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Really like this theme and will purchase but before i do can you answer a few questions for me;

1. Can i add different payment gateways to it? 2. I want to sell stuff that doesn’t need to be downloaded, is that possible? I am thinking of adding a WP e-commerce plugin that has UK postal prices etc.

I think thats it for now. Cheers


First of all, this theme has/uses built-in e-commerce solution. It means that any other e-commerce plugin may collide with it. Next, it’s a download shop and you can’t sell physical goods.

As for different payment gateway, you will need an implementation. Each gateway has its own API and developer’s documentation and needs to be implemented differently.

My suggestion is to consider Sofa LathikaJigo e-commerce theme that allows you to sell both physical and digital goods and then eventually buy ready-made payment gateway extension (plugin).


Thank you for your help.

Possibly a sill question (but it’s Friday, so I’m full of them) but when a sale is made, an email is sent. Is this sent via the downloadshop, or PayPal? If it’s the store, is there a way to edit it?


Yeap, one message is sent from your DownloadShop and then another one from PayPal. You can edit your local message if you like…
1. open “sofa_downloadshop/gateways/paypal_ipn.php” for edit
2. lines #99 thru #108 are supposed to handle notification message so modify whatever you think is needed
3. save file and be sure modified version is uploaded to server as well


We are using your theme for the launch of a new company we have.

I have a question about it. I have uploaded images and each one has multiple size versions and a featured image. When you go to the image page and click on the image, it comes up in a gallery view and allows the user to scroll through all the images. Thus allowing someone to screen capture one of the images that does not have our copyright symbol on it. Can you tell me how to stop that from happening?

I’m sure I will have others but that’s what I’ve got right now.


There’s no way to stop any screen grabber from making a shot because it’s the system application. You will have to watermark all of images before upload.

I’m not trying to stop the screen capture. But I have to upload files without the watermark for download. So the theme is showing the products that must be uploaded and not just the featured image as part of the preview. I need the preview to just be the featured image and not the downloadable files.


Well, it looks like there’s something hell of a wrong with your site. Files for download shouldn’t be visible nor available on product single page at all. Moreover, by using theme’s default templates it’s impossible to include files for sale in loop.
Featured image should be used as your product visual presentation and file for sale MUST be zipped and then uploaded to product’s Definition Box.

cloudmsg Purchased

How do I enable comments in the blog area? when I uncheck the check box in the sofa options.. it just says comments off http://www.cpenet.us/september-october-2012-fraud-in-the-news-newsletter/ for example..


OK, I’ll do that within next two hours. Will keep you posted!

cloudmsg Purchased

Hey, have you got anything figured out?


Please read your emails, you gonna find all of the answers there.

Question before purchasing:

1. After I successfully purchase the file, does the customer can repurchase the file?

2. If does is that hiding the buy now button or it change the button into download?


After you purchase the file, it will be downloadable only from your account’s Downloads section. Any person who has login credentials will be able to access and download files that you have purchased.
If you plan to install this theme on multiple domains (unlimited number) extended license purchase is required.


I meant the functionality of your theme. Like apple app store once you purchase the file you can’t repurchase it.


Users who are about to re-purchase the file will be warned about on product details page. Of course, this doesn’t prevent another purchase but I honestly doubt that there are people willing to pay twice for the same thing.

How can I do to import a list of photo, price and option via xml ?


If you take a look at how Dummy file for import is structured (find and isolate product XML structure), you should get an idea how it works. Be careful, it’s not as easy as it may seem at first look.

Is there a separate website for this plugin/theme other than themeforest? Also, does your plugin support using Amazon S3 for storing the downloadable files?


There’s only one demo site for this theme, not sure why do you need more… As for where files for sale can be stored, currently the only place is where all other WP uploaded files are stored: “uploads” folder.

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I can not delete items in the basket. What can I do?


There must be some javascript error on page. Be sure that you have Main Menu declared in Theme Locations panel…
Dashboard, Appearance > Menus

Theme Locations panel is the top most one on the left hand side. Main Menu MUST be selected! If you did not create Main Menu, do it first then select. Beware, “Main Menu” name must be used for menu in page header!

bertix Purchased

OK. I have activated under theme locations Main Menu -> Main Menu but I have still same problems.


All righty then, create a temp Admin account for me and send login details to my private email address. I’ll take a look and let you know what is going on.

Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme, I have a few questions. I will have a few different Catagories, like; Videos / Audio / Ebook / etc etc is that possible with this theme?

I also want to use Awaber before each download/s after payment, is that also possible?



Yes, you may create as many categories/catalogs as required. I guess you’ll need a plugin to preview audio (oEmbed HTML5 Audio) and video files (Colorbox should be fine).

As for Awaber – I don’t know. I have found AWeber plugin for WordPress but that might not be the same. No matter what, if you are about to kinda intercept downloads or payments I can’t bet on that. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work – sorry!

Is there a way of changing the thumbnails on the main page to display portrait and landscape, instead of the portrait ones being cropped?


Yes, you can control the size of these thumbnails but a little intervention in code is needed…

1. open “index.php” and go to line #72 that reads

$image = vt_resize( $thumb, '', 135, 90, true );

2. fourth attribute represents image height (90px by default) so replace with whatever is needed.
Leave 135px as is because wider image might break the layout.

3. save “index.php” and upload to server if edited on local machine

On a side note, be sure to update “taxonomy.php” too (line #85) because this template is used to display all of your products per category/catalog.


Great got it! Thanks

I had a developer working on this for me, now when I click on an image from the front page, it appears squashed on the second page, which php file will get me to the thumbnails for the products page?




How do you mean squashed? vt_resize() doesn’t re-size image, it actually crops image according to width and height provided in function arguments.

Sometimes is good idea to provide site URL so I can take a look, maybe I misunderstood the question….are you talking about product additional images? If true, open “single-product.php”, line #116 and update as you did with previous two template files.

SO why is it that you can only use zip files? And does any video file type work? Thanks. I think mu customer might balk at the extra step.


ZIP is the universal solution, I had to make things uniform in order to reduce code as opposed to hundreds of different file formats. Beside, some file formats are supported by Browser(s) and might rather open up in new tab than initiate download. If you are about to sell videos – zip it up and everything will be fine.

Hello, really interested in this theme, a question though: let’s say I have 10 digital products, can a customer buy just 2 products? So when he logs in into his member area, he can only download the 2 products he purchased?



Yes, that’s correct, only purchased products can be downloaded. If you have a bunch of 10 and someone decides to buy only 2, it’s kinda logical that these two will become downloadable.

kbuy999 Purchased

Right now by default when a customer clicks into the search bar at the top it chooses to search News/Blog first. Is there anyway to get it to chose Products by default instead?


Uhmmm, that sounds strange. If you create a temp admin account for me and send login info to my private email address, I’ll be able to take a look, debug code and then be 100% sure in what’s going on. Otherwise I might say/suggest something wrong. Lemme know if that’s all right with you.

kbuy999 Purchased

I sent you an e-mail with the info


OK, I’ve got it and will let you know as soon as I’m done.

Thanks for SUPERB theme. I have problem, if i try log like author its inpossible see admin. I change permission ( all files on ftp ) to 770…wheres bug ? thanks for help.


It’s not a bug, only Admins may access Dashboard :) If you need to disable that feature do the following:

1. open “function.php”, scroll down to line #389 and comment it.
It means that you should change

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'redirect_dashboard' );

...to something like:

//add_action( 'admin_menu', 'redirect_dashboard' );


/*add_action( 'admin_menu', 'redirect_dashboard' );*/

2. save “functions.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machine

I have a very basic question, how can I change the background color of pages to white in all pages? By default it has a greyish tinge

Open “sofa_downloadshop/theme_css/custom.css”, line #496 that reads:

.content-border-white {
    background-color: #F1F1F1;
    margin: 20px auto 0;
    padding: 0 20px 20px;
...and change background-color property to #FFFFFF.
Save “sofa_downloadshop/theme_css/custom.css” on server too and you are done.


Thanks for the reply. This doesn’t solve my issue. What I want to do is remove the grey(F1f1f1) background that comes on all the pages including the text. All help is truly appreciated.

Best Regards,



There’s no other line in “sofa_downloadshop/theme_css/custom.css” but only #496 that is affecting document background. There’s no style in any other CSS document having an impact on that background color! If you use Developer tools (each modern Browser has it!) you’ll be able to figure that out by yourself.

Sorry but there’s no other way to change bg color of that element. Maybe you just don’t doing it right and maybe I’m missing the point of the question.

If I transferred ownership of the web site I used this template for and helped install it on the buyers hosting server and removed it from mine would that be ok? Thanks



That would be just fine!


I really like the theme and i will buy it.

But first i have a question

I will sell also videos. So is there a preview video possibility ?


This theme takes behalf of Colorbox and Colorbox is capable of loading remote content – including videos.
So you actually can embed video to product description but it’ll take the width of a text box only. My suggestion is to create a button that will read “PREVIEW VIDEO ” and link it to a file thru Colorbox.