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Hi We have installed Doom template, great template. We want also to use AcyMailing module. The Name field was not showing at the subscription operation, we see only email field. Once I removed the file : templates/rox_doom/html/mod_acymailing/default.php I can see both of them. It was overriding Acymailing operations ? Today we want use customs fields from AcyMailing. We don’t see them, we just see 2 fields : Name & Email. But again it seems that there is an override. Any idea how to solve that ? Thank you

Hi, First issue yes we had override AcyMailing layout templates/rox_doom/html/mod_acymailing/default.php here so if you wish any changes you can copy main module default file on templates/rox_doom/html/mod_acymailing/ and then cahange according to your need. It will works. Thanks

Hello Support,

I have a big problem with my rox doom template.

I used Joomla! 3.3.6 Stable and my start page is everytime white with the rox doom template. When I choose an other template from joomla then the start page is displayed. On the start page is only text.

With the debug mode I couldn’t see any error. I hope you can help me.

with kind regards


How can I send you the login data?


I don’t use the mod rox carousel or a plugin. I deinstalled the mod rox carousel but it doesn’t work. The rox_noconflict_carousel.js is in the roox_doom/js directory.

How can I deactived this function from the template?

Hi, You can check index.php file in the template directory and can remove from there. Thanks


I delete ->addJs(‘rox_noconflict_carousel.js‘) from the index.php (file attached). But it’s not working. When I delete index.php from the server then a standard template is automatically activated and the text is display. Can you see other errors in the index.php? The original file is also attached.

Thanks for your help.

I send the attachment via mail.

Try by check Installing Quick Start and then see the configuration. i think there you had done something mistake. Otherwise its running everywhere very well. Thanks

Hello, Im having the biggest problem that incountered with a theme from themeforest so far.

I started with a clean 2.5.11 joomla installation and uploaded the file: rox_doom_templateonly_j25_j3.zip thru the backend.

The theme was visible under templates but if i select it the startpage goes white.

I thought i maybe had something to do with the version. So i deleted the website and installed a joomla 3 version and did the same thing. But i faced the same problem, a white frontpage.

After that i deleted again the website and used both of the Quick_Install_Doom and followed al the steps in the manual (install example data etc) but then the templates doesn’t show a rox_doom theme. And if i look with FTP to the files the rox_doom map is there in the templates folder.

I already try to contact yesterday but i didn’t get a response and me effort to make it work thru the Quick start today didnt help.

Thanks in advance.

Wessel Peeters

Hi, Can you please install Quick Demo pack on your local server and check what happen. Just make sure Quick Pack if complete Joomla Installation pack so just unzip folder and install it. Make sure to read documentation and click on Install Dummy Data. Also where you install Template only file can you please go to global configuration and enable development mood and check what it show on front-end? Thanks

Are you still offering the WordPress version of this theme? I bought it, and now it isn’t available anymore. I need assistance as it seems my website is messed up now.

We had stop selling doom wordpress version as there with some update the page builder raise some issue. But if you need help you can still contact us for your support by mail. Just follow support tab or profile messaging service of envato. Thanks

Hello, I bought the template and when I installed on my joomla website it gave me the error “Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /.../templates/rox_doom/index.php on line 29”. How Can I fix this problem?

Im using Joomla 3.3.0, but I tried with an older version and it gave me the same error. Does this template support the latest version (3.4.1)? Thank you, have a nice day

Hi, Please create question to our support forum for the issue. Our dedicated support staff will help you. Thanks