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Hello, does this have Instagram icon/link for top right?

Absolutely! :)

I am seeking a product with the attributes and functionality of this theme. Is it possible to include an image next to the date on each of the event listings?

Hello! We can provide this modification for free via our support system if you need it.

Great…..that is a very generous offer. I will be getting in touch. Thank you.

No worries! Thanks!

Hello, is it possible to have a Radio player on this theme?

Hello, you can put your (shoutcast or icecast) stream url in one of the tracklisting tracks.

Hello. Do you speak spanish or I nedd to write in english?

Hello, unfortunately we don’t speak Spanish. If you have any issues or questions we’d love to answer them via our support system at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com

I have several questions about Dubstep:

1. How can I create submenus of the main tabs? 2. How can I add a player slides on the default template? 3. How can I translate the contents of witchets as “go” or “search”?

Thank you very much.

Hi there, is it possible to paste your questions in our support system here: http://cssigniter.ticksy.com and we’ll be right there to answer them! Please clarify what you mean “main tabs” in question 1. and what you mean by “player slides” in 2.

Hello, Does the template has a contact form?

Hello! It supports and has styles for the Contact Form 7 and Jetpack Contact Forms plugins so yes :) It’s a WordPress theme not a static HTML template just in case you confused it.

I have a lot of albums. So Can i upload whole albums directly or do i have to upload the mp3 files one by one separately

Hello, the mp3s can be uploaded in bulk.

But you will of course have to create your playlists manually (adding songs/titles one by one).

Hi, I love the theme.

Is there a way to let promoters submit their own event details to the website and then let the administrator moderate them.

Or is their a plugin that will do this?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there, yes you could configure your website with User Role Editor (https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/) to allow authors to view only the event post type and submit their drafts for review.

is upgraded to 4.1 wp?

hello, I bought your theme, but after installing saw that it is not in my language, but the announcement says it is 100% compatible with all languages, you can let me know if I did something wrong?

The theme is not translated in all language, we state that is translatable- multilingual ready. That means coded with multilingual support to be translated in any language. :)

Please, i’m going to buy your wonderful template. Please let me know, if possible, to fix on fullwidth page. One more question: my client also needs revolution slider.. i will buy myself bit does it works on your template in full width? if yes, i’ll organize immediately. Many thanks, Mikki

Hi there, I’m afraid the revolution slider isn’t compatible with our theme, you would have to install and configure yourself. I didn’t understand what you mean about the fullwidth page though?

fullscreen sorry… I mean fullscreen :)

Hello, can you open a ticket over at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com, I’m not sure if this is entirely possible, the support guys will let you know :) thanks!

How can i create an Event Category??

Hi there! Unfortunately for the time being event categories are not supported in Dubstep. We’ll make sure to add in a future update!

Hi, how can I add “past events”in my events page? I’d like to show new events first and afrter old events Tx, Mikki

Hello, it should be automatically on, if for some reason you’ve turned it off, you can find it in the event options under appearance > Theme settings.

Or maybe you don’t have set any past events yet?

In any case, can you please open a ticket out our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com ? :) Thanks!

Hi, I am going to buy this theme for my company very soon.

How does the page show the track list when there is no track for preview? Moreover, I like the light version but I found that some characters on the white buttons not showing properly. Are they ok in the purchase version?

I am looking for your kindly reply. Thanks.

Hello there! Not sure what you mean about the first point, if there’s no track the tracklisting isn’t showing (not sure if I’m understanding this right).

I assure you the buttons on the light versions work great, this is a quirk on our demo page.


In the first point, I need the only static album track list, but no play button. May I do it in this theme?

Hmm, this would require a bit of altering in a template but we could provide that in via our support.

Hi, can you please walk through step by step how we can add a Shoutcast page or stream? Thanks… love this theme so far!!!!!

Hi there! Can you please open a ticket over at official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com and we’ll be right there :)

Ticket is in thank you very much!!

Shortcodes for home page? How do we put music, photos, events on home page? (not the sidebar)

Hello! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there :)


phll Purchased

Hi CSSigniter, I have a problem with excerpt. I use WPML to translate some parts of my website in Japanese. In the Dubstep Settings, the excerpt are set to 50 words. Actually in my /ja/ pages, the excerpts have different lengths depending the language. I realized that for original language, the excerpt are counted in words, and for the new language (no custom excerpts, only a copied version of original language) the excerpt are counted in letters.

Therefore, differents lengths for each language.

Can you tell me which theme file should I hack to get back the counting in letters for the dubstep core?

Thanks! Phil

Hi Phil! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel we’d be happy to help asap! http://cssigniter.ticksy.com


phll Purchased

Ok, sorry Just did. See you there

Hi, this theme support rtl? (right to left languages)

Hello, I’m afraid not at the moment!


hmariem Purchased

I just uploaded this theme and it says the style sheet is missing. Where can I find it?


hmariem Purchased

Never mind, found a way around it! Anyone want to tell this newb how to delete a comment? :-)

Hello! If you mean delete comments from your website the codex is your best friend https://codex.wordpress.org/Comments_in_WordPress#Managing_Incoming_Comments :D

for recent videos on home page is there away to link directly to the full-size video instead of it opening in a popup.. most videos from youtube won’t play in a popup

Hello! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel we’ll be right there! http://cssigniter.ticksy.com


We are looking to purchase this theme.

-Please confirm it works with soundcloud -Is there the possibility to add a “subscribe to our newsletter” feature -Is there the possibility of a countdown timer until the next event (or we set the timer manually)?


Hello! Thanks for your interest. Soundcloud works yes, you can install the official Soundcloud WP Widget and use it at your heart’s content. There’s no countdown timer functionality though I’m afraid.