how to setup each domain, for example I use godaddy to register and Cpanel host, how I configure each domain, DNS dns.mynames.com ns2.myname.com and parking the domain in my Cpanel host and add in theme options?? or?

Thanks in Advance