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Great work i will be watching this item


Great! Nice to read that mate!

This theme looks almost perfect for a download store I am working on. My concern is that the theme will work for my needs. For example I plan on using DPD http://getdpd.com/ as the back end as I need massive amounts of bandwidth and storage. Is it possible to not use any of the shopping cart features of the theme and still get full functionality? I will get all shopping cart functions from DPD . Let me know. Thanks!


This theme is an out of the box solution, it has e-commerce built in and as such can’t be just plugged off. I’m not saying that’s impossible but it could be much easier to start from scratch than modify existing code/structure.

In general, what you see on theme’s demo site is what you get for real.

Hello Feeleep! I have a question… how can I add more images (in addition to the featured image) in a product so my customers can view them thru the SEE MORE IMAGES button? I’m having a hard time figuring this out.


That should be easy! Do you know how to insert images to a regular WP Post? Well the same goes for Product images…

1) When on Product AddNew/Edit screen, hit Upload/Insert (small icon above text editor tools/buttons) button in order to upload images
2) Once uploaded, insert to Post (Product)

That should be all. Prior to image insertion place the cursor at the end of text (product description) so all additional images can be seen in bottom. Not really necessary because images will be extracted and re-arranged anyway but rather with an intention to make some order.


Thank you Feeleep fro your reply. I also wanted to ask you if I could change the color of the <Orders Overview, Profile, Login/Logout, Cart and Search> strip on the top of the page. Right now its black and I would like to give it a color that goes better with my page color palette but I don’t see an option for this in the Sofas Downloadshop Options (under Appearance). The same goes for the login box were you have to insert the username and password, which is black by default.


There’s no way to include each and every aspect of theme’s design to be changeable from theme Options, that’s insane! Theme Options would probably have 1000+ pages.
That’s why there are CSS files that can be updated. In general, if I start writing what exactly to change and where I ain’t gonna be done by evening. And if you are not skilled with CSS – it won’t help much even if I do so.
See theme Manuals, (“DownloadShop_MANUALS”, chapter “CSS Files Included”) and try to figure out which part of your theme belongs where and update accordingly.
On a side note, there’s something called “Developer Tools” and each modern browser has it. Developer Tools help you inspect any page/site CSS and HTML structure. It means that you can easily find which element uses certain class or ID, find its line in corresponding CSS doc and change whichever attribute is needed.

I’ve just installed on asianstockphoto.com but there is no comment form / comment list for both product and post page. I’m not disable it on the theme option. Can you help me? thanks.


You can click on my avatar and use mini contact form in my profile page sidebar to send private message. Thanks!
On a side note, I wasn’t able to detect any error in console so I think the problem to zero price relates to disabled cookies in your Browser.


Dear sir,

I have re-install it, and now everything work well. Is it possible register user to sell their own photo too?



I’m glad to read it works now … maybe some of theme files got corrupted during previous installation.
As for the other half … I’m afraid that’s not possible! You can enter only one PayPal account (email address) into theme Options which means you are the only person allowing to sell stuff.

hi i would liek to purchase the theme a few questions befor i buy

there is example of video for sell i would like to do a website for stock footage do you have an example of how it looks in the front end ? now you have only images can you make an example of a footage

does it support paypal ?



If your concern is whether video files may be shown on the same way the photos are the answer is no. Why? Because this theme is using WP’s featured image to make a visual representation of a product. Videos can’t be used in that manner, it’s a tech limitation.

Nice theme.

I was wondering if it is possible for users to be directed to the cart/checkout without having to register?

Also, I noticed that your old stockphoto theme has a deposit system built in… does this theme support that function?

And, once last thing … is it possible to limit the sale of each item to just one (1) download. ie exclusive photo sale?



OK, here we go…
1. No, registration is required because user downloads page relies on user ID.
2. Deposit system was not implemented to this theme. It didn’t show itself as a reliable solution.
3. It could be achieved by theme customization, everything is possible :)


I really like this template but before purchasing it i would like to get something clear. You say that payments have to be made via paypal. Do you mean only those can pay who have a paypal account or me, the seller has to have one and the customers can pay through the services of paypal with their master and visa cards?

Thank you. pelikan


PayPal account is not required because its payment gateway can process all the major credit cards too!

Nice work. Overall I liked this theme. I want to make a digital goods store. My question is can I use 2checkout here? any implementation require if I want to use 2checkout ? or you already added that?


By default only PayPal is supported, another payment gateway requires implementation. I had some really bad experience with both 2CO and authorize.net (lousy support, bad API , not easy to read user documantation) so I gave up on these.
No matter what, if you take a look at how it works with PayPal (source code) you should be able to figure out how and what to do with some other gateway.

Hi Feeleep! Is there’s a way I can see, as an admin, all the digital products that a specific user has bought?


By default there’s no such “view” but it is possible by querying database. If you could be more specific re your goals I guess I might provide more accurate information.
Feel free to drop me a private message if you want to keep it confidential for some reason.


Please tell me if this theme can show products without the selling option. I need a web catalog, but without selling option.

Also can you confirm if this theme can have various models of the same product? For example: bier on 0.33 ml and 0.50 ml and so on…



This theme is not a catalog or showcase type, it’s an e-commerce theme. And, of course, multiple variations of a single product are supported!

Whenever I attempt to view your demo, I get this error.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”


Dreamhost is my hoster and currently they are having a lot of problems with hardware. Not sure when all of my sites will be back but 3 days is definitely too much. My apologies!

Hey The demo site doesn’t seem to work


Dreamhost servers are down and all of my WP demo sites are hosted there. My deepest apologies!

Is it possible to change the currency to other than USD ? Also is it possible to add additional payment options other than PayPal?



All of currencies supported by PayPal can be used. And you can easily switch it from theme Options page.
As for another payment gateway, PayPal is supported by default while any other requires implementation.

looks great but the demo does not work


It’s Dreamhost still “fixing its hardware”. The day 6. Yes you read it right, day 6. No way to call them or send email, right now they count thousands of really pissed off users. I’m in the process of migrating all of my sites to another hoster/server but due to constant problems on Dreamhost server I can’t do much.
My apologies for any inconvenience!

Looks good! Good luck with you sales.

Couple of questions before I buy .

1)Would I be able to adjust the price to free downloads for some digital files pictures? 2)Would I also be able to add a preview auido button for music files? 3) Is there a demo version included with to download. just to see how everything works? Thanks!



1) You can’t adjust the price for a file that gets downloaded free of charge. Such files can’t persist in your e-commerce because PayPal will not let you checkout with zero. Free downloads will have to be published on a separate page or in blog/news section

2) You can add audio preview if you install audio player plugin, there’s plenty of players that can be downloaded for free.
As for a dummy file (aka demo data) for import to a newly installed theme – yes, theme download package does have it!

Hi Feeleep, Does DownloadShop provide a backend account area for customers to download products they previously purchased? For example, I will be selling long play content videos that were previously on DVD . I’d like for the customer to be able to download chapters as they need them instead of all at once if someone doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on downloading one big zip file. Is this possible with DownloadShop? Thanks


Each registered user has its own, private downloads page. That page will display all of items purchased by that very buyer and allow him/her to download any file at any time.


Great Theme! I installed the theme fine, but when I test the register section – no email with password is sent to the ‘test’ email. Did I miss a step? The test address shows up in the user’s section but no email was sent to the test…let me know if I should be doing something. Thanks


Are you testing your theme on localhost or remote server? Localhost will not work – unless mail server is properly configured.
Other that that … did you use Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account by WordPress installation? (It’s Admin’s email address, see Dashboard > Users). If you did, try to replace with an email account that resides on your domain’s email server.

I want to sell other people’s product but it seems I cannot be able to create a special access for them to know how many of their product has being sold. Please if I am wrong or right, can you confirm it for me?


This is not a commission sale theme at all! Please read what is it all about, it’s a simple webshop that allows users to sell digital goods.

I can’t open the preview site on downloadshop.sofarider.com: Error 500.


Dreamhost, my hosting company that you should avoid in a big circle because it smells really bad, is still having problems. The site is up for a couple of hours and then goes down for another few. No matter how hard I try to grab all the data by FTP and move all to a new server – it fails. The problem persist for almost two weeks, I’m desperate and the only thing I can say is SORRY !


Bad news for you, i’m sorry.

Are you going to upload a preview version of your theme in the next days?


Today I’ve been notified that the problem will be resolved completely by Tuesday so if you can wait for another two days – that will be great. Thanks!

feeleep sto impazzendo quando clicco su add to cart…รจ finita mi da errore..per quale motivo succede questo ??? Attendo con ansia una tua risposta :) grazie in anticipo


Please “speak” English, I can’t understand mate…