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Hi Endora, Just purchased this theme, but it would seem that modal box for “Booking” and Contact not coded? Please clarify, and help! Thanks so much.


I’m only working with ASP .NET so by leaving empty you can use any language you want ASP , ASP.NET or PHP .

I can ask my programer to code it in PHP … please contact me on e-mail.

Ljepa strana! odlicno! Nice site! Excellent!

Hvala…. Thanks… :D

I just bought item: Dream Travel and i cannot download the files…

I need help with that.



Everything its ok now.


Working on PHP Send E-mail form… I’ll update download in a day… check it out.


How can i change the middle part of the template…

The orange section between Dream Travel and Get Your Dream Travel.

Thanks in advance



if you want to change Header content you can remove: Logo

Get your dream travel

and add you class.

Or you can change logo and Get you dream travel by creating new PNG images and name them Get_yout_DreamTravel.png or Logo.png.

Hope this helps…


The Dream_travel template look terrible on the browser IE.

What is the solution to correct the problem.

It is fine with Mozilla Firefox.

When we make a Web Site it have to look nice with more then one browser.

Here the Print Screen:


Thanks in advance

Your JavaScript is disabled… open live site: http://www.kenticotemplates.net/themeforest/DreamTravel/


Yes that was the reason. I have to Allow Blocked Content.

An another thing, i have replace the image (GetYouDreamTravel) and my picture (Club de Plein Air…_dont show completely. Is there something to do.

Here the print screen:


Thanks in advance!

You give an excellent customer service.


Is you image created with transparent background?

Also if your image is larger them my you will need to change width of that class in CSS file.


No…do i have to?

I am not a professional.

Thks for taking time to answer.


I just did what you said and now it work perfectly.

Hope you understand my poor english.


No problem… :)

When I open either of the pages in Dreamweaver CS3 the rendering in ‘Design’ view is terrible so I have to make changes to the site in ‘Code’ view which is a bit annoying. Any solution? I’ve not had this trouble with any other Web site I’ve worked on.


Dreamweaver has problems in displaying pages in Design mode. Especially pages with JavaScript or relative/absolute positioned elements. I didn’t find any solution to this problem. But on Live Preview everything looks ok.

Is there any special reason for using Dreamweaver Design mode?

I’ll check out tomorrow this problem… really not using Design mode.


just tried to fix template for Design mode. And it is impossible to do that as I said because relative and absolute elements. Some content can be fixed but them CSS file would contain unnecessary code.

My recommendation is to use code view because even design editing can create unwanted elements.

Hope this helps.

P.S. We are preparing this design for KenticoCMS.

In formatting the template, I accidentally deleted or edited some code in the original. The site will now not scroll in Internet explorer. It works fine in Safari.

I have tried to compare codes, but am unable to see where I went wrong.

Do you have any ideas or direction where to look in the code to fix? Is there anything in the original code that would be imperative to scrolling that I somehow messed up? Please help!

Thanks so much – Jessica ihaveglasses@gmail.com


what browser version are you using?

Also if you can upload files to some temporally location so I can see and tell you where is the problem.

has anyone been able to use the book your travel now box?


are you using HTML or Kentico template?

P.S. Sorry for late reply. Didn’t see this comment.

Is this a Wordpress theme? I see in previous comments that you only work with ASP .net, will this this work with Wordpress? Thank you.


Kentico Templates are for Kentico CMS . HTML/CSS themes can be implemented in WordPress, but they are not finished WordPress themes.

just one question…the contact form work or not?





this is HTML template. Contact form is just design.

Where do I find the code for the Book Now pop up?

Hi, sorry for late reply. Dream Travel is just HTML /CSS template. DreamTravel for Kentico CMS is fully coded template.

Hello.. i am trying to install this theme into my wordpress site but i am not able to do that….Please help me…

Hi, this is HTML template, not Wordpress template.

I can’t get the navigation buttons to appear on the gallery images. I’m sure they’re loaded to the correct place on my server and I’ve tried everything I can think of. http://laposadatravel.com/gallery.html

can this be used with http://www.phptravels.com script ?

On HTML you can integrate any script.