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Hi, I’ve purchased the template but I have some bug..

When I add text/html box in drug&gdrop editor, and add some text styling, like color, weight etc, the box becomes uneditable. When i click on edit link, I’m getting this error: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

Can you please help with that issue?

Thanks in advance.

i tried really hard now to reproduce this, but haven’t succeeded. Could you please open a thread on our support forum and paste complete content (from text tab) or via email, so i can check what is going on.
Thank you

How can I setup videos from Vimeo as part my portfolio?

this is not supported directly via theme, but it can be done with some changes in code (additional field in portfolio custom post type and output on page). If you will need help with this you can open thread on our support forum. :) Cheers

I will need help on this, I’ll open a thread on the support form.

No problem :)

Pre Purchase question. Is there any sort of gallery? For instance, click on one photograph and a gallery of photos from the same series comes up. On the demo, clicking on one item only brings up a larger version of that single item.

Hi, there is a Fancybox integrated with theme, you can use it on any image, just give it fancybox class. Also there is a default WordPress gallery.
Cheers :)

Hi this is a great theme, a little disappointed that the images and video on the demo dont come with. I am working on replacing the images with my own, but I would like to use the exact videos you have on your demo in my site. Can you please let me know how to do so and also what the links are? How will the videos play on iphone etc? Thank yoou!

Disregard this question, I figured it out. Thanks

Hi, I’m glad you figured it out :) This is standard that theme comes without images.. we are not allowed to distribute someones else work.. Cheers

Will you be adding support for Envato Toolkit WP updater? It would be great to see this implemented really soon

It should already be supported.. What issues are you facing, please send us more details on email. Cheers :)

Hi guys!

I see questions, questions and questions. And yes, answers. Here’s just some comment:

I love it. What a magnificent theme. And the bundle seems bloody perfect: these exact options and functionality, plus the layout builder included in it. I’m pretty sure I will be using this theme in the future, for certain clients. Seriously, love it. So, now I have two loves on Themeforest: Enfold, and DuelMotion. Awesome. And, by the looks of your responses on this page on Themeforest, I dare say your support is positive and near flawless as well.

Credits, bows, smiles, waves and I can’t wait to go use it soon!!

Cheers, Remco

Thank you, I really appreciate!! :)

And even that response was very very quick. Awesome :) Keep up the good work!

I take it this theme doesn’t HAVE to be a single page Wordpress site, I can have multiple pages and still use the same shortcodes etc?

sorry for not replaying sooner, it is a holiday here and i was on vacation for a weekend, without internet.. :)
Sure, you can add as many pages as you like, and use all shortcodes and other things.
In fact, this is standard WordPress theme :)


I am interested in purchasing your template, I have been testing it on my tablet (nexus 10) and an iPad emulator and find it runs really, really slow. Also some of the css/layout on the iPad doesn’t look great

I have noticed that you have turned off the animations for mobiles and the demo runs fine, would it be possible to do the same for tablets, or could you suggest a fix/workaround/update for the theme?

I have tested it on iPad mini and Acer Iconia and it is working fine. Emulator is not relevant for testing performance. But it should work with no problems on nexus 10. What browser do you use on it?
It is possible to turn off animations for tablets also, one line of code.. detection is done with js
Cheers :)

Hello Nice Theme… I just bought it Installed it. The Rev Slider Purchase code is invalid. Please need a valid purchase key for Rev Slider Thanks

Hi, code in Revolution slider is used if you purchase plugin itself. In this case it is bundled with theme and you don’t need it. But you can still use it if you would like to receice support directly from plugin author, than you will have to purchase plugina separatly. Cheers

Thanks for the support!

How do I get the parallax overlay on the front page slider images??


you have two options, one is via Slider Settings, Appearance, Dotted Overlay Size – 2×2 Black and another is via theme options..

But when I do the 2×2 Black overlay, only little dots show up. How do I get them to be vertical lines? Thanks!!!!!

Not sure why it is not working for you, that style is overriden. you can also add this in Duelmotion-General-Custom CSS

.tp-dottedoverlay.twoxtwo {
    background: url(http://YOUR_URL_HERE/wp-content/themes/duelmotion/images/pattern_overlay.png);

just replace YOUR_URL_HERE with your WordPress URL.
If it’s not working please start a topic on our support forum and send us login credentials..

I am trying to disable the slider for mobile version and have been able to do so however the Logo overlay still shows on mobile version causing to overun with the header logo. I have gone into the mobile visibility settings and set it to hide any layer under 760px, but logo still shows. How do I get rid of this ONLY on mobile version? Thank you

that logo is added via theme options so it cannot be controlled by Slider. You can remove it in theme options, than add it as layer on slider and you will be able to control it. Or you can hide it with custom css. Please use support forum for all further support queries. :) Cheers

hi, can be hace the blog timeline in homepage?



Hi, this is not possible in theme options, but you can change the order of layouts in code of index.php so that timeline is default instead of right sidebar.
Cheers :)

Hi guys,

I have the Duelmotion – Responsive Onepage Parallax Theme for wordpress. I am facing three challenges when it comes to the conception of my website. My web pages titles do not show up, i can’t use sliders on my porfolio and i also cant activate the “parallax” system in my website. How to overcome those issues?


Please open a thread on our support forum and give us access to site so that we can check. Cheers


I have one problem. At the demo page I dont see menu (on the top or one the bottom) the image is totally fullscreen.

I try to do the same on my site – but I can put the menu on the top or bottom – the is no option without menu on first page.

There can I change it?

regards krasja

Hi, please use our support forum, we have dedicated support team there and they will help you with all issues very fast
Cheers :)

Hi, I’d like to reduce the height of the revolution slider in the header, so the users can see the menu below the slider without scroll down. How can I get that? Thanks a lot.

Hi, please use our support forum, we have dedicated team there that will help you with all issues you have, very fast. Cheers

Are u gonna update this theme? Could you do it compatible with visual composer pluguins please? I want to buy ir but it has no updates since april 2014

Hi, we are considering to make a big update in next week or two. It would come with our new page builder. Cheers

I’m noticing this theme sometimes ads “phantom” sections to the page. Sections that I didn’t actually add. it’s a great theme, but this is a bit of a pain in the ass, as I have to keep deleting them. Is it a theme bug, or something on my end?

Hi, this is something that Visual tab adds. Prior switching to Drag and Drop tab switch to Text tab and no sections will be added. We are currently working on integration with our new content builder which doesn’t have those problems with Visual tab. Cheers

Is there a theme of your company to work correctly with Video Background type one page scroll in ipad and Android ?

Hi, that is disabled intentionally, to preserve performance on phones..

Hi, great theme. I have a small technical issue. I can’t use Youtube videos in Slider Revolution because the version bundled in the theme is old. Could you please send me the latest version? See this for what I’m talking about > http://www.themepunch.com/faq/youtube-video-not-found/

Please post on our support forum, we have dedicated team there that will take care this issue in short time. Cheers :)

What is up with this theme constantly inserting junk code that I didn’t put in myself? I’m spending probably $75 more time than necessary just to clean up the junk, and huge amount of empty space that is being created. Is there a fix for this?

Hi, please post on out support forum, our dedicated team will help you with this. Cheers :)