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Thanks for the earlier response to my questions. Fixed most of them but this morning I found another problem I didn’t have yesterday.

My cart is not working. When I select a product and add it to cart and I then go to cart I get this message: “Unfortunately, requested page can not be found. It either doesn’t exist or is temporary unavailable.”

The only thin I did last night that I think might have caused this was add a couple of plugins. One of these plugins (WebsiteDefender) deals with site security and it suggested I change the table prefixes from wp_ something else. I did so after careful reading to ensure it would not harm my current shop set up.

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this.



If you changed table prefix – roll it back then disable all of subsequently added plugins (leave Colorbox and Epicwin). See whether the problem persist. If it does drop me a private message and include a temp Admin account credentials, I’ll take a closer look to the problem.


Thanks for previous answers. Now I have a new problem. Last night (7/26) site was working & cart had products in it and could be seen. This morning logged in and when cart was tested again I got a 404 error message.

I did add some plugins last night and configured them. Today i went back through and disabled each but still get 404 error. One of the plugins was Website Defender and I have asked them about this problem, no response yet. I did rename all of my Table prefixes from wp_ to something else as they suggested for security.

I went back in today and renamed table prefixes to original wp_ but same results on the 404 error.

Any suggestions or guidence?


Already replied, no need to post the same question twice :)

kkobashi Purchased

Hi feeleep, I just bought this today and am running through it. I tried to install the dummy data and it failed with lots of files missing. My install is pretty much hosed because of this.

I have managed to get my site up and running with the theme installed and have done lots of work in the short time.

I removed all the product, catalogs, and tags as of course they aren’t needed and don’t apply to me.

I went through and trashed all the Pages. However, I noticed that some pages seem to be needed by the theme. Pages like:

Orders overview Checkout

During the dummy data install, it created duplicates all over the place. Menus were also duplicated.

I am deleting those with a permalink with a “2”.

Can you tell me which Pages are absolutely needed?

Also, I want to use the blog for the site. What is the URL to the main blog page?

I have the pages in the Trash right now but can reclaim them.


My apologies for that, it looks like server resources were overwhelmed which resulted in incomplete data import. It happens sometimes and I can’t do much about.
And yes, you are right, certain pages are automatically created at the time of theme activation! So if you just delete all Pages and then deactivate DownloadShop by activating any other theme, all of required pages will be re-created once you activate DownloadShop next time.
Checkout and Orders Overview page are mandatory!
However, there might be a chance that initial IDs of these two pages are written to database and all other (re-created) instances of these two pages will not work. If it happens, you should deactivate DownloadShop theme first then manually delete 2 options in “wp_options” table or your WordPress database: checkout and ordersoverview option. You can do it by using PHPmyAdmin. Once removed, activate DownloadShop theme.

If you are not sure what to do exactly feel free to drop me private message; create a temp Admin user and send login credentials.


Thanks for the reply. I fixed the problem, I had gone in and trashed pages I didn’t want and of course several of them are needed by the site to work. Put them back in place and now all is fine.

My next question to you is about uploading large files to the shop. Most of my files are graphic files and are in the range of 75 – 150 MB. I can’t upload them the standard way so I looked around and found this in forum:

FTP ’ing Too large files in WordPress

You can get around this by FTPing the files directly to your WordPress>wp-content>upload directory. The in your newly created PAGE , click on the add/insert Media icon and use “from URL ”. The url is that actual url address to the file you uploaded to your WordPress>wp-content>upload directory. It will be something like this:


Does this work with your template and if so does it still rename the files for security purposes?



Well, to be honest with you I didn’t test this FTP method yet but the real problem relies in fact that “Upload File for sale” field in Product Definition Box forces you to actually select file from a local drive. How did you mean to override that one?
As for how to increase file size for upload, you should contact your hoster. They will be able to increase file size for upload and thus painlessly resolve the problem. My hoster allows me to upload up to 1GB large files which is quite common in nowadays.

hqsounds Purchased

i am having a real problem… i cant upload any .zip file for download it always says: internal server error the file size is below 7 mb? is there any other way to upload the files all at once so that i dont have to do it for each file?


Uhmm, that sounds strange, it’s more like a server problem and if in your shoes I’d definitely contact my hoster. It’s quite common practice that users start looking for “alternative solutions” whenever server appears to be poorly configured which is 100% wrong; you can’t run in 1 size smaller sneakers, right? If you want to run painlessly you’ll need the right size, you do not want to shrink toes instead.
Each product (including its variations) is “framed” with something that is called Definition Box and each DBox has a file upload form, that’s the fact and that’s just how thighs work with this theme. If you want to publish multiple Posts in WordPress you do that one by one. And so is with Products.

feeleep, I was wondering if your theme could display categories on the home page like the current products boxes that are listed?

Next, In your download data to populate the template with sample data there was a packages category. It offered the idea of bundling products into special packages for download at a reduced price for the total package vs separate products. Is there a way to bundle in you sofashop theme?


OK, the first one…
You could do that by using Widgets. Each Widget (Text Widget) should hold an image that represents Catalog and, of course, be a hotlink to catalog page. Theme Options let you actually “hide” real content so you can use only Widgets at home page. See Dashboard,
Appearance > Sofa DownloadShop Options >> Home Page
... tick “Don’t display home page content at all!” in order to let only Widgets (and slider) be visible.

As for how to manage bundles, these should be published as separate Products. Simply create a new Catalog for them and publish. I guess there’s no other method to bundle with this theme.

Hi, I’m interested to purchase this. one question for the files for sale is there any way I can add file for sale from url? because file size is large and already uploaded. thank you.


It has been replied multiple times so here it is once again…
Each product (and Product’s variation) is defined by so called Definition Box. It is used to define Price, Size and upload a file for sale. Uploader is about to encode file’s name and save it to database. If you just want to enter download path (which is not possible), the above mentioned procedure fails and file for download is not registered by the system.


Is there a way to limit # of downloads and length of time to download a purchased file in sofashop?


No, there’s not. However, it doesn’t sound bad to have these features included too so I’ll think about adding theme to the next version.

kkobashi Purchased


Running into a problem with images not showing up on product pages. I took a look at the browser source code and the img tags are being filtered out. Any ideas why?

Theme Manuals read about how additional images are added to product. You don’t even need to insert them to product description, additional images must exist in Products’ Gallery.
So if you are trying to insert images from Media Library instead of Product’s Gallery – it won’t work.


I’ve made great progress turning your theme into the site I want but I have a new question. Concerning the Search Input Box at the top right of the Home Page. Right now it has a drop down capability that shows:

Products News & Blog

and a check box for Keywords/Tags.

Is there a way to remove completely the News/Blog selection. All I want is a product search and keyword/Tag search.



Yes there is a way to do that but if you ain’t a programmer I rather suggest to let me do that. Simply create a temp Admin user and send login credentials to my private email address. Don’t forget to copy/paste the above message so I don’t get lost. Hopefully that’s all right with you!


A follow up to last post. I have been checking areas of the theme and my searching for products is not working right. I have tagged all my products and when I search for one I get search returns that don’t include the obvious products plus it includes products that are not related to the search.

Example: I search for “Panoramic” I have at least 9 products with this tag but only one is showing up. Also I get other products that do not have Panoramic in tags.

Any suggestions?


I would appreciate if you let me know URL of your website. On a side note, I have checked extended search mySQL query and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it so no suggestions from my side.

kkobashi Purchased

feleep: The search facility needs the ability to search through Pages. Currently, it only searches on Products, News/blog.

Many websites offer information such as Freebies, FAQs, manuals, help etc. are all on Pages. They need to be indexed and searchable.


Pages are excluded from search in order to unclutter search results. That’s why even Products are separated from News/Blog when performing search. If you want to, “Search Pages” can be added as an option to existing filter-search-panel but I guess it might be confusing to site visitors; not all people are familiar with how WP works like. If you have any other suggestion – I’ll be glad to read about and consider it as acceptable solution.


I agree with kkobashi earlier comments about the search function.

Since my last post I have been testing and I also found one small problem with my theme. When I go to choose thumbnail label on the product entry page the color choices are reversed.

The red and blue label backgrounds are actually reversed. Red shows up as Blue and Blue shows up as Red on the associated products. I simply have to remember to pick the opposite color I want. Green shows as green.

Just thought you should know.


OK, thanks for paying my attention, it’ll be corrected with next theme update.

kkobashi Purchased


In regards to my image issues on Product pages above: 1) I cannot add img tags directly to my product pages. They are getting filtered out. Why does the theme do this? 2) If I cannot add images directly, how can I add additional images underneath the featured image on product pages?


Your theme copy can’t differ from original one – unless you changed source code, so if images are visible on theme’s demo site, it should be all right at your side too.
I wrote about how additional images need to be added to Product, there are no hidden tricks or whatsoever ( http://awesomescreenshot.com/002c9qa5c ), theme Manuals say about too.
There’s nothing filtered out, images are separated from content in order to position them properly – under product’s featured image. There’s no other method to achieve that in WordPress, that’s why. It can also be seen on theme’s demo site so it’s not something that you wasn’t aware of – unless you overlooked that detail.


Just sent you an e-mail through your blog contact form. Thamks


If you didn’t get a reply yet please re-send. It’s quite easy to send private message from here; click on my avatar and use mini-contact form in sidebar of my profile page to contact me.

It is a great file and it looks like a lot of people agree.

Bookmarked (As I am in the process of creating the actual files for sale).

I would have preferred to see a demo of the shop with different media such as video, music, ebooks etc.

A big feature for me would be adding a link for each media type to appear in the lightbox like your photos. So if I want to sell a video file I can add a link (or multiple links) with a little icon (like the eye for more images) and the user can preview the video in the lightbox.

Can these multiple links be added?

It is brilliant like I said and I know from reading the comments how you obviously go the extra mile and give great support to people buying your files.

Great work!!


As already mentioned before, with this theme you can sell any type of digital goods as long as the file remains zipped. So in case you are about to sell videos, Product should still have featured image – as its visual representation – while video preview can be embedded to product description. The same goes for audio file. Lightboxed (Colorbox) preview of a video or audio will not work simply because Product featured image belongs to a different media type; Colorbox will always know that clicking on image must result in finding its large version.
Hopefully it does make sense.


I recently started using WP and loving it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to start selling my hi-res digital photographs. I read in one of your replies that you could be working on a new version of this theme. When do you plan on release the new version? and will this version work on the new WP 3 .4.1? One last question: I’m planning to give away low-res photos for free. Does the theme allow free downloads too?

Thanks in advance.


New version of this theme would probably include responsive layout and a couple of improvements. When exactly? I can’t speak for sure, my schedule is about to explode; I’m currently involved in 3 huge projects and simultaneously trying to finish new e-commerce theme.
On a side note, DownloadShop will work with WP 3 .4.1, no problem with that. As for giving away free stuff it should be arranged out of e-commerce part, say as a page or Category with posts, because PayPal will not let you checkout with zero.

I have never dealt with Wordpress before so hence my questions.

If I leave the photo alone to link to the large version in the colorbox can I not have text links call the video etc in colorbox?

If not will you be introducing this in this next version being talked of?

Thanks….this is an essential feature for me.


If you ask me whether Colorbox is capable of opening external files in its window, the answer is yes. You can take a look at Colorbox demo here: http://goo.gl/2cax6

Yes I know it can open external files…..I just wanted to know if I can insert text links in item details that will open external files.

Thanks for the quick replies.


Yes, of course you can!!!

demo not working. error connecting to database.


The most probably it was only temporary, it works fine now – as far as I can see.