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Is there a list of all the 1000+ icons available?



Hi, why validation is not working on the chosen plugin? can you help?

Is it possible to either have access to, or download, a trial template so I can see if I can create the charts I require? (E.g. can I create custom charts based on specific information I input?)

I’d like to page to be accessible by multiple people to show statistics I want to show.

thanks for this template. i cant find how to set class=”validate[required]” for select. it doesnt works.

It works, but only for standart select element. For styled elements it doesn’t work.

Hi, thanks for theme…

I added “Check All” checkbox for data grid and I wrote javascript code as below :

     function CheckAll() {
      var List = document.getElementsByName('checkboxname');
      for (var i = 0; i < List.length; i++) {
          List[i].title = "abc";
          List[i].checked = true;

this code is working for title but not working for checked change, help me please, thanks again…

Ajax radio checked error.


Help me!

????? ?? datepicker? ??? mm/dd/yyyy ?? ???? ??? yyyy-mm-dd ???? ??? ??? ????

Hello. Is there any method to change datepicker format “mm/dd/yyyy’ to “yyyy-mm-dd”format?

Hi, Nice template & good job. On a Basic Radar i need to display mor letter for each word. Where can i manage that.

Thank’s for you answer. Eric

dazzling !


Hello, Please tell me we can use this theme for Wordpress(Dashboard) Admin panel ??

Or any other themes available for Wordpress back-end ??

Thanks Andrei.

I can not get Admin themes for Wordpress ?


Actually i am planning to call some applications from backen, i need to add those reports on Wordpress(Dashboard) So is it possible ??

Right now you can’t do this with this template. You must find someone who can code a plugin for you and get all this done.

Ok fine. Thank you …..

Hi there, I wonder if this template supports cascade selection?

Means when you select something form the first Select List, it makes a Ajax call and the second select list pop up with the filtered content. Thanks.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available.

Hello , Could you please give me the full steps for changing all forms and layout from LTR to RTL.

Actually , I’m working in an application that support RTL language .


Hi, I’ve got problems with my javascript (it works on my localhost but not doesn’t work on hosting), is there any tweaks on your code that will identify what went wrong on my javascript?


I’ve got problems with the javascript (it works on my localhost but doesn’t work on my bluehost hosting), Is there any tweaks on your code that will identify what went wrong on my javascript? or help me with my codes instead.

Thanks, EM

Replied through email.