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Hello, I would like more payment method and payment options in this theme, Im not programmer so I need help. Paypal payment system is not here as a plugin, but integrated in theme source, so others wordpress plugins with others payment systems (for example http://getshopped.org/), don’t working with this theme. I would like add and connecting cart of this theme with bitcoins payment method, and others (Mt.Gox, Ripple, Payza, “Bitpay”...) and the option to enable and disable it in admin “options panel”. can my anybody help, please?


Don’t get me wrong mate but if you are programmer and author of this theme, you can make update for this method and your theme can be more interesting for your customers :) maybe it will more money for you, because you will have very good theme not only for one payment method. update for customers is good bonus and more more money for you. you can made plugin for your theme “payments methods for downloadshop” and sell it per 10 dollars, I thinking that 50% your customers will buy it. I will first and this idea is without money for you from me, mate. :)


Thanks for an advice but there’s one major problem: it’s literally impossible to cover so many different payment gateways, there’s almost 90 that can be considered as “official” and even more local ones. So let’s say I create a couple of them but the situation won’t be so bright; it’s more like playing lottery. To be honest with you, I never heard about Mt.Gox or Payza…

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@ anybody having trouble with the file size when uploading. I had the same issue but requested my hosting provider to give me some more space and they did and in fact maximized it to 50 MB.


50MB sounds like coming from the past century. I think that 256MB should be the minimum while Unlimited Web Hosting allows incredible 1GB.

Hello, I purchased this theme but when I try to activate, always gives this error code:

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home2/fpsstock/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/product-functions.php on line 23”

Can you help please?


“May we also suggest?” can be found in “single-product.php” file, line #275. Not sure whether you are about to translate entire theme (use “languages/sofa_downloadShop.po” for that purpose) or just one single line…


Wanna change just one single line. Thank you..


No problem!

I tested theme in localhost but appear alert ” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in C:\AppServ\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\sofa_downloadshop\functions.php on line 1428 “

PLease help me


You didn’t buy this theme, I can’t find your name on the list of theme buyers. Unfortunately, until that happens I will not be able to provide help. There might be a chance you downloaded my theme from a site that provides pirated version and such versions quite often may be infected with malicious code.

Hi One question before bying Is this Theme ready for French Language? Thank’s


It does have a localization/language (”.po”) file which is used for the purpose of theme translation.

I purchased DownloadShop, and everything works well until it gets to the point where the customer should be able to go to their profile and download what they paid for.

The PayPal transactions are going through, but there isn’t a link on the Downloads page.

When I look at the individual products in the Dashboard, you can see that I’ve uploaded a file for download, but when I look at the list of all products, it says that no files are uploaded. Please help ASAP. My boss is about to pull the plug on this store, and I really don’t want to have to start over.


It’s not easy to guess what might be wrong without seeing the site online or signing-in to Dashboard … At this point I can only say that all of the files for sale need to be ZIPped up. So, if you sell fonts, photos, videos, secret government files – ZIP all up before upload, that’s the rule no. 1.
For a case that’s not the cause of the problem feel free to create a temp Admin account for me and send credentials to my private e-mail address. I’ll take a look and let you know what’s wrong.


I am trying to run a javascript call to action bar on the front page (to visitors) but it seems that something is interfering with it. The users have to be signed in to see the plugin on the front page. Is this because the theme uses a different front page for visitors? Other than that business is booming thanks to your theme!


I don’t know which plugin is the subject of a problem … or are there any special requirements relating to it? If your plugin is written in jQuery/javascript then it shouldn’t have anything to do with user privileges in WordPress. Otherwise check out plugin options once again, maybe there’s an option relating to user account.

Is DownloadShop compatible with Amazon S3 for storing my products files? Thanks.


No, files for sale must be uploaded with each product which means they all are stored on your own server.

Hello , great theme, but I have two Pre-Sale questions : is thii theme a real market place : Ie does this Theme support a user uploading his content and setting his price ? or it’s only support one user/ provider of Content?

Is it compatible with WP Marketplace plug in ?

Thanks alot


No, that theme doesn’t work as Themeforest or Codecanyon. The only merchant with this theme is you. As for WP Marketplace compatibility – I didn’t try it yet so can’t know the answer. Sorry!


I am planning on buying this theme – just had a few questions around customization.

The theme has a lot of functions that I don’t really need at the moment.

1. Is there a way to skip the add to cart process? I want my users to buy the items right away without going to the cart.

2. I will be selling word press themes so there will be live demo link – how can I add that into your theme?

3. The thumb nail sizes are way too small for my taste – I would like to display large thumbnails on the product list page – 2 per column. How easy is it to do?

4. The right hand panel on the product details page is not needed, whats the best way to remove this?

If you could kindly answer these for me. I have also sent you an email for further customization – if you could also reply to that.



1. No, that’s not possible simply because this theme uses shopping cart on behalf of a single item buy.

2. You can add a simple link or insert button shortcode to product description for that purpose.

3. In that case you’ll need to modify CSS a little bit. Not sure about how skilled you are regarding CSS mate, it might be a real nightmare for someone who just started learning.

4. Do you mean the sidebar? Sidebars are included per template as
get_template_part( 'sidebar_single_product' );

If you remove it then the sidebar won’t be displayed. However, since you want to get rid of it, the main content section needs to become wider in order to fill the gap. And, of course, some other child elements too. Find “framework.css” file inside of “theme_css” folder just to figure out which classes are used to define element widths.

As for the message of yours I’ll answer as soon as I can!

Hi Dameer

I tested with sandbox, and everything works just fine. I see my order in ‘Orders overview’. But when I ask a friend to make a real buy with paypal the order does not show up, and the customer does not get a downloadlocation. I get a mail from paypal that their payment is received…

So sandbox works, paypal does not…

If you could help me out this would be great.

Regards Leonard


Please provide Admin account credentials and I’ll take a look. It sounds strange because if it works in testing environment (Sandbox) then it MUST be working for real. We’ll see, just be sure to provide Admin user/pass … send it to my private email address, of course!

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Hi Dameer, made you admin… hope you can solve this strange problem

Regards Leonard


OK, will let yo know the result.

Something happen to my website when I added a lazy load plug-in to my website. The click here buttons on the homepage are gone now.



I wasn’t able to find any “click here” button on the home page of your website, did you disable lazy load or else? Not sure what might be wrong, I did not test the theme with that plugin.
However, what I can see at your website is javascript error that doesn’t let buyers to select product Size.
That error comes from Fancybox, it reads: “TypeError: select.fancybox is not a function”. Try to disable Fancybox plugin and see whether the problem persist. Why exactly do you need another image viewer plugin beside Colorbox?

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http://www.exceltrainingdesigns.com/downloads/category/customizations/ How do I make this NOT show the date/added by/comments are off at the bottom, and how do I make it show more than 10 comments per page? Also is it possible to make this show the “Buy Now” button? Thanks, I love this theme!

Sorry but I’m not the author of this theme :)

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Is there a way to create category page like shutterstock.com ? I need to have it on my home page. How can I do ? Thank you


You can create as many categories (Catalogs) or sub-categories as needed and place them in main menu, widget (custom menu) or tag cloud widget. This theme does not try to replicate Shutterstock, it’s rather a simple e-products web shop.

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I explain the need : I add images on in world/usa/newyork and one in world/australia/sydney

If I click world category, there isn’t australia or isa category link but all images together, why ? Thank you


I’m not 100% sure that I understood the question but parent category/catalog is supposed to show all of posts/products if published in child-category or child-catalog. Am I missing the point?

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Any update on the theme being made responsive in the future? Would be a huge plus for being able to use the theme on mobile devices!

Hopefully… :-)


I guess that might become reality when I’m done with my vacation. Of course, if not too much work piled up while I’m gone.

Hi, Why do scripted e-mails for example from a user registration confirmation come from < username@box###.BlueHost.com > when I have specified otherwise? I host with bluehost. I’ve lost all the hope, please help!


Ok, thanks, but where do I get your email address from?


Never mind :) I’ve sent you an email through themeforest. Thanks!


OK, I’ve got it and will respond ASAP.

Hi feeleep, Can create a special folder for storage of downloaded files? so do not automatically stored in “wp-content/uploads” please help if possible


I kinda wanted to make things as simple as possible so didn’t want to change default uploads folder. Not sure where your concern is coming from, all of the files for sale are automatically renamed (MD5) and I think it’s really hard for someone to guess the file name. Just be sure to disable directory listing – as advised in theme manuals. However, if you want to change uploads folder to something else – do it from WP Admin.