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Hi, I’m interested in buying this Under Construction page for my website (built in wordpress), but I would like to know first how can I make it work, I mean would it work by using a plugin like underConstruction ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/underconstruction/ ) on the html option, while I keep working on the site?, otherwise, how exactly should it be activated/installed? thanks in advance ;)


Hi Darek. I’m really not sure how to be installed like this. Donner is just simple html/css tempalte and it’s not an wordpress theme. Thanks for interested in.


First I want to apologize for my late reply, I’ve away from the computer for over a week.

Second, I do know that is not a wordpress theme, I guess I didn’t explain myself that well, I’m building a site on wordpress (already have it’s theme) but while I work on it I need a cool page to show to visitors, so I wanted to know if with the plugin that I showed you I could use this under construction template (If you go to screenshots http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/underconstruction/screenshots/ the last one lets you add html code) while the site is under construction/maintence, I’m just afraid that little html box is not going to be enough for this template to propperly work because of css rules or something, that’s what I wanted to know, hope you understand me now :P


It is possible buddy, but it’s a lot of work. Larger modification. Maybe is better to place separate landing page from WP.

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Did you make the icons yourself or were they made by a third party? I would love a Skype icon.


Hello WeNameIt.
Some of the icons are made by third party. Check “Credits” in Donner manual documentation. Other icons are created by me. Anyway, here is skype icon for you buddy: http://i.imgur.com/1ve7f.png
Enjoy :)


Could you help me please. Contact form and subscription are not working. When user click on button send or subscribe – nothing happens.


Hello, it’s probably hosting issue. The best way is to go to our support forum www.support.drythemes.com and “Start New Discussion”. Our developer will help you. Thanks

Can you make a responsive version of this template?


Uh, sorry buddy. Not in pur plan at the moment.

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No problem! It’s a little bit hard to make this responsive :)

Really good template anyway! 5 Star Rating!


Wooho! Thanks buddy :)

First, Thanks for the awesome theme.

Now, Is it possible to manipulate the time on an hourly basis? I am using it to count down to an event. It would be nice if the theme could count down to 7 pm an a given day. Is this possible?


Hello, Where is the PSD for the site… All I see is 1 PSD for the Phone/Email graphic.


Just like I said in “item description” – You’ll get PSD of Main (large one) Icon. For any other icons, check source & credits in documentation.

Hi there, I have some presale questions (plus I’m new to coding stuff):

1. Is it possible to remove the countdown? 2. Can I change the buttons to link to a survey or can I customize the contact page with like 10 questions? 3. Can I change the background picture?

The design is awesome. Thanks for your help!


1. Yes, it’s possible.
2. You can link the button to external page/survey. And I asume you can customize page and add survey if you are good enough in html/css
2. Yes, that should not be a problem.

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Hi, I am having problem with the countdown and if want to send an email it doesn’t work.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks Sisqo

Great work by the way.


Hey Razer :)
did you upload template to server or you trying locally?

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I uploaded to a server.

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Great work!

I have a little issue, how i can change the background color? i dont want that white color.


Sure :) Change bg color to whatever color you want.
.body_wrapper {background-color:#000;}