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Mr. Starsthemes, sir!

Could you poke your developer with a stick for a feature request? This would be PERFECT for what I want, if the portfolio was Ajax-based, similar to the one found here:


What’d be the cost for something like that?


Hi ubermick, if possible we add this features in the next update.

Since update the splash/home slider is not responding in Chrome.


Hi, strange problem, i tested the Draco Home Slider in Chrome (v.24) and function correctly, with click arrows or use a keyboard arrows.


Hmm, must be my browser ..

Well…I’m back with another question. Not sure but I just realized that my contact form is not functional. I have changed the email in the contact.php file and I have also uploaded it to my remote server. I have tried the ‘testing server’ thing but I always get an error that reads “Dynamically related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server.” Does that have anything to do with why I am not receiving emails? Please help!


Hi, i think that is an error about your server configuration. Check this out: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629061.


Hey guys, I partially figured out the problem. My contact form is actually working, but it does not receive emails from gmail, hotmail, etc. This must be coding issue in the contact form. How do I correct this?


Hi, it depends from your SMTP server. I suggest you to contact your hosting provider for more information about it. I’ve checked on my Gmail account and i receive the email correctly from my server.

Hope it helps.

Kadmael Purchased

Hi ! Very nice theme. Just to know, I noticed a div class=”servics_boxes” (L378) and a class=”services_box” in the index.html file but just found a service_box class in the .css. Is it normal ?


Hi, thanks! The class service_box is just a name for indicate the section.

Kadmael Purchased

Hi. Is there an easy way to get the “Animate List (Testimonial/Twitter)” automatically rolling down (i.e. to make the testimonials sliding without use the Prev/Next Buttons ? Thanks


You can change the initial slide for a video?


Yes, you can change the content of section#homepage with the markup of your favourite video player.

Kadmael Purchased

Hi, I didn’t manage to have a contact-form fonctionnal, so I used the original files without any change except the email-adress and uploaded the files : Locally (on my apache server) I get the alerts saying that I have to full the fields but when I click on SEND I don’t get the alert “OK Email has been sent. Thank you”. Online, I don’t get any alert ! I’m stumped. Any idea ?

Kadmael Purchased

Hi, The link you give works for me. But if I do exactly the same by my hosting-provider (Nr. 1 in France with a very usual package), it doesn’t work (no alert at all). Much stranger : if I put a .htaccess and .htpassword on the folder, it works ! I never saw that before. Without any change on the files. I sent you a PM to give you a link as example.

Kadmael Purchased

OK ! I got it at last ! I had to put an .htaccess file with SetEnv REGISTER_GLOBALS 0 SetEnv ZEND_OPTIMIZER 1 SetEnv MAGIC_QUOTES 1 SetEnv PHP_VER 5_4 and it works fine. Thanks guys and sorry for the disturbance.


I’m happy for you :) Good work!

Hi Stars Themes, I have a developer working on the banner, but we are getting a weird grey box under the image and having a hard time making it fit correctly. You have it set at 50×50 in your codes, should we do those same dimensions? If so is there a special trick to make it stretch to fit?


can you email me, and I can ask you the questions over the email?


I’m trying to display the codes and it won’t work here

Is it working with wordpress ?


thanks can I use it on wordpress or if it is not an wordpress theme which is the same option would you like to suggest me for wordpress ?


please reply waiting


You can’t use this on WP natively, you have to edit the theme to be compatible with WP.

I love this theme.

Do you have any plans for creating a wordpress version in the near future?

Thanks, David


Hi, thanks.

Actually we’re work on a new wp theme.

We’re not sure if Draco will be released for wp.


glhu Purchased

Hello. I wish one of the “btn-animated rounded bgcolor” functioned as “backsection bgcolor” to scroll to “Portfolio”. I have done so:

<div class="btn-animated rounded bgcolor"> <span class="icon-email icon-white"> </span> <a href="#portfolio"> Contact </a> </div>

The section is linked, but the animation of the scrolling doesn’t work. Can you help me and give me a hint? Thanks in advance and Best Regards!

glhu Purchased

I forgot: if it is possibile, I would like the same operation in the button (span) contained in the mask in “team_single”. Thanks!!!

glhu Purchased

Hi guys. I’m waiting for your reply. Can you answer to my last questions?!


Ciao glhu, hai maniera di hostare il sito da qualche parte? Senza vedere il codice non posso darti molto supporto purtroppo.

Fammi sapere.

glhu Purchased

Vi inoltro un link su Dropbox.

Il punto 1): ho inserito il collegamento all’ancora “PORTFOLIO” ai link presenti nella scheda di “SUSAN EVANS”: usandoli vedete che la sezione PORTFOLIO viene raggiunta di scatto, senza scivolamento.

I punti 2) e 3) li potete constatare direttamente dal template che avete pubblicato in Live Preview.

Ecco il link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7254890/Draco-Glhu.zip



Ok, ora è tutto più chiaro, ti rispondo a punti:

1) Il comportamento dell’animazione fino alla sezione è delegato alle voci presenti nel menu. Per poter applicarlo ad altri elementi è necessario intervenire via JS, applicando un comportamento simile ai link che preferisci (magari dando una class e utilizzando quella dove ti serve)

2) Riga #27 del file js/main.js: modificalo cosi: if($(window).scrollTop()+10 > $(window).height())

3) Questo problema a me (Chrome ed FF) non si presenta, il bottone scompare solo quando si attiva la versione mobile.

Ciao :)

Hi, last question I will have. Trying to load site, it only loads to 51 on my server. On my developers server it works perfectly, and it is the same exact codes. Any ideas what is going on? Is this common with this theme? thanks. www.kaleidoevents.com

My developer’s is kaleidoscope.webnnor.com


Hi, if i go on www.kaleidoevents.com i’ll be redirected to kaleidoscope.webnnor.com


I had to redirect it because it wouldn’t work. One other thing we can’t figure out is how do you get the DRACO logo off of the MOBILE version of the site? It is gone on the desktop version, but not mobile. Thanks again.

How can i link to a VIMEO video at the portfolio?


Simple, into the draco package you have a video at the portfolio.

<!-- Start Project -->
<div class="four columns item video" data-categories="video">
    <div class="mask">
        <span class="title-item">Passing...</span>
    <a href="http://vimeo.com/39792837" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." data-rel="lightbox">
        <img src="images/placeholder/portfolio/video/01.jpg" alt="Passing..." />
<!-- End Project -->
3966sam Purchased

Hello Alessio and Moreno,

Thank you for this template, it’s amazing!

I have some questions for you guys, could you help me please?

First of all, please find here my website under construction: http://comeplaywithme.com.au/blackburn/.

Lightbox: When I load the page, it’s always crash the first time . (http://comeplaywithme.com.au/wp-content/uploads/lightbox_crash.PNG), do you know if it need an optimization or an other lightbox script to use?

Duplicate Slider: Is it possible to duplicate the slider on the same page? Because actually I’m using an iframe but it’s not working very well…

Testimonials Rotation: Is it possible to allow the testimonial to rotate automatically ?

Best Regards,

Hope to read from you soon


Hi, the only mistake i notice is that there is no element with id=”about”. For fix that problem you have to change the target of the element ... (line #164 actually) with

Lightbox doesn’t crash for me.

Duplicate slider: yes, you can have as many sliders as you want, simply use flexslider to do that.

Testimonials rotation: that is possibile, you can set an interval that automatic trigger the next button.

Good work!

Hi there, just wondering before I purchase, is it possible to have more that one full screen responsive gallery on one page, preferably one after the other, and maintain the same full screen responsiveness & functionality as the first slider?

Thanks, -M

lolsen7 Purchased

Hey! I’ve noticed, this really only formats for IOS devices, and it doesn’t format properly for android devices. For example, my navigation bar never shows up, is there away around this?

Thanks, Lauren

Hi there,

Congrats! Draco is a really nice template. but before I purchase it I’m wondering if it would be to hard to have 4 maps on it. Please advise me if that is possible, and how I can do it please.

Thank you in advance and good work, Mauri

Hi Star Themes,

Thanks for the wonderfull template. One problem, my twitter widget has stopped working.

Could you please supply an updated widget?

Many thanks, Aadam