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in your documentation you say :product pages can have sidebars

“Once you’ve activated the WooCommerce plugin, you will find a new sidebar (widget area) in your Widgets’ page through the WordPress Dashboard. This new sidebar (Shop Sidebar) controls the widgets that will be displayed in the listing and product pages.”

you also have outdated information:

“1. Under the “Styles and Scripts” heading of that page, uncheck the “Enable WooCommerce CSS styles” field and hit Save Changes.”

Can my product page shave sidebars as I need them?

Also, in both musik and dustep your prodcut pages wont read woo shortcodes : eg [add_to_cart_url id=”182” sku=”54422”]

can you help please

Hello! Thank you for the heads up on the documentation!

Regarding the other issues, could you please open a ticket on our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com and we’ll be right there to help!

Do you have a demo I can log into and test before I buy, or can I download a demo that I can install?


Hello, it’s live :)

Hello, how do you show the new event categories on the front-end of the website, I can’t find it anywhere? I would like to show them in the sidebar for example like the standard post categories. Then I can access the urls for the event categories which I can’t find either.

Do i need to open a ticket if I would like to show the day of the week on an event? Also, show the time and a thumbnail of the event in the lister template?

Thank you.

Hello and apologies for the late reply, for listing the taxonomies like categories you can use a plugin such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/taxonomy-term-widget/ (since WordPerss by default doesn’t support it). For the other matter and any future please if you could open a ticket at our official channel if possible, you’ll get a much faster response in regards to support issues :D Just paste the question and the support guys will see how feasible it is http://cssigniter.ticksy.com

Thank you!

Hi I really like your theme but the thing is missing for me is Venue information. Has the theme got a page for Venue info for example address, map and contact details. If not do you take jobs to add features to the theme at extra cost?

Hello, I’m afraid Dubstep does not support this out of the box and it’s currently out of our scope of what we could take on as custom work. I’m terribly sorry to disappoint :(