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Judalpo Purchased

I’ve posted a ticket into your support site, i’m putting the url here, so people can follow here too, and I will be sure you’ll see it…

Thank you


Your answer is posted on our support forum.

Twitter is fixed for Dry Wordpress Theme. Read all about it: http://bit.ly/15xkrJI

Oreius Purchased

I was wondering if I can make the menu not sticky?

Try to add this code in dashboard > appearance > editor > style.css
position: relative !important;

I am used to one page parallax themes, the benefit being to create sections with different backgrounds that form one page.

Do you have functionality to extend this to multi pages? i.e. having second and third page that also has multi sections?



On our demo, “Shortcodes” is separated page and it has multi sections. You can have multi separated pages such as “Shortcodes” page but it will one big page – you can not have working menu with scrolling on separated pages. Menu is scrolling only on front page.

I have just bought this theme.

Is it possible to have the text displayed in different positions on different ‘slides’?

More importantly, I am trying to change the preferences for a page – e.g. changing background image. HOwever, when I change anything in the Page Preferences below the main editor window, then click on Update, it just resets everything to what it was by default. I have gone to the page/slide to see if it did update (just incase Page Preferences was just not updating) but it did not??


01 – Sorry, No.

02 – Strange, we didn’t have that issue till now. I just checked and all works just fine. If you have some external plugin, please deactivate and try again.


01 – Thanks. I actually managed to display the text in different positions by using a CSS class and different class for different slides.

02 – This was OK shortly after I sent message. I just created a new ‘slide’ from scratch, specified the background and all was fine.



:) great!

everettk2 Purchased

I was wondering how to edit the contact form so the messages go to my email.


Contact form is using email from dashboard > settings > General > E-mail Address

Hi there, What are the options to link the Portfolio items to? Is it just to an image in a lightbox, or can you add more info or link to a post?

Most of work work is web design, so I’d need to add a small bit of text and a link to the site for each portfolio item. cheers, H


Further to my question, if you can a portfolio item to link to a post, I would then need to add a ‘back’ button, to return to the Portfolio.


Here you have instructions how to add text below the image:

- If you want to open Post/Page/External Page you should use code like this:

[image_slide target="_self" href="http://www.google.com" img_small="URL_SMALL_IMG" text='STATION']

dklayton Purchased

Hi! Love the theme :)

Question: I see that I can change the menu bar color in the ‘Customize’ section, but the hover color (the red color behind ‘Bio,’ when I hover over that link) doesn’t change from the default slightly-darker-red.

How can I change that menu hover color?

Thanks :)

dklayton Purchased

Whoops, should have searched the support forum more thoroughly first!

For anyone looking for a solution to the same issue: http://support.drythemes.com/discussion/610/changing-the-style

Cheers! :)

Hi! Could you tell me if this theme is wpml compatible? thanks!


Sorry, but no.

What if i have more than 12 project in the portfolio? will it automatically show arrows like it displays in the mobile screen?


Nope. If you have more than 12 items, all of them will be visible and you will have NO arrows.

Hi, great theme! I’ve just purchased it…now…I have a question, I would like to modify the text of the contact fields (name, email, etc.), in what file can I find them? thanks!


Is the theme multi lingual ready?


Sorry but NO

hi, does woo commerce work with theme and does it support drop down?


Not sure. We never tried any of external plugin. Theme does not support drop down menu

can we have a slider text with different backgrounds ? If possible , how many ? Great theme !


Is possible to have pages/sections with different background color ?


01. Sry, no.
02. Every section can have different color or to have image in background.


I have a pre-purchase question: can you make some sections like the slider with text or a parallax section fullscreen (so that it automatically fills the screen)?




Our first section on front page (Home) has a full background image with text – you can make each section to be like that.
You can have a slider which is a full width of section.



thanks for your reply: just to clarify, I can have multiple “splash” screens like the home page which is full screen and I can also have sliders, right? Can I make the slider not only full width but also full height?


No, we have misunderstanding.
You can have multiple full width images with text in front of it (like our Home section) but not in slider. You can have one in Home section, another in Service section…

On our demo on Shortcodes pages, you have sliders with different configurations. You can use (for example) third slider (showing just one image, not multiple) and set it to be full width BUT height of slider/images depends of images accept ratio. But you can have just a couple of line of text inside the slider (you can not have button like on our Home page).

I hope I was clear enough

Hi, how can I disable loading animation when opening website? Any tips which JS file should I edit?


Hi Artifex. Please read this: http://bit.ly/16Dz2VB

This is a wonderful theme but the admin is not very practical , just a bundle of shortcodes to copy and paste into the editor.


Maybe it’s better to have buttons instead of copy+paste shorcodes. But result is the same. We will try to improve user/admin part in future wp themes for sure.

Text slider – Adding more than one.

I have added one text slider no problem. However when I add a 2nd, the 2nd text slider displays wrong. It does not have the icons/buttons at the bottom to go to the other slides and it displays the content from all the slides.

To make sure it was something I changed, I copied all the code from the manual. I changed the name so they were different. I kept everything else the same. The fixed background displays.

I am trying to add it on a normal page. I have also tried having it on 2 seperate pages which make up a “one page” – still have the problem with the 2nd slider.


You have the answer on support forum :)


Absolutely love the theme, but having a slight problem with the contact form.

Email set in settings-> general -> email address is correct, but nothing seems to come through when submitting form on the site.

Any help would be much appreciated


Probably the issue is on your server side. You will need to ask your server provider. This are some “hosting errors” of others users:
“Figured out that the problem was that WP installs don’t allow for sending emails to external email addresses.”
“Our server does not allows e-mail which start with ‘test@...’ ”
“It is OK, I found, just a file which had no good permissions CHMOD, thank you”
You can check discussion above it and how some of them fixed it: http://bit.ly/10WkSqh

Hello. Pre purchase question here. Is there a way to have only one background image with this theme? So there is not a different color or image behind each section? So each section is just floating content on top of one static image.


Hi, unfortunately – no. Sorry.