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Hi, i would like to add video from Youtube into Video Widget – into “Insert Video ID URL:”

we are trying to add different codes but none of it work. In which form should be the embed video as shown in demo ?

Thank you for good work. P

Hello, thank you! This is example of URL: //

Hello, thank you for quick response – for some strange reason options in this widget dont update – i still see in all video widgets the first value i have added (not even erasing or closing/saving helps) ... where is this value stored ? in DB ? Thanks, PR

Hello, cannot say anything. I tested widget again, it saves and updates (you may view on single discography page–a minute ago I replaced one video with another one). If you mean Media library widget, the effect is same, I tested it again as well and video replaces with another one.

As for your question, naturally, link which you place into widget(s) is stored in your DB while video itself is stored on YouTube or where you pull it off from. Thanks!

Hey Tati!

I love this Drury Lane template, i want to use it for a musician site, I am experiencing problems with the installation of the template and running it WP4, we’ve installed the WP and after installing the theme there’s numerous bugs, it will not allow me to install the missing plugins. This is probably why the homepage is showing up wrong as well.. and also i would really appreciate if you could send me a version with the sample data so that i can find and replace the media in the original sizes. looking forward to hear from you, thanks,


Hello, thank you for providing me with screenshots but… what is the problem, I cannot understand? You install widgets and metaboxes and continue arrange the theme (Help file explains everything). With the second screenshot I do not see any issue, what do you mean exactly? You got index page, exactly what you should get. Now you should arrange menus, add pages, create and publish posts, rearrange categories (again, following Hep doc will ease the process). So, in the meantime I cannot understand what are the problems, screenshots show what exactly should be, please explain. Thanks!

Hey Tati, Let’s put the plug-ins / widgets aside for the moment, My partner is trying to do the process as described in the help files. and i will update you in the process.

To be honest – i thought the template will come with some type of sample data (Demo Content)... i was hoping to use the template as-is with the current structure, minus the store, with most templates that we’re buying we got a template contained a clean version – and one pre-populated with sample data.

If it’s possible to get the site with the sample i will massively appreciate this as it will save us a ton of time.



Hello Joe, once you set up the theme (i.e activate plugins packed with theme, arrange menu, set up front page, fill in widgets etc) and add a couple of posts you get your website looking exactly as my demo. The only difference will be in headings, images and texts.

I cannot provide for this theme an xml file with demo content since it is strictly copyrighted. Although all album covers artworks were made by me (these artworks are real CDs available in CD stores worldwide) they do belong to my record label and share copyright with musicians. When I use Wikimedia Commons images in demo I do not care to include xml file but this is not a case. And demo content xml is in no way a Theme Forest or requirement.

But if you think that xml will make a miracle and you will get same look of your site like my demo without setting up the theme it is a mistake. Even if you upload xml but do not install widgets and fill them in, do not publish posts, do not arrange menu and so on it will not happen until you do set up the theme in Dashboard. That is why I recommend just to open Help file and make things step by step or if you are familiar well with Dashboard many things you do intuitively even without Help doc assistance. Wish you the best!

I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to set an individual background for every single page? 2. Can the sidebar be disabled or do I have to delete it manually in the code? 3. Is there a grid or masonry layout style for the events location?

Hello, thank you!

1) yes–if you rewrite the code but as it is written by me the full-width full-height image is the same for all pages

2) Manually only (there are few sidebars, they vary not by look but its content, but to remove–manually only (code)

3) Do you mean “Concerts”? No, masonry layout I applied on Media and Discography but on Concerts it is regular flow of blog posts like on News or Shop


Hello Virtuti, Hello Drury Lane Users,

First time I comment so first of all thank you Virtuti for your work! I was thinking that all the wp themes look the same now but then I discovered your work. You are the only one as I know that really do graphism work and you managed to put some poesy into responsive design, thank you and congrats!

I have read that you don’t want to answer in “how to” questions so I also address this post to users. I really would like to remove the number list in the menu (

    Seems like comment doens’t show fully, so I repeat the question: How to remove the number list in the menu?

    Hello, replace
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'main-nav', 'items_wrap' => '<ol>%3$s</ol>' ) ); ?>
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'main-nav') ); ?>

    you will get ul instead of ol. Thanks.

    Thank you so much Virtuti!!!!! Works perfectly, very nice

    Hi Virtuti

    Thanks so much for creating a very nice theme.

    I am about half way through setting up a new site and am beginning to get an understanding of each stage through your help documentation.

    One thing, which is quite important for me, how can I remove the logo and simply have the title in the heading of the website, still in the default colour of the theme?

    I have searched the documentation many times but can’t find anything that can help me.

    Many thanks in advance for your response and once again, congratulations on the theme.

    Hello, thank you!

    Yes, you are right, I overlooked the option of just site title in this theme but it is very easy and very fast to overcome. Open in WP editor subheader.php and take a look at lines 5-8

    <!--site title
    <h1><a href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" title="<?php echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a></h1>-->
    <h1><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>">
    <img src="<?php echo $logo; ?>" alt="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a></h1>

    As you see, blog title is disabled by simple html comment. You need just to relocate closing comment and delete image tag (img) (since you do not need image logo).

    So, instead of the code above your code will look this way:

    <!--site title-->
    <h1><a href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" title="<?php echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a></h1>

    and this gives you an option to insert and display site title while image logo is just removed. Update file and refresh website.

    You may also want to style differently the title (for example, to make it uppercase or whatever else), do it in style.css, line 351 under “LOGO”

    /* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    --  LOGO
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ */
    #logo h1{


    Where in theme options does it allow you to remove the copyright? I am not seeing it.

    NM, I was able to edit it out of the file.

    Hello. Great themes ! I want to know if can integrate my Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter etc … links and their original icons on the Drury Lane theme ? Thank you very much.

    Hello, thank you for your interest. Current social links are based on web font, you may replace it with another font.

    Hello, I buyed this theme some months ago. Now, how can I menage the updates? I can’t find the help file. I love this theme, but it took a lot of time to install, and I would not have to do it all over again! Thank you!

    Thank you! Remove previous version, redownload the theme from TF, install, activate, follow Help File (main-files => Help). Delete plugins, install new ones, activate. Content will be preserved anyway. Just make a couple of adjustments (see in Help or ask me).

    Hello everybody, I would like to have a dropdown menu and hide my submenus on this Theme. Would appreciate very much to get your help. Thank you in advance.

    Hello, theme comes without submenu (requires either css or js extra coding), therefore, probably the best way to apply new features is to refer to Envato Studio or try to modify it yourself by adding a js script or css styles. Thank you!

    HI Virtuty, great theme.

    My question: _ I would change the name that appears whenever I want to share the site on various social, the phrase at the bottom: ”..of virtuti-DESIGN WWW.VIRTUTI.INFO”. How can I do? _ The same for the footer, how can I add words or link?


    Hello, thank you! Do whatever you want with the theme by modifying html, css, php and js. Thanks!

    Hi Virtuti, Thanks for your reply. I know I can do what I want :) But I do not know where i can change the portion of code, where the text is inserted: “DESIGN WWW.VIRTUTI.INFO”. Where is inserted in the file “editor”, in which line or part? Thanks

    Hello Virtuti,

    I am trying to integrate inside my “Intro” page the animated red round cicle. For this I have created the splashimage custom filed inside the “intro” page definition with an URL referencing my jpg file. I even create 2 fields splashimage with different URLS value (in order to have different images for the animation) but it still fails… it appears as a fixed round cicle and not an animated one… Do I missed something, any additional extension/setting ?

    Thanks for your Help.

    Hello, thank you!

    Please log in with your buyer badge in order i could answer the question, ok?

    Hello guys, I would like to change the color of fonts of the menu and also change it into bold. Regards


    well I meant font-weight 700, of course which I can’t find in your style sheet beside “Merriweather”.. it is just my typing mistake…and I still have the same question. Thank you & Regards

    You need to add this line manually if it is absent. Thanks.


    flotte Purchased

    Hello Virtuti,

    Here is the same question wuth the buyer account :

    I am trying to integrate inside my “Intro” page the animated red round cicle. For this I have created the splashimage custom filed inside the “intro” page definition with an URL referencing my jpg file. I even create 2 fields splashimage with different URLS value (in order to have different images for the animation) but it still fails… it appears as a fixed round cicle and not an animated one… Do I missed something, any additional extension/setting ?

    Thanks for your Help.

    Best way is to leave everything as I wrote. I used “figure” tag because it is semantic and meaningful, while using h1 is just odd here. Return to original markup. Thanks!


    flotte Purchased

    Done !! Thanks for your help…

    You are welcome!

    Hello, I purchased this theme to use for a band that I am working with. They are interested in selling their digital mp3s on their website. Is this theme woocommerce compatible? The shop page just looks like a simple page that links to paypal. We need something a little bit more advanced. If this is not compatible with woocommerce, do you have any plugin recommendations to use for selling digital products directly on their website using this theme? We would like to host the mp3s on amazon s3 server and use their own quantum gateway merchant account. Thanks for any advice.

    Hello, you may use EDD plugin for digital downloads ( As for woocommerce I do not kno wto reply (never used this plugin, I do not know how it works) Thank you!


    Id like to say thank you for the amazing wordpress theme. Its my first full-fledged wordpress experience after a number of years doing websites the old fashioned way.

    Everything has gone smooth as far as installation. I’m only having 1 problem.

    Despite my best efforts of setting up the Concert page, I can’t for the life of me seem to get them to display in Date order.

    I’ve followed your help file exactly, however it doesnt seem that eventdate or Event date do anything in particular. I noticed on your demo, the date is displayed in the title and again underneath the featured image, I’m not seeing that either.

    Can you please point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    Hello, thank you!

    About Concerts page (posts): Concerts are listed in descendant order (earlier concerts before later ones, like you see on demo: concert in June appears before a concert in October). In order to display concerts in such the order you need to use custom fields (“eventdate” and “Event Date”). View in Help file: chapter “Concerts Page. There is a detailed description + screenshot showing/describing everything you need to know about list of concerts appearing in descending order (and independently on which date you publish the post). Title is manually inserted (i.e. “Bucharest, June 12” on my demo I typed manually). Thanks you!

    Hi. is this theme compatible with the plugin wpml ? if not would you do it?

    Hello, thank you for your interest! Theme is translation ready–according WP requirements (see:

    As for WPML plugin, I never worked with it, cannot say anything. Thank you!

    Could you please provide me with discography page more specificaly? The instruction is unclear for me

    Page set as discography done Post categorized as discography and shop done

    Where is the ” custom firlds” form you mention in instruction, I cannot find it

    How to add audio, track list? Any other special plugins?

    Hello, thank you!

    Custom fields is a default WP feature, you may read about in Codex: (scroll to “Usage”). Besides, I provided a full screenshot of filled in custom fields in Help file (“Discography” chapter, Step III).

    Upload anywhere your audio track (mp3) and paste its URL into custom filed (again, refer to same screenshot in Help file). No extra plugins are required. Thanks!

    Hello, I reinstalled the new theme version, but the sidebar areas don’t work. They don’t appear in any pages. Whether if I insert one of your widget plugin in them, is if I insert a simple WP widget. I use the last version of php. I can’t understand…

    Hello, thank you! .po and .mo files you generate through PoEdit, see Help->Translation chapter. About dates: did you add custom field “eventdate” and did you insert the date in correct format (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd)?

    I fixed the eventdates problem, there was an error in page-concerts.php: “Event date” instead of “eventdate”. My website is yet in Italian language, I need to translate only the Drury Lane theme: “Enter website”, “Out Now!”, “View details”, “From the press”, “Review by, “Event details”, “Buy now” and go on…

    Ok, fine with dates. Now, did you generate .po and .mo files? All words inside theme are ready for translation, so poEdit will help you translate you everything you need be in Italian. Thank you!


    my client have bougth this theme (Drury) and I have an issue : my CPU load is very high with Chrome and Opera (not with IE and Firefox) I made several tests : disable all the plugin, the probleme remains. When I use another theme, the probleme is solved. I think there is javascript running or something like that. have you heard about that before ? The site is


    Hello, thank you! I do not know what is CPU exactly. Something about loading speed? If yes, theme’s weight is just 641,272 bytes (643 KB on disk), your site loads very fast, more than that on this topic I cannot add. Thanks!

    Hi, By CPU load, I mean the processor activity which reaches 80 to 90% when my site is opened in Chrome.

    I haven’t solved my problem yet. While investigating I can see in the console 404 errors due to this theme. Those files are unreachabled : wp-content/themes/drurylane/js/jquery.splashscreen.js wp-content/themes/drurylane/js/jquery.ez-bg-resize.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found). Any help will be apreciated.

    Hi, we are getting following error message in themes section.”The parent theme is missing. Please install the “kuka” parent theme.”. I installed both drurylane’s parent and child themes. The child theme is not appearing in the theme page instead we get above message at the bottom of the page. we need to make some changes in the stylesheet hence we prefer child theme. please advise.

    Hello, thank you and sorry, my bad! I’ll resubmit files quite today, but before you get notification you can do simple thing: unzip “drurylane-child” (located in “main-files” folder), open style.css and replace line 7 with:

    Template:    drurylane

    Zip the folder and install again. Sorry for inconvenience!