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Truly magnificent!!!

Thanks :D

Great theme! I only have one problem, Ææ Øø Åå (Norwegian characters) doesn’t display in the headers. (for example < h4 >Åpningen< /h4 > appears as “pningen”). What can I do?

Hi, the cufon doesn’t support Norwegian character, so you need to remove the cufon. Remove this code:

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, .titlefooter');

Hello I’d buy this theme in Wordpress version only today to access the link of the wordpress theme page not found, it seems that the issue was taken down. I wonder if this issue will be the version sold in Wordpress so I buy it, I need a lot, I liked this theme is very nice. Thank you for your attention and have a great day!

There is no wordpress version for this one, but the version 1 of this template ( have wordpress version. But the wordpress version not available anymore, sorry.

Take care, do not to download this template

All PHP files are missing and the author does not respond to our complain BECAREFUL !!! Do not download :(

I was reply all your email 2 times, please check your inbox, I will paste my replied here:


Down to Earth template for Green Company 2.0 is HTML template, so the only php file is contactus.php to create the contact form. Did you think that’s Wordpress theme?

Is it supporting non-English languages; like for example Arabic?

No, sorry

UPDATE: I already removed de cufon line, however i still cannot get the capital Ñ to display… i checked my webfont and is there, so it must be something else. accents and the small ñ are working fine.

Id appreciate any help

Hello, I love your theme! One problem, though. I need Spanish characters to display in headers… accents and letter Ñ, for example…

Please help!


Hmmm, could you give me your url? Contact me directly from my profile page

hello.. problem solved. Thanks!!!!