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can i use paypal pro to chk out on the website?


I’m not sure, PP pro account allows users to make the payment on your own website but I can’t be sure whether such payment “method” is mandatory or optional. Try to contact PP staff and find out, I would also like to know!

Looks nice, it would be nice if the login/register form loaded in a light box for example instead of redirecting away from the page. Can this be done? Is it a feature you might consider adding?


To be honest with you I did eliminate lightbox login. Users are allowed to access certain pages only if logged in and the check point is found on these pages. So what would happen if user tries to access certain page with the lack of privileges?
Blank/white page displayed below lightboxed login screen. WordPress allows redirection only in case wp_redirect() is called before page header loads.

Omg Feeleep , this is so sweet ! But one question , how does an user get paid out ? Every week, month or when the user says withdrawel within their account ?


No you got me wrong mate! If you take a look at my SuppaStore theme you gonna know how DownloadShop is supposed to be working. The only difference is that you can sell digital goods with DownloadShop instead of tangible aka non-digital.


Nah was joking , i love this theme and i will check out suppastore! And i must admit that this will be the third theme i will purchase from you ! Nice and functional themes, exactly what i need.



Ahh, all righty then, I didn’t want you to find yourself disappointed so it’s better to clear all out before moving on.

You can limit the amount of times you can sell a product?

For example, if I want an item / product is sold only once and then be removed from the list or display any message not available.


OMG , if I knew that before! That’s a cool feature and I’m going to write it down to a theme’s wish-list, thanks.

Really cool. Its it possible to show the homepage without the imaged and sold area?


Theme Options allow you show and hide each and every element that can be seen by default (demo). It means that you can show or hide slider, intro section, 4 widgets below slider, title of “recently added products”, products, sidebar and footer.


Hi feeleep, I am planing to use your theme into the next few weeks. But one further question:

Is it possible to give all site visitors access to freebies by pricing 0,00 and a second alternative: only registered buyers are able to download a file for free?

And a subsriber input for page visitors might be useful with a direct connection to mailchimp or an alternative free service. Are you thinking about that in a further update?



The truth is: nobody is allowed to checkout with zero, PayPal will not allow that! So any eventual freebies must be published either as a separate Page or Post but never as Product.

Hi! May I sale digital and real goods with this system? Regards!


No, I’m afraid not, It reads: SELL DIGITAL GOODS EASILY .

This is great theme! Good luck for sales :)


Thanks mate!

Hello, great looking theme and nice functionality!

Just wondering, is it possible to set “free download” option too?.. so some of the files /pictures can be downloaded without seeing payment or price?


Yeah, I knew someone is gonna ask that :) Basically, what you can do is to either make a new Post or Page that will be used for that purpose. For example you can create a “Free Downloads” Category (not a Catalog!) and publish all of your free downloads there.
Technically, it’s not possible to publish a product whose price is equal to 0, PayPal will not allow that!


if i create a “Free downloads” category and publish my pictures there like you said, will they appear in a neat grid format like the other items in shop? or will they just appear as wordpress posts or pages?


Category is reserved for “regular” posts and as such use “standard” page layout as seen in News/Blog section.


iwas wondering can it deal with video llop for sale



If you zip it up – there shouldn’t be any problems!

Is it possible to add a preview feature for music downloads??


Upload preview MP3 to Product description and that’s it. For a case you have any problems – I’ll be here to help you with.

Hello, contains. po file to translate everything into Spanish including the shopping cart?


Yes it does, just like any other premium WP theme.

In what file can i edit the background Image for the Frontpage Main menubar? Or what code should i use to use my own menubar buttons. I cant say i like the menubar that much, the rest of the theme is really awesome tho.


Main menu buttons do not use any background image at all! However, background color can be changed easily from theme Options page.
If you are about to completely change design of a main menu, open “sofa_downloadshop/navigation/ddsmoothmenu.css” and do whatever you think is necessary!

djzen01 Purchased

Hi, Great theme… I cannot get the nivo slider to appear on the home page! The theme is installed, dummy contented added.. Options saved for Use Featured Slider! But still nothing appears.. no slider pannel??

Please Help… really want to make this theme work…

Many Thanks


I did reply to your email earlier this morning, hopefully you already have it so far.

I am having problems with the slider to. I deleted the ones from the dummy xml, then i added 4-5 images with the same size, now i only see a white screen in the slider. Did i miss out on something? Thanks!


Yes, the most probably you did! Why deleting it from dummy file manually? You could simply delete it after import. XML file does match to database structure so if you didn’t remove it properly data might be imported improperly!
I guess you should now delete all of Nivo-slides and manually enter one by one.

djzen01 Purchased


How do i link the CART link in the top black pannel to www.mydomain.com/checkout at the moment it links to www.mydomain.com/

also orders / overview links to www.mydomain.com/

where are the settings for the top black customer / user panel?

Many thanks


Essentially, there’s no need to modify anything because all of the links are generated automatically! If the basket button doesn’t open Checkout page it means that Checkout page doesn’t exist! Did you delete it? This template is automatically created and added to Pages upon theme activation.
Check out whether this page exist in Dashboard, Pages > All Pages . For a case it doesn’t, deactivate your theme first by activating some other in theme’s library (anyone would work fine). Immediately after you do so, re-activate Sofa DownloadShop and get back to Pages > All Pages. It should be there.

Excellent Documentation so far for the install!

Now on to the customization.

Great work again feeleep!!!!

As Usual!


I’m glad to read you like it mate!

Im sorry for the slow reply and for the lack of english explanations. I refeer to the earlier discussion 3posts up. Of course i did not delete the sliders from the dummytext.xml Itselfe, that would be wierd. I did delete the original sliders from the Nivo-SLiders in the Admin Panell and adding new images, but they don’t work. There are only white images sliding now, however, the pagination buttons and the rest of the slider “box” is working, but not the images.

I hope this clarify some things from my earlier post :) Thanks


I think everything might be much easier if you let me know URL of your website and eventually create a temp Admin account for me. That’s how I can see what you did, how you did it and why images appear to be “white”.

Feel free to drop me all the details to my private email address! Thanks mate!

Any plans to support payment by credit card via a card processor other than paypal?


I have had some really bad experience with authorize.net in past and a little bit less problems with 2CO so I’m kinda not quite sure.
Which payment gateway do you prefer?

Is this theme modifiable I have a complete layout I want to replace the way this theme looks but keep the digital store functionality


I guess in that case you’ll have to modify CSS . Not sure about the volume of work (I didn’t see your design) but it’s doable.

canol Purchased

I can see my images (winkel.canolfaruk.nl) I have read your download shop manual. I also couldn’t import the images in the dummy data!! What can you advice?


There might be a chance that media files import failed due to my server bandwidth limitation, I see no other reason.
I will try to zip up entire “uploads” folder and let you download it. Of course, you gonna have to upload (and unzip) to “wp-content”.
Please drop me a private message in order to let you know download link. Thanks!