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Good luck with sales!


Thank you! :)

right now, I’m using a 1440px wide theme with two sidebars, you think it would be hard to make it like that without breaking that VERY COOL grid?

Also, can you add a fullscreen option for the slideshows in a future version?

It’s a beautiful theme!


1. It is possible, but some coding is needed 2. Cool idea, I will think about it. Thank you!


I wanna know a little bit more about the magazine layout: Are those categories widgets on your demo? you have a very cool scroller on business template, can that one be added to the magazine style?


yes, in magazine homepage are content created thanks to category widgets
portfolio slider/scroller is not available for magazine template

Beautiful craftsmanship… :)


Wow, thank you very much!

Great theme! :)


Thank you, bro!

Awesome theme dann, glws mate! ;)


Thank you, :)

Stunning work Dannci – if you could add social media across the types of theme it would be perfect…

theme comes with social counter and social widget (21 social networks: http://imm.io/Ihox )
you can add these widgets to any widgetable area (footer, homepage template, posts…) like in demo (bottom of the sidebar):

Hi, great looking theme, i’m thinking of getting it but don’t know how SEO friendly it is…?


If you mean HTML structure (titles, headings h1,h2..h6, arichive templates, 404 page with content, link anchors/titles, attributes), so in this case is theme SEO friendly!
But remember: NOTHING is more important then content. :)

Awesome theme.

Would love to purchase for my personal portfolio, but I am a journalist, not a photographer. Would the portfolio home template suit me?


Yes, theme is suitable for journalist too!

Hi Dannci, You’ve done some stunning work here. I’m in love with at least 3 of your themes. Wow, just wow. I’ve just realized I have a few questions about all three, so will email you directly instead of leaving a comment on one theme about another. Still though, I just had to pop in and say wow. Beautiful work.


Thank you very much! I am redy to answer your questions!

I’ve bought the theme but the VIDEO LIGHTBOX is not working.

I put the path to the video in the spot in the Portfolio where it goes but still nothing.


Hello, can you send me a link of your website? I will check it! Thank you

aandagt Purchased

Hello Dannci,

I’ve bought and installed the theme on a clean and new Wordpress. But I’ve ran in to a problem with the theme. I’ve tried to make a Lorem Ipsum post and set it in the Index 1 Widget-area as a Featured Homepage 1 article, just like the documentation says. But when viewing the website I’m getting this error:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for add_shortcode(), called in /home/aand2533/aandagtvooru.nl/www/energieactueel/wp-content/themes/ducos/functions/admin-shortcodes.php on line 30 and defined in /home/aand2533/aandagtvooru.nl/www/energieactueel/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 93 Warning: Missing argument 2 for add_shortcode(), called in /home/aand2533/aandagtvooru.nl/www/energieactueel/wp-content/themes/ducos/functions/admin-shortcodes.php on line 30 and defined in /home/aand2533/aandagtvooru.nl/www/energieactueel/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 93

You can see the site here.

Is there any known problem problem with the theme or a way to fix this?

Also, thumbnail-images aren’t working for me.

Also I’d like to know if it would be possible to load the theme with the content from the preview, as some kind of ‘full-install’ with Widgets/Content already placed.

Regards, AANDAGT .


Hello, what kind of shortcode are you using?


Your website works fine now. :)

aandagt Purchased

Hello Dannci,

I’m not using any kind of shortcode for the widget-area. Just drag-and-dropped the Widget in the Index 1 widget-area and I’m seeing this error.

I do get the same error though when I try to use a contact-form shortcode.


Your website works fine now. :) Do you need any help?

aandagt Purchased

Yes, it does work now.

I’ve been trying to figure out the problem myself in the meanwhile. What I did was remove the following code;

add_shortcode( );

From the file wp-content/themes/ducos/functions/admin-shortcodes.php on rule 30 and it worked.


Interesting! I am using this shordcode framework for a year and for all my themes – and without problems.
Anyway, I am happy that your template works fine, now.
Thank you

vborges Purchased


Beautifull theme :)

Run in Wordpress 3.4.2?

Thank you!


Thank you! Yes, theme is latest WP version compatible

vborges Purchased


Another question: what is the name of the font that you used to write DUCOS brand that is shown in the template?

Thank you!

digl Purchased

Hi there, I have the same problem as aandagt, you can find my test at http://test.afrit5.nl

Warning: Missing argument 1 for add_shortcode(), called in /var/www/vhosts/afrit5.nl/subdomains/test/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/ducos/functions/admin-shortcodes.php on line 30 and defined in /var/www/vhosts/afrit5.nl/subdomains/test/httpdocs/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 93

Hello, please replace old admin-shortcodes.pfp file (located in functions folder) with this new one:
I’m sorry for inconvenience.

Hi :-) Love the theme and have purchased it to install in on my friends blog. However, when I have been uploaded it on to his wordpress (but not yet activated it) it looks kind of weird and not at all like what you’e showing in the live preview. Will it look different when I activate it and will it give me more options such as choosing to put in “blog view” and change the font? Thanks!


Hello, you need to activate it and hit ‘Save changes’ button in admin panel.
Theme documentation will help you to set theme. Thanks

Hey, I just bought this and when I try to upload the themem to Wordpress I get this message..

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

So I can’t upload… any ideas. Thanks Nick


Your uploaded file is larger then WP (PHP configuration) allows.
It is server/installation issue. It is not theme issue.
Try to make file smaller.

Hi again,

I’ve been reading the threads here and I have the same problem as aandagt and digl. I’ve also read how to get this problem fixed but I just can’t seem to locate where I would fix this problem.

“Hello, please replace old admin-shortcodes.pfp file (located in functions folder) with this new one: http://www.mediafire.com/?xhhjuqkuqfjk026 I’m sorry for inconvenience.”

I’m very new with WordPress and installing theme so I’d love if you could give me a more detailed description. Like where to click etc.. :-)

Appreciate it! Thanks!


New theme version will be availabe in few hours. Then you will update old version (easily via WP dashboard).

bugrino Purchased

Hi friend!

I bought the theme and I love it, it’s amazing.

But how do I put a background image? as the demonstration site.

Sorry for bad English.

thank you!