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Hello. I’m trying to view the Livesite Preview and it’s not displaying. Know when it’ll be available again to view? ;)


I’ve got a notification from my hoster (Dreamhost) that all of my domains and subdomains are in the process of migration to a new server – including databases.
The most probably an error reading “Error establishing a database connection” will be there until migration completed. Maybe even a couple of days.
Take my deepest apologies!

Hi, I would like to know where I have to make changes to increase the font size of the main menu. I am new to this. So any help would be appreciated.



This has been resolved. I found that the main menu uses the font size of the body.


OK, that’s great to read. Lemme know if anything else is needed!

I am not able to post comments though we have enabled comments in the settings. Please check hgirx.com

Thanks in advance


It actually works in reverse … if you tick the checkbox comments will be enabled.

I also tried adding disqus.. Still no luck


OK, I’ll take a look and let you know. Please allow some time to resolve the problem!


Thank you so much for the great support..


No problem! Feel free to write whenever is needed!

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What is the proper way to upgrade the theme if you already have it running and active on your site?

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Quick question that may or may not have anything to do with the theme. When I go under products now since upgrading to 3.5 I have no tool bars in visual or text editors. any ideas?

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Never mind I found a thread on wordpress.org that suggested installing the “Use Google Libraries” plugin, and then activated it and it worked like a champ I have all my tool bars back.


Uhmm… first time hear about that issue with toolbars … at least I didn’t experience it so far. Either way, I’ll keep on mind, thanks!

Hi feeleep ,

just bought this awesome theme. i have a question , there is no option in Payment setting to change the currency to Indian National rupee (Indian currency). i am working on a project for a Local client and the products should be listed in our local currency.

is there a method to integrate INR into the default list of available currencies

I am on a deadline for this project , any help would be appreciated



1. open “options.php” and scroll down to line #98. You’ll see the list of currencies and belonging currency codes.

2. Append or prepend Rupee to the list … so at the end it might look like this:

$options_paypal_currency = array(
    "INR" => "Indian National Rupee",
    "AUD" => "Australian Dollar",
    "BRL" => "Brazilian Real",
    "CAD" => "Canadian Dollar",
    "CZK" => "Czech Koruna",
    "DKK" => "Danish Krone",
    "EUR" => "Euro",
    "HKD" => "Hong Kong Dollar",
    "HUF" => "Hungarian Forint",
    "ILS" => "Israeli New Sheqel",
    "JPY" => "Japanese Yen",
    "MYR" => "Malaysian Ringgit",
    "MXN" => "Mexican Peso",
    "NOK" => "Norwegian Krone",
    "NZD" => "New Zealand Dollar",
    "PHP" => "Philippine Peso",
    "PLN" => "Polish Zloty",
    "GBP" => "Pound Sterling",
    "SGD" => "Singapore Dollar",
    "SEK" => "Swedish Krona",
    "CHF" => "Swiss Franc",
    "TWD" => "Taiwan New Dollar",
    "THB" => "Thai Baht",
    "TRY" => "Turkish Lira",
    "USD" => "U.S. Dollar" 
(NOTE: I have prepended your currency!)

3. save “options.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machine.

I want to buy this theme, but first I need to know if your theme supports selling images in multiple resolutions and also if it rescales them automatically to more resolutions?


Yes, your e-product may have as many variations as required which means you can sell one image in multiple resolutions. However, you’ll have to crop each image manually, zip it up and then upload as product variation. WordPress doesn’t have this ability by default.


But I need the resolutions displayed in the same product, not as different products and each with different price, just like any stock photo site.


That’s possible with this theme, these are called product variations!

Thanks for the reply mate . by following your instructions , i was able to add an option in the themes option panel but after selecting it , the currency still remains US dollar in the front end . Currency symbols etc remain unchanged.

also when i checkout of the cart to paypal gateway , it displays price in USD Not INR



Then I think you should create a temp Admin account and let me see what you’ve done and whether it was done properly. Feel free to drop me a private message (click on my avatar and use contact form in sidebar of my profile page).

Hello, I am interested in potentially purchasing this template, however I would like to know if I am able to use it as an MP3 Download Store?

I would need the option to purchase and listen to full albums and also Singles…



As long as your mp3 files are zipped then everything will be fine. You have to know that there are hundreds of different digital formats and some of them are not even supported by WordPress. So in order to make things uniform ZIP format was selected as the most acceptable. That’s how you can sell .mp3 and .xor, .sdxf or anything else in the same time.

As for a preview, try “oEmbed HTML5 Audio” plugin, it’s really good one and works with this theme like a charm.

Hi, I’m trying to install your December update into my new site but am coming across an error:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.”

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!


You can’t install theme download package! Unzip the package to a local drive first then take a look into unzipped folder; there’s another ZIP inside and that’s the one you need to install.

On a side note, be sure that you did not change anything in source code of “old” theme files because changes will be lost after an update!

If you plan to update entire theme, deactivate “old” version first then delete/uninstall and at the end install the latest version.

I would like to add an item for free download. However when I enter 0.00 in the product definition box the item does not appear on the front end. Can you help me with this?


If you want to provide free stuff create new page for that purpose. Or you could create category and publish regular posts with free stuff. There’s no ZERO price in e-commerce, PayPal won’t let anyone checkout with zero.

Feeleep I am interested in your theme, but I have a question that may or may not be unique to me. I have stock images that I license directly but I also have many that I am unable to license myself as they are under exclusive contracts with Getty or Corbis. However, I like to keep them in the mix on my site and put links to the sites where they can be licensed. Is it possible to have images that are blocked from direct sale?


As I already wrote, there’s an e-commerce part and regular (blog) part merged into one theme. E-commerce does require certain user inputs and some of these inputs are mandatory. As such you can’t make an exception, things are about to happen toward some sort of a pattern.
Maybe you could try to find an e-commerce plugin that “binds” to a Post and can be set at will.


feeleep. Do you offer custom work on your themes?


I usually do but currently my schedule is booked almost three months in advance and I simply can’t take more side-work. Sorry! Maybe you could try to find developer at http://jobs.freelanceswitch.com .

Hello, has the theme a function to watermark preview pictures and a multi-language support for the frontend-user?

Cheers Sebastian


change place of currency (after value for germany)
- yeap, that would be a nice feature. I’ll write it down and see what can be done until next update

fullwidth option for single-product.php
- feel free to download it HERE. Unzip to a local drive then upload to server, theme’s folder.

The Tax
- you have a choice to calculate Tax into each product and not show it up it on checkout page (set tax value to zero in theme Options).
...or you could enter product price with the tax excluded and apply to Subtotal at the checkout page.


change place of currency (after value for germany) :)

fullwidth option for single-product.php thanxs

The Tax in germany its difficult: the price you see is included tax. on the checkout page you must reveal: price without tax: 8,40 €; price of 19 % tax: 1,60 € and fullprice: 10,00 €. I wrote for this a php calulation, but when you pay per paypal its whitout the tax … or tax is on top …


Is there a way you can set up tax directly in PayPal? US PayPal accounts have an option to set up Tax per federal state so I wonder whether something like that would be possible with German accounts?

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Hello! To localize the theme might use plug CodeStyling Lotsalization. Thanks


I’m not sure I understood the question … no matter what, be sure to have ”.PO” file editor, like POEdit (it’s free + cross platform). Once you have it installed, look up for “localization” folder (that can be found inside theme’s folder), open it and translate “sofa_downloadShop.po”. Detailed instructions on how to localize your theme copy are to be found in theme Manuals.

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???????. ??? ???????? ? ??????????? ?????? CodeStyling Localization


What is CodeStyling Localization?!?

I have a quick question. First, when try to search tags or keywords from my products on the website it doesn’t bring any of them up. If I type in the title of the product it will pull it up, but not the tags? Also in the personal download page the file size shows up Grab Me (0)K. I am not for sure what I did, but I would appreciate your help.

Oohh yeah I love the template it is awesome!!!!


At this point I can’t say much. I will have to ask you to create a temp Admin account for me and send login details (+ URL of your website) to my private email address. That’s how I can use theme Editor, setup debug points and figure out what is going on.
No matter what, I’m sure everything can be sorted out.

Hello, search option, how to add other options such as: . illustration . icons . vector

is it possible? thanks


Do you ask me how to search by category name/slug or else? If true, then you could simply include one or more terms (illustration, icon, etc.) to certain product tags/keywords. That’s how all of them will be found (search may include product tags as well!).

But if you ask me how to filter products by tags then you’ll have to create categories/catalogs instead and publish your products in more that one category/catalog. Include all of them to menu or a custom menu and allow users to select.


well noted, thanks… . . . . . . I had a problem with permalink please advise, whether it can change the permalink catalog with another word? or it may be eliminated?

web.com/catalog/my-category [to] web.com/my-category [or] web.com/catalog/my-category [to] web.com/download/my-category



Please use permalink structure as advised in theme Manuals. Otherwise, you’ll have to mess up with ”.htaccess” and that’s where I can’t be of great help.

On the demo, you mention having a few products available for free. I assume you just state the price as $0 in the product definition? Do users still have to go thru the Paypal process to be able to download these?


PayPal will not allow you to checkout with zero so making a product whose price is equal to 0 doesn’t make much sense. If you want to allow free downloads then it should be out of e-commerce part; you can create a Page for that purpose or a regular category with “free download” posts.

I would buy this theme, but I need image categories and subcategories to be displayed on every page and the ability to browse/navigate all images or one category.


I think I don’t understand mate … This theme allows you to create menus and your menu(s) gonna be organized on the way you like. Speaking of menus, product appearance on page will depend on which category/catalog that certain product was published in.

Ok I have purchased the theme. How can I change the permalink urls ? from mysite.com/product/name to mysite.com/image/name ?


Please read theme Manuals, recommended permalink structure should be /%category%/%postname%/


I guess you’ll have to fine tune ”.htaccess” file in that case but that goes beyond my knowledge. Sorry, you’ll have to seek for an answer elsewhere!