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Unique idea for the medical niche, it is the first item in themeforest on this niche.

WWow! Good concept! ;)

Thank you :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you :)

looking good! good luck!

Thanks man!

Unique onepage template idea :) GLWS

Very nice!! :-)

Two questions: 1. Do the emailform works? So can I replace my own email somewhere in the contact.php?

2. Pls. can you have a look at the Google map. Only a little square around the Arrow alowed you to move the map. The rest you can NOT move, because mouse = NO hand

1. yes 2. i will check that out tomorrow for you

Ok, I will look at it…. :-)

How can I slow down the slider on the top of the page? Thanks.

$(’.flexslider’).flexslider({ animation: “slide”, PLACE HERE });

Add to the above the following (which ever you need): slideshowSpeed: 7000, //Integer: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds animationSpeed: 600, //Integer: Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds

Can you explain how to duplicate an accordion page (like section 5, services). If I do so, only one will work, the second one shows all the content without the interactivity. :crying:

Do you have any solutions (PS. I got your previous version “lawyer”) thx a lot

Could you send me an email with link to ur website, so I can check it out? Thanks

Hi, I recently downloaded this template and had to separate the pages. I simply updated the links at the top to go to the individual html files. Almost everything works good except when I view it on my mobile phone the navigation does not show up. Can you please help? My link is currently here: http://pharmetricsrx.net/test/index-new.html

Hm, can’t see why it shouldn’t work. Everything is still in place, only thing I can see is that there is an unclosed div element (#anchor). It might be the problem. Hope this helps.

Hi, I’m trying to open an external link here: http://ausilimedici.it/demo.html (menu “inglese”) but It doesn’t works, can help here?


You could add a button or a flag in the header for a link to your english version.

For the map, remove the around the map. That should fix it.

what you mean for “the around the map” ?

oh sorry it didn’t display the code: the div with class “images” around it needs to be removed.

I can’t seem to find an option to change the color schemed of the site. Can someone direct me to where I can do this?

There is no purchased button next to your name, that’s why I am asking.

Weird. We did purchase it. I can provide the license # and everything.

I see what is wrong, we purchased the theme through CodeCanyon. I have submitted a ticket in your forum. Thank you

Also I’d like to change the loading icon.

Hi, i tryed to changed the settings at the file” jquery.gomap-1.3.2.min.js” on line 17 and 19 for draggable, but it doesn’t work. I dont se any changes, and why is the map grey?


Oh sorry, i don’t see the post from “jackkkkenvato” Now it work :-)

Hi ppandp, nice Template ;-)

I have three questions:

1. When i scroll on top at the responsive Site (push to the clock at iphone), the navigation doesn’t work (the sections doesn’t jump into the site). When i scroll manual on the top – its not a problem… Try it out

2. i can’t see the right side from area STAY INFORMED (tags, categories) when i watch it on a iphone. Its hidden…

3. Is it possible to show the navigation permanently on the screen, when aim watching it on a iphone? Like the Desktop version…

Thank you

Will reply to your email shortly. Sorry for the delay.

The google map does not seem to be working. It is grayed out instead of being an interactive map. Do you know how to fix this?

I just checked the demo, it works fine there. Do you also see this issue in the live demo itself? Thanks

Yes. The live demo map is grayed out . There is a menu in the top right corner that has “Maps” and “GoogleMaps” If you click on Maps it works, but it defaults to GoogleMaps as that is how you have coded this map. It is broken on both Chrome and Internet Explorer. I haven’t tried other browsers.

Oh I see what you mean. I did that on purpose, it’s not broken. If you send me an email through the contact form, I can send you the “unbroken” version :)

hello, how to change google map please ?

You do not have the purchased button next to your username, which means that you haven’t purchased a license?!

what ? what do you mean ?

hi, how to activate accordeon ?

What do you mean by activate? It is active?

When I click on the button accordion is not working

Hi There!

I bought one of your templates a while ago, AccordInc. I’m not really clued up with website coding and all the big word you guys you, so i had to quickly teach myself how to edit the template. Which i managed to do, but when i got to the news tab it through me off completely.

When i add information on one article it just takes the entire sreen and leaps over the next articles heading.

Please if you(or anyone with the know how) could help me with this, i would greatly appreciate it alot.

My direct email is: z.lena@me.com

Kind regards Zola

Hi there. I have a the same problem like “mobiledeveloper” ( The google map does not seem to be working. It is grayed out instead of being an interactive map. Do you know how to fix this?) Could you send me to the “unbroken” version of “GoogleMaps”. My e-mail is vipdoctor.gr@gmail.com Thanks

Replied to your email. Please don’t double post/email. Thanks

How do I change the map at the bottom of the page? Is there a way to have 3 locations noted on the map?

If you need assistance, please leave a ticket on our support forum: weibergmedia.ticksy.com Thanks!